Woh Apna Sa 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha shoots adi again

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Scene 1
Inspector calls Adi adn tells him that he has arrested Nisha. He says we traced her from her new number. She was running in a cab. Nisha screams Jhanvi should go to jail not me. Adi says thank you so much. Police takes nisha with them. Adi and Jhanvi heave a sigh of relief.

Adi says I am very happy. Jhanvi says so am I. She packs for Paris. he says I brought something for you. Its a ring. He makes her wear it. He says I love you. Jhanvi says I love you too. Adi says I will always keep you happy and be there for you. Kaki comes and says Jhanvi wear these sari to Kuldevi temple. Jhavni says yes I will. She says go to both temples. I will give you the list of pooja. She says to Adi come with me. Adi goes with her.
Jhanvi gets ready. Adi and Nisha are leaving. Adi says Raj

take care of everything. Adi says to chini mini we will come back soon with your gifts. Jhanvi hugs them and they leave.

Adi and Jhanvi are on their way. She rests her head on his shoulder. Adi sings for her. They both sing different songs together.
Adi and Jhanvi come the temple. Adi says the shops are closed. I hope temple is open. She says it would be.
They come to temple and pray. Jhanvi says because of you God i have this happy life with Adi. Thanks for taking Nisha out of our life. Adi prays for their safety too.
Jhanvi says that sword of idol where is she? Adi says maybe pandit took it for cleaning. Adi says lets go Jhanvi says I feel like someone is here. He says Devi ma is here. Don’t worry God is protecting us.. They leave.
Adi and Jhanvi come to upper side of the temple. She says no one is here then who lit the candle? Adi says stop worrying so much. Lets go in. They come inside the temple.
Jhanvi says in heart I hope Adi is never in trouble. Adi prays for them as well. He says I hope she is with me always. They open eyes and Nisha is there with a sword. Adi and Jhanvi are dazed.
Adi says you.. She says I faced so many troubles to be here with you. But see Devi ma brought me to you. He says police arrested you. She says God couldn’t stop me then how would police.

Samar bribed a constable to get Nisha out of jail. They all drank tea and fainted. The man got nisha out of jail.
Jhanvi says be ashamed of yourself. This is temple. You don’t even deserve a place in hell. Lets go Adi. Nisha shouts stop. She throws the knife and it hits Jhanvi’s legs. She falls. Adi says are you okay? Adi throttles her and says how dare you. Jhanvi says leave her and lets go. Nisha says i wont let you go.
my love will win over your fake love. Go from here. She shoves him. Adi says are you okay? Nisha says let her die Adi you are mine. Jhanvi says I am fine. Adi shoves Nisha. Nisha says you cant be of anyone else.
Nisha says your last breaths are only mine adi. Someone shoots adi. Jhanvi is dazed. Its Nisha. Jhanvi screams Adi’s name. Jhanvi says I wont let anything happen to you open your eyes. Nisha says no one is here to help you. Beg me. Because of you my adi died. I was stupid. I thought you were the hindrance. but the real root of this feud was Adi so I had to kill him. you took his life. He died because of you.
Jhanvi says adi please open your eyes. Nisha says is your love not working out? not even listening to you? You ate my adi. His life is only mine. His last breaths are mine. Adi.. Adi gets up and throttles Nisha. he says even if I die I don’t care because Jhanvi si with me. I will love her forever. I feel pity for you. you can’t get anything. Nisha says I love you. He says you only love yourself. I so want to kill you but there is a difference between you and me. Jhanvi takes Adi from there. nisha picks her gun.
Jahnvi throws her gun away. She says we have learned how to answer you attacks. Nisha says no.. They are leaving. Samar grasps Jhanvi’s hand and shoves her away. He hits adi on head. They both scream. Jhanvi sees his face and is shocked.

Precap-Samar grasps Jahnvi. He says you are only mine. Jhanvi says I hate you. Don’t dare touching me. He says if you can’t be mine then you don’t deserve to live either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What nonsense is happening? How many more times is that blo*dy Aditya going to die and jhanvi is for saving his life? Lolz it’s making me laugh now…

  2. Bore very irritating

  3. Waiting for adivi in next birth

  4. This Rebirth is a whole pack of Shit because the whole idea is not just for Adi and Jhanvi to be together but for the Evil to be exposed that Nisha Kaka and Samar have doing and so let them see that everyone knows and they have to be punished before everyone for their Evil doings. There is no Justice there if Mission accomplished by the evil ones and the good ones die just to come back in a Rebirth so then everything would be erased and Adi and Jhanvi will be back together with no knowledge of their previous life and what took place. Writers I say to you, you need to change too so that your way of thinking would change altogether. These serials just aint going anywhere with these stupid storylines. One storyline for all these serials just different actors NONSENSE TO THE MAXIMUM LOL

  5. hey sapphire as usual we are waiting on most of these couple to consumate their marriage but they always end up dead why??? man these directors need to get their act together they cannot kill them out every time we need the romance more than the deaths stew

  6. Jayashree girl i am totally fed up of the writers and the nonsensical scripts/storylines they giving us in all of their serials; my gosh all this nice preparation with all the petals laying around in the bedroom making the ambience so romantic and exciting and to no avail all the hard work for nothing as far as i see because they never do get to consumate the marriage it is best they dont wait at all and to hell with everyone and do your thing while courting because they always end up being kidnapped or dead weh this is real crap now and i think not only us you jayashree Naz and myself sapphire have had our fill of this shit; i stopped taking part for a while and came back on just before your entry only to discover it is the same old same old storylines in all the serials just different actors and wait a minute; sometimes they use the same actors in the other serials. My gosh these so called writers and producers are surely lost everything is a copycatting it is as though it is there little five year old telling them what to put in their storylines; i would not be surprise lol.

  7. Just crap crap crap crap…. koi mujhe in writers producers aur directors ka pata do plzzzz… inko do char muke lagau… sorry guys for my loose tongue but its really frustuating… in d name of entertainment these channels are having fun… sibblings of Madame Ektaa Kapoor who has taught them how to show never ending conspiracies of villians be it ROMOLA SIKAND, KOMOLIKA, PALLAVI, TANU, ALIYA ,AKHIRAJetc etc a never ending list… n same drama of falling for others husband or wife… wat a crap!!! N just utter nonsense is d man or woman telling if u cant be mine I wont let u be of someone else… why d hell writers pick d character of Ravana n present it in wrong way??? Cant u writers be bit realistic???? Mihir Virani shown dead n again shown alive, Tulsi comes with new face n again d old Tulsi comes back, Prerna us forced to go away from her marriage with Anuraag Basu n seen getting married to Mr Risabh Bajaj who has grown up teens n again within years again Prerna gets married to Anuraag… never d leading pairs have peaceful life… n here viewers talk of consumating marriages.. hahahahaha dear naaz, sapjire, bulbul, nithya, sam u talk of aditya n jhanvi but then what about abhi n pragya… years n years have rolled n a sibbling serial kundali bhagya has rolled on with so many episodes n these two are yet to consummate their marriage… never ending saga of bhoot,pret, punar janam, peechla janam, chudel, dayain, nag nagin, patali, bharavi, uuuuuffffff…. ab toh inki stupity koi toh bandh karen…

  8. Prabha Singh

    i am from South Africa and sad to say that majority of the viewers have now changed to Sony as there is much better stuff to watch. The soapies on Zee are so monotonous and the same SOS happens in all of them. If its not memory loss then its programme leap. Zee is losing all their viewers all because the writer does not know how to make a proper story out of a soapie and also what a waste to the poor talented actors.
    Start showing what the viewers want and not what the writer wants.

  9. Writers pls atleast make a proper story after their re birth..Adivi love story ,their relationship evrthng should be delivered perfectly…Make us to feel as if it is a fresh serial with good beginning..pls pls…becs love ssudeep sahir a lot..watchg this show only for sudeep aka aditya

  10. enjoy your comment as usual sapphire but do you know anything about kumkum bhagya? i did not get the time to check if it is still on anyways i really want to know when these two are going to die just imagine we the viewers are waiting on the lead actor/actress to die lmao

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