Woh Apna Sa 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha Kidnaps Adi

Woh Apna Sa 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Adi says where is Jhanvi? kaki says she went for pooja. Adi says how could you let her go. Nisha is not arrested. Someone throws a letter in with Jhanvi’s dupatta. The letter says Jahnvi is with me. If you wanna save her come with my men. Adi goes with Nisha’s men.
Adi comes to Nisha. He says what do you want?She says I want you not to leave me. He says where is Jhanvi? What do you want? She says I want you. Adi throttles her and says where is she? nisha says leave me if you want to see Jhanvi alive. She says I have two conditions. Tell police not to look for me and that you did this. The second condition is, give me your life. The time we have spent together you can’t be mine. I won’t let you be someone else’. Best solution is lets die. He says are

you crazy? She says no being practical? See this. She shows him nisha being tied up.
nisha says I will kill her so much. Adi says leave her I will do anything. She says so you agree to my conditions? Go to police station and say all that. Adi says let me go to home once. Everyone would be worried. She says if you want Jhanvi alive then you have to be at my mercy, there was a time when I used to beg to let me come home to my husband and my kids and now.. you can go but dont try to be oversmart, I will keep an eye on you, dont try to protect Jhanvi. Adi nods and leaves.

Adi comes to police station, he says to inspector that I want to take case back, Nisha didnt try to kill me, I attempted suicide. Inspector says I am leaving you this time but it shouldnt happen again. Adi comes out of police station. Nisha calls adi. She says to her man let him go home for only 15 minutes.
Adi comes home. Everyone asks about Jhanvi. He says she is fine she would be fine soon. She will be home.
Lawyer is therre with papers. Babasa says what papers are these? Adi says do you trust me? Please sign these papers. Babasa signs the papers. Kaki saays what is happening? Everyone hugs Adi and wishes him good luck.
Adi meets chini mini. They are making each other eat. chini says I want to eat from mama’s hand. Adi says mama will come. Eat from my hands once then mama will make you eat. he makes them both eat.

Adi comes out. Samar comes as well. He smirks. samar says Adi why are you so lot? he says nothing. Sam says you are hiding something. Sam says no you have to tell me what is happening? What problem is it. We will solve it. Adi says Nisha has kidnapped Jhanvi. Sam says lets go to police. Adi says no she will harm Jhanvi. Sam says give her money. Adi says no she wants my life she wants to kill me. Sam says what are you saying. Adi says jhanvi’s life is more important than mine. I am ready for it. Don’t tell anyone please. You havee to handle everything here once I leave. Sam says I don’t know what to say. Adi says I have to go. He hugs sam and leaves.

Sam gets a call from Nisha. She says where is adi? sam says she has left. He says do whatever you want with adi but nothing should happen to Jhnavi. Nisha says I want to tell Jhanvi about Adi’s death. Where is she? He says old factory.
Adi is on his way. He recalls his moments with nisha. He recalls their wedding. The song main phir bhi plays in background. Adi getss a call. Its Nisha. She says come to east cliff. Don’t be over smart I will kill Jhanvi. See you.

Precap-Nisha says your end is here, your and jhanvi’s story is over. Nisha shoots Adi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi frndz…I m new here….Aiysha….i usually go through the comments here….but cant stop commenting today….actually when will these craps end??kidnapping..killing…ufff
    Oh god!!!!what happened to that chudaillll nisha….shez crazy…just push her from the cliff….All endz fyn

  2. My gosh what utter crap is this tell me can it get any worse and as for sam i hope he and Nisha end up in Prison behind bars for the death of Adi and Jhanvi; hope he is wearing a bullet proof vest just wishful thinking lol. Naz girl i would never put these ZTV Serials in the Class with LMN Movies, ztv serials have no Substance what so ever now the LMN Movies contain a lot of substance and relate much more to everyday life and do not end abrupt or have a Shitty ending’ heres the comparison it is like Chalk and Cheese; Black and White, Sugar and Salt. ZTV Producers need to go back to writing academy and there acting well also poorly portrayed my gosh i can go on and on and on. What these writers dont seem to comprehend is that we the viewers rather have a good worthy watching serial that is short and has a good ending that to have a serial prolonged; even after they solve something they never bring it to an end they always continue bringing in more shit one after the other dragging the serials for the sake of who knows maybe they like the violence or to make more money which i dont see this happening if the ratings go down so tell me what is really going on with them; imagine they caught Nisha red handed with her tricks well ok then is obvious she will not go down alone she would have mentioned kaka and samars names and the the serial could have ended but no the writers brought in more shit for nisha to do that is killing off adi if i was in adis place i would have ran straight into her and drag her down with me; i only hope samars is caught too for being so illiterate.

  3. Seriously……………………
    these directors have lost the plot…..
    Killing off Adi and Janvi???????????????????
    Are Nisha and Kakasa so good that no one can see they are evil
    Samar Character a total waste of time….
    then the re incarnation,,,,,, of adi… as per normal Zee TV Shows.

  4. Susanna whyte

    Me did not give nisha wrong kill both of them Adi and jhanvi plus The kaka then go to jail Lol I never see a thing like this 2 big children’s did not know them mom yet hahahahaha gosh so disgusting….jhanvi is a crass for a woman which home don’t have tit tot but jhanvi love Adi since she was working with him she don’t know if the man marry or not she crassing self Lol nisha shoulda cut out jhanvi mouth if was me I woulda kill she cruel…..

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