Woh Apna Sa 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun makes Binni faint to take her home

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Scene 1
Arjun says to Binni that please understand, we are not impostors, Binni says I will call police if you dont leave. Arjun says remember your childhood. Binni says someone snatched my childhood, get lost from here, you people are acting like parents. Photographer says Binni you will become famous model, take off your towel, I will capture your beauty. Arjun says you dont have to do it. Jia says lets go with us. Photographer says Binni you remember contract. Arjun says we will handle is cancellation, lets go with us. Binni says stop it, she ask guards to take them out, I have no family, this is my life and I wont let anyone get involve in it, I am doing this shoot on my own, leave now. Photographer says lets take off her clothes. Spot starts taking off her clothes, Arjun throws things around,

he takes glass piece and ask them to stop it. Photographer says this is my shoot and says I will complete it. Arjun says I wont spare you, he puts his head in bathtub. Jia asks binni to come with them. Binni says I dont want this fake emotions. Arjun leaves photographer, photographer says pack-up for this shoot, he leaves. Arjun and Jia leaves.
Arjun and Jia comes out shooting site. Jia says to Arjun that atleast we stopped shoot, I dont know why Binni is miffed with us, dont know who called Kaki, we got to know that Binni was in asylum, I dont know how she grew up. Arjun says how she couldnt recognize us? she is behaving like we are enemies, we have to bring her back. Jia says yes, God will help us, we will be able to bring her back home soon. One reporter comes there and asks if they ranaway from wedding? Arjun says no we came here for our daughter, he says what? Arjun asks if he came to take interview of model inside? Reporter says yes, its first nude photoshoot of magazine, I heard that Binifer is sensational model, once she gets famous then she will get more shoots. Jia says thats why he was asking her to take off clothes? Arjun says our Binni’s photos will be published like that? Reporter says there was a problem but shoot resumed. Jia says to Arjun that we have to stop this shoot, think something. Arjun looks at reporter and gets an idea.

Photographer is angry and says to Binni that your relatives broke everything here, I am not in mood, Binni says they are not my relatives, Binni touches him and says please agree, dont be mad please. Photographer says come to my room, I will show you around. Binni says once shoot is complete then you can come to my room, she gives him sultry look and leaves. Photographer says she is weird.

Scene 2
Kaki says to Chirag that once they find Binni and get married then I will be fine. Chirag says all guests leave. Kaki says but priest is here. Priest says a lot of time passed, we can do the wedding later, I hope they find binni, he leaves. Chirag says i want to meet Binni. Kaki says dont know how Binni looks like. Kaki recalls Binni’s childhood and says she liked pizza a lot.

Arjun and Jia locks reporter in their car, and take off his clothes, Arjun leaves. Jia ties his mouth, he screams, she takes off cloth from his mouth and says I am doing all this for family, Binni is our family so stay silent.
Arjun comes to shooting, he comes to Binni dressed as reporter, he says I want to take your interview. Binni thinks why he is looking away? She asks him to sit down, He sits infront of her. Arjun says can we do interview in room? Binni says its not allowed, I dont have much time too.

Chirag calls Arjun but he doesnt take it, Chirag says dont worry, they will bring Binni. Chirag calls Jia. Jia is in car with reporter. Reporter squirms and tries to break his ties. Jia says why Arjun didnt come till now? what if someone recognized him? I have to do something, she leaves car, and doesnt see Chirag calling. She hides and sees guard near shooting entrance. She throws money note infront of him. He sees it and goes to take it. Jia stealthily enters area while he is busy taking the note.
In shooting area. Arjun sits infront of Binni but slips from chair, she asks if he is okay? he says yes cool. Arjun says tell me how you like wearing these clothes? she says what? Arjun says there is a lot of noise, can we go in room,she says okay, Binni leaves, Arjun turns to leave but photographer stops him. He asks Arjun who is he? Arjun gets tensed and says I am reporter, he starts acting like gay, photographer asks him to go.
Arjun comes to Binni’s room. Jia comes there. Binni says you both are here again? I am an adult, dont show right on me, Jia says no one knew where you left, all tried to search you, even Baba was lost, please come home. Arjun says I am folding hands, I am sorry, I didnt find you earlier, please come home. Binni says not at all, your family didnt care for me so I wont care about their respect, I am not going anywhere, this is my life,if you leave then I will call police, she turns to leave but Arjun puts chloroform on her mouth, she faints. Spot comes to Binni’s room and says shot is ready? Jia sits in chair away from spot and says in Binni’s voice that I am ill, cancel the shoot, spot leaves and tells it to photographer. In room, Arjun hides Binni in bag. Arjun starts dragging bag out of shooting site as laundry man but guard stops him and says show whats in bag, they open bag and starts looking inside, there are clothes on top

Ajun and Jia comes home. Kaki asks where is Binni? is everything fine? they get tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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