Woh Apna Sa 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna saves Jia’s life

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Scene 1
Jia sees the video an says this is good. she asks krishna what happened? He says I hope Arjun returns soon. Jia leaves. Krishna sits down. He sees the video again. He throws his phone on bed and feels agitated. He hits the mirror and injures his hand. Jia comes and says what happened? He says hit the mirror while closing the drawer. She dresses his cut and says be careful. Jia says arjun saw my message but he isn’t replying. You can trace his location right? He says its not that easy. She says please do this at least try. He says I will try. Jia says thank you. She leaves.

Jia comes downstairs. Nisha says waiting for arjun’s call? This all is not Arjun’s mistake. There was a fear on his face. He feels that you don’t have control on your mind. He was scared

of your behavior. Please don’t do anything dangerous next time. Jia is confused. She says am I actually doin all this?

Scene 2
Krishna plays trumpet. He recalls Jia. jia recalls her moments with arjun. She can’t sleep. Jia looks out of window. Krishan looks at the moon.
Akash gets a call someone says your game can fireback. Be careful or you will lose your life. Akash says what? They hang up. Nisha says in heart fear looks good on your face akash. There will be more.

Jia hears Arjun’s voice and water dripping. She follows it and comes to the pool. Jia sees the water and walks towards it. Krishna holds her hand. HE says what are you doing? She says i heard water. He says there is not water dripping and you could die. She says at least that would bring arjun here. Krishna says are you crazy? I am here for your safety and you do all this. He takes her to room and says don’t do all this. She says sorry. he comes out. Nisha says aren’t you taking care of her too much? He says I do my work with enthusiasm. Nisha says in heart I have to keep an eye on her.

Nisha takes stream for water. She opens eyes and sees water boiling and someone forcing her into water. Nisha screams.. Krishna comes and says what are you doing? She is scared. Nisha says I think the water was too hot. Akash says why is everything with water. He leaves.
Nisha says this akash is doing all this. He knows I kidnapped arjun, He is trying to scare me. Krishna says how can he know? Nisha says he is scaring me with water. Krishan says this all water thing is happening with Jia as well. Why would akash scare Jia? Someone else is doing this. She says who? He says ARjun. Maybe Arjun is trying to tell Jia how he got killed. Nisha says are you educated? All this ghost things are not true. He says somethings are beyond are limited thinkings. some powers are just felt. He leaves.

Krishna sees Jia. Jia says I wanted to thank you for saaving my life. He says I wont let you harm yourself. Jia says what is this water thing? Is someone trying to tell me something? Krishna says in heart what is all this?
Precap-Jia is leaving. she says I will look for Arjun where Akash was looking for Arjun. Krishna comes and says what are you doing? She says going to find arjun. someone else drives the car away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. If there is a supernatural angle to this track ,then why doesn’t Arjun’s spirit appear to Nisha ans beat the hell out of her….What s the use of giving subtle hints to poor Jia when the real culprit is planning to eliminate everyone…..And Krishna is really getting on my nerves…..he is such a leech that he dares to daydream about the hapless Jia…..God save us from these weird writers…

  2. Hahahahaha that is all I can do right now this is the worst series of them all killing one person three times wow can it get worse?

  3. After ages has passed, I’m up here and what a lunatic serial this once loved story of mines has turned into!! I can’t relate to any character anymore..Nisha is still around, just like a cat from Pet Sematary… so many lives left for her to continue her rein… Why oh why..doesn’t this serial end, die, blow up…lawddddddd…writers, please end it…the characters appeal has died with Adi and Janu… … You know ladies, everything is good with a serial being a thriller/suspense as its core plot but when the creative team converts a lovable family drama to the hogwash we see here now, it’s very sad and painful, especially when all the characters I grew to love aren’t here anymore. Even though Sudeep and Disha didn’t have the sizzling chemistry in the beginning, they somehow managed to woo the hearts of the viewers by the virtue of the storyline but now that time has passed and they both settled into serial domesticity, they looked more comfortable with each other, I wasn’t around much at all after the leap so I can’t tell much if they had worked on the chemistry part. Jayashree… you and I were here from the inception so you are witness to how many comments here used to have, all in the, 90’s ..never mind it was the worst show of viewers hatred and mudslinging we ever saw on such a platform, where Sapphire you and I were the recipients of hate comments because we saw the goodness in Jhanvi, but the comments came fast and furious. Where are those viewers who sang the praises of Nisha and tried with gusto to justify her abhorrent behavior as a wife protecting her husband although we knew that she was the nastiest wretch of a wife who married him for wealth and status, why aren’t they here now? Why don’t they come here and cheer Nisha on now? How bereft this forum had become now!!! It’s neglected and bleak of many comments it once attracted… Of it wasn’t for you both Lakshmi and Jayashree, there would be no comments here today… This crap should just RIP….

  4. Sarifa Patel

    Boy these zee writers employed to write so that viewers are entertain my what a joke but then can one expect anything better from a dumb broad and her producers guess not.

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