Woh Apna Sa 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha shows Adi car on street and says your mother is in that car, Adi runs behind car, Nisah says no no.. if he sees her face then he will know that she is not his mother, before Adi can see her face, car moves and leaves. Adi comes to Nisha and says I wanted to meet her, Nisha says you saw her, Adi says I didnt see her face, what is the proof that she was my mother only? Nisha says it was your mother, you saw her, cant you even remember you mother? she was your mother, Adi looks on.

Jhanvi bring Adi’s mother at Adi’s house. Neha comes in lounge and asks who is she? Jhanvi says she is with me, she is a guest and came here with me, Neha says okay no problem, she leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi’s mother that you stay here, I am coming, she goes to Baba’s room.


mother is standing in Adi’s home lounge, Baba comes behind her and says you have come with Jhanvi right? she turns and falls down, Baba holds her and says be careful, he is shocked to see that its his wife. Baba says how are you here? he cant believe it. Baba says to her his wife that I will comeback in a bit, just stay here, he leaves her in lounge

Baba comes to his room and forgets everything, he says what did I want from here? I wanted to get something from here but what?

Adi’s mother is walking in lounge and recalls hazy memory of her baby Adi running around in house singing poems. She tries to recall everything. She keeps going in house. Nobody in in lounge, she looks at dining table.

Chinni comes to Nisha and says play with me. Adi’s mother passesby Nisha’s room but Nisha doesnt see her.

Baba sees his wife Asha’s photo in his room and recalls how he met her in lounge.

Jhanvi comes in lounge and says to Adi’s mother that lets go, she starts leaving. Baba comes there and stops Jhanvi. Adi’s mother is already outside door. Nisha comes in lounge too. They dont see Adi’s mother as she is outside. Jhanvi asks baba what he wanted to ask? Baba sees Nisha and says I forgot what I wanted to say, he shows her Asha’s photo and says I need it enlarged for sharad, Adi is not ready so can you do it? Jhanvi takes it from him but frame falls from her hand before she can see photo. baba takes it and says I will wrap it in bag, he takes photo and leaves, he brings bag, puts photo in bag and gives it to her, Jhanvi asks him to take care.

Scene 2
Jhanvi brings Adi’s mother to her home, she gives her photo to make photo frame without even seeing it and getting to know that she is Adi’s mother. She gives medicine to Adi’s mother.

All family members of Adi’s family are in lounge. Baba comes there. Baba says to Adi that I am so happy today, you know who came here today? Adi asks who? Baba says your mother, Asha came here, all are shocked and confused, Adi looks on. Nisha glares at him. Adi says what are you saying? Baba says yes she came here to her husband and son’s house, Nisha thinks she here? how can it be? who brought her? Adi says what are you saying baba? Baba says I didnt believe it too. Kaka says you might have seen someone else, Baba says I am saying it was asha, Adi’s mother, Baba says she was standing exactly here in lounge, she was wearing old shawl, bring a new shawl for her, Adi asks if he saw her face? Baba says what are you saying she is my wife, wont I recognize her face? Kaki says he is ill thats why saying all this, Baba says no she really came here, Kaka says Adi dont question him he is ill, Baba says I remember everything, she was here, it was Asha, bring her back, Adi says I trust you, calm down, Baba goes hysteric and says fine her.. please find her.. Adi takes him to his room. Kaka sadly sits in lounge, Kaki says Baba is worried about her sharad thats why saying all this, Nisha looks on.

PRECAP- Baba says to Adi that tell Jhanvi that you know your mother is alive and we wont do her sharad, Adi says okay I will call her and tell her. Nisha hears it. She calls her mysterious person and says we have to meet her, there is big problem.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well now something good is happening in the show and it was interesting along with precap. Baba knows everything but nobody is believing him (except Adi) because of his illness so sad…. And precap is interesting as now Jhanvi will know the truth but ……again Nisha is there to spoil the game. Well how Nisha knows goons contact number???? Is she a gangster…. well her works are of gangster kidnapping, rap and murder attempt over Jhanvi and now Kidnapping her mother in law.

    Leave it but now they are dragging the divorce scene…..from the starting of show Adi is struggling to get divorce and now its episode 119 but still Adi is married with Nisha.

    1. ??….so right, Nisha is a gangster. She’s been there, done that…. ?????

  2. Crap…stop it…show others have brains too…u dumbo writer

  3. Well there was a time when the comments were touching 30+ and now there is hardly any comment…….the reason is the story line which is side tracked from actual story.

  4. Lol! ALZHEIMERS of Convenience!!!! When I was actually starting to like a serial…they start dragging it!!! Either the Tv industry likes to take a good serial and then destroy it or I am jinxed!!?

  5. am feed up with this show they like dragging

  6. Show can close with happy ending. No need to go round n round.

  7. Winchester, you didn’t have do much thinking, you just nailed it…so swiftly. The Alzheimer’s truck hit Babasa. I tell you, these writers are so predictable…. CONGRATULATIONS…. Just like BRS… I so liked this serial but these days I only feel like thrashing these short sighted writers. You know when we’ll see Adivi’s marriage?? When most drop off the forum….or when thy kingdom come!!! This serial started off with a wife so b*t*hy, then the husband grew close with his father’s helper cum interior designer and when we think we’d see some hott romance burning up the screen, writers thought the manipulative wife story is more interesting so this is where we are, feels like I’m wasting my time commenting here because Adivi romance seems a long way off in coming.. ..if only they can get this divorce track out of the way, start with Adivi marriage track and then the couple fight off the wicked ex together…that’s more interesting, don’t you think???

    1. Winchester

      They stole my idea… Dumb writers!!! LOL!!!
      I was just joking about Alzheimer’s… They took it so seriously.
      In 4th July’s episode jhanvi seemed so anxious to know about Adi’s mother…she went to ask kakaisa….and now when she gets her photo….she didn’t even bothered to take a good look at it……still dragging…. We are not going to see the end of it, are we??

      1. Nope, we are not going to see the end of it anytime soon and remember yesterday I told you that just what you said about Babasa and Alzheimers would come to pass? So yes, they did steal your idea, well it’s more like you can read their minds, and most of us here say things and it just happens…we could write the story if the writers get fired. ? and just imagine, Jhanvi got the photo in a bag and was not even curious to look at it, how humanly possible is that?? So dumb at times…. These writers test my patience, I tell you!!!!

  8. As it looks now, Babasa’s matchmaking for Adivi, seems like it happened ages ago, it’s so stale now. How can we feel excited for this romance, when it’s come and gone.. Writers should have grasped the opportunity to hold the viewers by uniting the couple before allowing the vamp to do her dirty tricks….as it looks now, Jhanvi comes across as interfering in Adi and Nisha’s life and it makes Jhanvi’s character get the opposite reaction from the viewers…she looks meddlesome. These writers never fail to amaze me with their madness.

  9. Sapphire, congratulations to your grandson in the SEA exams, I’m sure he is happy with his placement in new school….take him on a vacation, he deserves it…such a difficult exam for kids that age…


  11. Well Sapphire, you made me laugh when you said you don’t know what else to put in your comments….and for you to say that, well…… Anyway… You did tell me that your grandson was doing SEA exams some time back, maybe you forgot, but that’s OK dear. I’m very happy that he passed for Fatima College… That’s where Brian Lara
    went to school… Good job..well I don’t know your grandson’s name but congratulations on a job well done, young man, and congrats in topping the class. It really is a proud moment, my own daughter had topped the entire Common Entrance class in her year, walked away with the trophy for overall academics and went on to SAGHS…. So you and his parents deserve to feel proud of his achievements. Enjoy the success with him….

  12. okkkk so my concerns are;
    1. If Adi’s mother was dead how nisha found her means she was there also at the time of accident, means nisha is evil since her childhood
    2. Adi’s mother pic is nowhere in the house even in the alzhimer’s patient (babasa) ghosshhhh did such thing happened anywhere means the one u love most is not having space at home walls too
    3. When Nisha kidnapped Adi’s mother,,,,, means uska dimag itna kahan ka google hai ki usne apni MIL ko dhunda aur kidnap karke adi ko btaya and that fool also get in trap without even saw her………..woh apna sa starts with good chapter bt i think writers are again lost

    1. Yes you are correct when you pointed out that in most serials, pictures of deceased loved ones do hang on the walls, it’s usually decorated with a garland. I’m not seeing this in this serial. Writers don’t realize that there are viewers like you and I and others, who have a very discerning eye for details… Another thing is, how did Nisha find Adi’s mother when she’s so busy being gangster and terrorist to the family and half of her time, she’s busy separating Adi Jhanvi..? Nisha married Adi 8yrs ago, she didn’t know this family since she was a child, Adi mother presumably died since he was a child and he’s older than Nisha, so how come this psycho was able to go sleuthing to find Adi’s mother, when no pictures are seen of her and no inkling of her being alive was ever a thought in any of them in that household???? Moron writers….

      1. very well said…i agree with you….its very boring and dragging nisha story too much….no romance,no fun,no happy etc…its waste of time…..

  13. Again going to drag, i just irritated when babasa was thinking that what he has forgot, oh my god when this WAS come on track.

  14. Actually dragging..v all HATE nisha..enuf of seeing her over smartness..mature n intelligent kakusa is wasted…no one in fly uses common sense n try to find out change in adi..adi needs to divorce nisha asap as cant watch that selfish woman anymore..jhanvi does so much but taking too long to reach goal as stupid things shown in between..adis mom is not suitable at all, pls replace her by someone good

  15. I agree with all of you- as the story is dragging and not Hot romance like Naz said- I feel like I’m supporting and condoning Nisha behavior by watching this lousy writing track- let’s move forward – maybe Naz and Winchester can write for the show and show some passion and bring all of us back .

    1. Winchester

      Hey Arch… I would love to write for this show and i think it will be much better than whats happening right now… This ‘Back from the DEAD’ twist was not needed at all… Its like their story just hit a large boulder and crashed…. Its high time to take a U-turn and pick another road writers… Hope after all this is over Aditya will throw Nisha out… Even for a day or two… Because we all know she is not going to be gone forever.

  16. I love this show most ….

  17. Can the writers be replaced? That might solve a lot of problems with all the shows when the writers start losing the audience attention with their BS merry go round story for kindergartens

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