Woh Apna Sa 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha shoots Adi

Woh Apna Sa 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Nisha comes to Adi. Nisha says how do you feel? He says I can die 100 times for Jhanvi. You have to promise me that you will stay away from Jhanvi and my family. She says I will fulfill promise. I will be there with you in your last moments. I really loved you but you never valued you. You never understood me. You gave my love to that Jhanvi. I won’t let that happen. Your and Jhanvi’s story is over forever.

Kaki saays I hope everything is fine. I hope my kids are okay.
Adi says think again nisha. you want money right? I will give you everything. For our kids don’t kill me. Nisha says I don’t change my decisions. You wanted to save Jhanvi. So be it. Good bye. I love. Adi recalls his moments with Jhanvi. He recalls their wedding. Nisha shoots adi in

the heart. Adi falls down. She shoots him.
Nisha sits down with his body. nisha says Adi I am sorry.
Nisha shouts Jhanvi because of you my adi died. I won’t leave you. She goes from there in angerr.

Scene 2
Nisha comes to Jhanvi. She says you ate my Adi. Because of you I had to kill my adi. I will kill you as well. But no. If I kill you you will go to adi. No I wont let you two be together. You have to pay this for keeping me away from my Adi. Jhanvi’s face is covered. Nisha says you will never be happy like you never let me be happy.. I will ruin your life. I will break your feet. you won’t be able to walk ever again. You will beg to die every day. like I lived every day without my adi. Nisha is about to shoot Jhanvi’s feet. Someone throws something at her. Nisha says who is this. Its Adi. Nisha is dazed. Adi says a cheater should always be cheated. Dazed right.
Adi was wearing a couch. Nisha’s men catch Adi. She runs from there. Adi says no one can save you. He fights the thugs and runs after Nisha. Adi says Jhanvi are you okay?

Scene 3
Adi comes home. Jhanvi is resting. Kaki says how is she now? Adi says she is resting. Kaki says why didn’t you tell us. Every day there is a threat. Adi says I won’t let anything happen to anyone. See i am fine.
Adi says I don’t know why I feel like someone is helping Nisha. Babasa says she can do everything. Adi says no but someone is helping her. Someone who knows us too. Samaar says in heart I will make Jhanvi mine.

Kaki makes Jhanvi’s favorite food. Adi says I think we should go on a holiday. We can’t give up on our lives. We will go today. Kaki says thats a great idea. Samar says in heart he wants to celebrate honeymoon? Chini says mama will you bring me chocolates? Jhanvi says I will bring you a lot of toys. Samar texts adi something. He says good luck with life gifted to as you as a beg. Adi says who could it be Adi replies I won’t leave you this time.
Samar replies I will do what I want to. Jhanvi looks at Adi. Kaki says do pooja before going so your journey goes well. Adi says can we go there later? Kaki says no before holiday for your safety. Adi says we have to do something more.

Nisha and Jhanvi come to Nisha’s house. She says why are we here? he says I want her to be arrested before we go. Otherwise we will tensed there as well. jhanvi says I think they are not home.
ADi looks behind he says window is open. He says lets look in. They come in.

On TV nisha says this window was opened for yoou to come in. Welcome back home. You think I am a fool that I would leave a clue for you. Jhanvi I asked you to stay away from my adi. You ruined my life. Now I see what I do. I will ruin your life. Adi keep this gift for me what I am sending. Adi says you get ready for being arrested.
Adi hears someone crying. Jhanvu says lets go from here. He opens the door. Her parents are locked inside a closet and crying. Jahanvi says who did this? Thank you informed us about her plan. But we don’t know where she is. Her mom says she came here to take her stuff. She is out of her mind. She locked here and left. She says I am sorry because of my daughter you have to suffer from this. Jhanvi says this is not your fault.
Jhaniv says I think we should cancel our trip. Adi says nothing would happen. She needs to be in jail.

Precap-Jhanvi says I feel like someone is here.
He says its Devi ma. They come to temple. Nisha is there with a big knife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG!!! i came in last night around 11:45 from Michigan i had a bath and went straight to bed i could not stop myself from coming on to check what is happening here and lo and behold i read Nisha will kill Adi and Jhanvi….. how sick what the hell are these directors thinking will there never be a happy ending in any one of these serial jeez man i have missed out on a lot and i do not really have the time right now to go back and read i am so tired i will go take some more rest and see if i will come on later hey Sapphire and Naz you guys good can somebody tell me when is diwali thank you

    1. Hi Jayashree…. happy to have you back, I did think you went away for too long, you see the crap that’s happening here?? This is what we have been facing, a screwed up serial once again!! Just a couple of days ago in my comment I was thinking that you had left like all the others and look at this ehh!!! It’s like you heard my call… anyway, so much has indeed happened, and even this good serial is going down the sewer too. I could understand Nisha but this new guy Samar living for free in the Jindal’s home and has the nerve to be obsessive about his childhood friend’s wife and she has never encouraged him in any way. I don’t understand how a character could transform so quickly, he’s there to open his business but spends no time with his business,it’s like Jhanvi became his business now… dreaming about her like a sick puppy!! Seriously though…he looks good with Jhanvi, all male…you understand?? They make a perfect couple if he didn’t turn out to be an overnight psycho….. Sapphire is here off and on…she can’t handle this crap….

    2. Welcome back Jayashree… That’s one long vacation my friend!! All I know is that Divali is two weeks away, I may have missed the correct date because across here it’s a public holiday, so I’m sure that it was already announced. How are you doing and how was the vacation? Well…. You can see what’s happening here, you did miss a lot but not to worry, Adi and Jhanvi didn’t sleep together as yet because Jhanvi was busy babysitting Nisha, fighting off her husband’s hands when he really wanted her… poor guy has to wait for another lifetime to get some dessert because there’s going to be a time leap and reincarnation will bring them back to battle an aged Nisha but we know that it will be just like ETRETR where my beloved Raja and Rani had to suffer and die endless deaths and not get justice at all…. Ohhhhh…and yes, Jhanvi is also the prime target of an obsessed wannabe lover who happens to be a freeloader in the Jindal’s home…..at the moment, Adi and Kaki are the only ones whose brains were in optimal working condition ,Jhanvi was a rogue idiot whose brain started working suddenly when Neha lost her baby through poisonous substance but thank goodness she came out hale and hearty…no after effects…just traumatized!! BTW… Jhanvi was blamed for the baby’s death but she presented compelling evidence to the family that Nisha was the crook…. So much for that…welcome back!! I did post a comment before this, I don’t know where it went…..

  2. Nisha the epitome of evil always gets away after commitmg her crimes. Samar that shameless one is helping Nisha in her work. Now Adi.and Jhanvi are in danger at the temple. Hope that Nisha doesn’t succeed with her evil plans.

  3. Well evil always win I think adi should kill her ass

  4. Hi Jayashree welcome back nice to hear from you, i too took a rest from the serials and came back on last week, why, because it is the same old same old storylines with evil gaining the upperhand as usual when we all know this could never be in real life, The shit that they still throwing at us is just frustrating. Will chat later.

  5. Hope Nisha falls on her own knife and as for Samar let the Police deal with his ass in Prison; for being soooooooooooo Dotish; my gosh u now find yourself home to a good family and they accepted u flaw or no flaws instead of settling in and keeping your behind quiet you join with Evil Ass Nisha in carrying out her evil plots; how could one human being be so stupid cannot he Samar see that it is not about him getting Jhanvi but about Nishas getting her way and doing what she likes to do best with peoples lives ie Destroy everything that is good. for heavens sake writers end this serial good for one once; kill off Nisha and throw Samar ass in Prison where he belongs for being soooooooooooooooo damn dotish LOL

  6. Steups….the comment was hiding… Sorry friends…

  7. Waiting for adi and janvi re birth

  8. i knew it was too good to last they had to go and screw a good serial up why is it true love never wins? most of these serials the lead pair always end up dead,and the villain walks free? my holiday was good only i could not handle the cold,man that place is cold saw Niagara Falls it was indeed an amazing sight well we will just have to sit and wait for the two of them to die lol [jhanvi and adi]

  9. leisa morris

    etretr couple dead…jamai raja couple dead….kala teeka couple dead…. qubool hai couple dead…. sassu ma sattu dead…. sarojini sumindra dead… survi dead…..satural couple dead and d list just goes on and on. no longer do u see couples fighting d odds and endin up together. no victory only pain and loss. evil wins over and over again..guess these writers only kno bout sorrows and how best to dissappoint others especially their viewers

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      I think you should switch to StarPlus serials ??? the couple’s get to live… And be happy ???

      Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka, couple lived, married and happy (end of serial)… Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, couple lived, married and happy (end of serial)… Ishqbazz, couple still alive, happy most of the time and married (serial still showing, couple bonding strong)… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, couple still alive, happy almost All the time and married (couple bonding very very strong)… Naamkaran… well you could see where I am going with this… StarPlus couples get to be happy, stay happy, married (some even get to have s*x ?) … I think you are watching the wrong channel ??? even ColorsTV married couples get some action, Shakti, Kasam, Dil Se Dil Tak… frankly I can say you are watching the “wrong” channel ???

  10. All channels are nonsense

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande


  11. May be their re- birth bring us some romantic scenes…We wish atleast they should be happy in the nxt birth…

  12. So now I came to a conclusion that this show us an utter crap not only that but on zeetv every show is dragged with no story and in the end the couple die. Like writers only know to show sorrows and nothing else ??.

    I don’t believe in rebirths ( personal view no offence) and the point is why to drag this show to births, show the climax and end the show with happiness.

    And in my point of view the story would be amazing, if that memory loss drama and stupid Jhanvi believing Nisha wasn’t there.

    Well I quit watching PA, Aesi Dewangi, Kkb. This was the last show and now maybe time to say good bye to zeetv. These are only giving me stress, anger and nothing else, my health is precious to me then these useless shows.

    Naz, Winchester, Sapphire, Aldith, Priya, Jayashree… Sorry for nit remembering other names… But it was nice conversing with you people and knowing your views about characters, plot, and serial.

    1. Ohhhhh dear….another viewer is saying goodbye. I understand how you are feeling Bulbul, it’s downright frustrating, like I’ve said s few days ago, writers of Indian serials really cater to the taste of a different audience ,especially ZEETV… They recycle the same contentious topics over
      and over again, nothing is new…..while we understand the need for some sensationalism, they need to not let negativity rule their serials. Evey single serial ends up being saas bahu crap with black magic, backstabbers, greed for wealth, status, infidelity, murder etc…but no s*xual union between married couples, death to the leads…. Ohhhhh, when will this ever end? Now, a valuable viewer is leaving and I will miss chatting with you Bulbul…may your life be filled with happiness and love, good health and prosperity and nothing but success, comes flowing through your door…. Good luck…. Always… ??…sad to know that you are leaving but much appreciative of the gesture, I wouldn’t have known where you were…

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