Woh Apna Sa 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Nisha says Adi didnt come till now, its late around midnight, she says its okay Adi, you can stay away from me but i am going to make him CEO.
Jhanvi comes out of her home, she says to Adi that thank you for coming with me to my house, it was dark at night. Suvri and Maa are watching them from window. Adi says to Jhanvi that you can simply say thank you to me, failing is not wrong but not trying is wrong. Jhanvi is surprised hearing it as she said same thing Kaka, she goes in her home. Nisha calls Adi and says are you still miffed with me? Adi asks if kids slept? she says yes, now dont be angry and come home, Adi ends call and says i am not going home.
Jhanvi comes home. Survi asks who was the guy that dropped you? Maa says first tell me who wsa he then i will give you food,

Jhanvi says it was my boss, Survi says you are fast, you brought him home so fast? he is good looking, Jhanvi says you didnt see him up close thats why saying this. Maa says my dream is to see my daughters getting married, what else mother would want then her daughter getting married? if he is the guy then i dont have problem with him being my son in law. Jhanvi says i dont care about my marriage. Survi’s career is important for me, i want to buy this house, my focus is you both. Survi says on that note, i want to say your boss is cute, Jhanvi says oh God.
Kaka comes to Nisha and asks where is Adi? Nisha says he is in office, Kaka says this late? what he is doing there? Nisha says he has work load, also because he is going to be CEO and i am understanding wife, i know he has work so i dont mind him spending time there, he says i understand and leaves.
Its morning, Adi is sleeping in office, he dreams about Nisha’s harsh words, he is shivering in sleep. Kaka comes there and wakes him up, Kaka says you shouldnt be spending time in office when its family time, Adi says i didnt know when i slept, Kaka says Nisha told me you are in office so i came to pick you up, you should spend sunday with your kids, Adi says i will come after taking some papers, Kaka leaves. Adi says i wont let Nisha succeed. Adi opens file and doesnt find papers which states that Raj will be CEO, he says Jhanvi came in my office last night, he calls Jhanvi but her battery dies and she is in park with her family, she says i will charge it when i go home. Adi is frustrated that she is not taking call.
Courier guy gives papers to baba, Nisha takes it from him. Baba asks what are those? she says Adi made papers to send you to mental asylum as he cant see your state but i will hide it and wont tell anyone, you dont tell anyone, she leaves, baba is shocked.
Adi is driving car, he is calling Jhanvi but her phone is off. Jhanvi’s scooty passesby him. Adi thinks that she is so careless, she switched off her phone.
Adi and Kaka comes home. Kaki says to Adi that i know office is important but its not more important than family, you spent whole night at office, dont do that again, he says yes, Kaka and Kaki leaves. Nisha brings tea for Adi and says have it, i have made your favorite sandwich, Adi says we are married for 8years and you still dont know that i dont drink tea. Adi sees baba there, he goes and touches his feet but baba doesnt bless him and recalls Nisha’s words that he wants to send him to mental asylum, baba says you didnt do good Adi. Adi asks what? Nisha says baba didnt get his biscuits thats why he is saying this, Adi says i will bring his biscuits, baba is scared, he sadly looks at Adi and leaves. Nisha smirks and says its jackpot day, she leaves. Adi looks on.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes home and charges her phone, Adi calls her. Jhanvi takes it, Adi says how dare you cut my call and switched off your phone? Jhanvi says my battery died, Adi says its excuse, Jhanvi says its sunday and i am not liable to take your calls today, Adi says i am not finding my papers in my cabin, tell me where are they? Jhanvi says what papers? Adi says you came in my office so you lost them, where are my papers? Jhanvi says i am not irresponsible, i didnt take your papers, Adi says i wont waste my time over you, he ends call, Jhanvi says he is arrogant, she says to her mother that i am going office and i will search his papers, she leaves.
Nisha is calling someone and says yes i have got papers. Adi comes there and asks what papers? she taunts that i have named your property in my name, Adi says i wont be surprised if you do that, Nisha says when you talk like this, it shows how much you know me, like we have connection, remain angry, you look hot but dont take today’s decision in anger, its important day, she leaves, Adi looks on.
Function starts in Adi’s house. Adi calls his friend and says i want duplicate papers of Raj being CEO, he says i am out of city and i dont have copy, Adi says i lost them because of my some stupid employee(Jhanvi), friend says search for it calmly.
Nisha says to guests that we will start tonight’s celebrations with pooja and aarti. Nisha starts aarti, Adi holds aarti plate with her and recalls how she wants to break house. Pooja is going on in house. Adi is tensed, he recalls how Nisha said he Kaka will announce him CEO today, he thinks that maybe papers are in office only and they are there, he leaves function and drives to his office. Adi comes to his office and searches for papers which states that Raj will be CEO but is not able to find them. Adi comes in office and finds papers under his table. Jhanvi comes there, Adi says how did my papers go under table? you touched them, how irresponsible are you? how can you lose my papers? Jhanvi says i had to come to office because you were scolding me for misplacing your papers which were actually under your table, i didnt even see them ever, it was your mistake and you yelled at me, i have only two words for you, “I Quit”, adi looks on, Jhanvi leaves, Adi tries to say something but remains silent.

PRECAP- Nisha gives papers to Raj and says these are papers of Ahmedabad deal, you will be independent there, Kaka says me and Kaki will join Raj too, we will go with him. Nisha comes to Adi and says your family wants to leave you, they are going away and your family bond is going to break. Later Adi comes to Jhanvi house, Jhanvi sees him at door and raise eyebrow? he looks on. Nisha says to Adi that you should focus on your family, your kids and wife, they are not your family, so leave them behind, Adi says i wont let it ever happen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Chanpreet0815

    Atiba u write very nicely.as usual. I liked it.
    No comments guys. U don’t like this serial or what. It’s good. I liked it. Let it be I should not judge anyone. Coming to the point.
    Janvi plzz Spare AdI.
    he is so sweet. That Nisha what kind of wife she is. How one can be like this. I m seeing first wife who is doing all this nonsense things.

    1. Twinj

      Hey chanpreet,
      It’s my favourite serial after tasan e isqh..So I always cmt in this page…But saw u for the first time…Can we be frens…Yup Nisha is so disgusting…She has stoop so low for power n money..

      1. Chanpreet0815

        Twinj we r already friends From first only. U don’t remember me but I remember u vry well.

        We r only three persons commenting
        priya Twinj and I.
        And I m sure that we will make may friends here. I just hope. U both will frequently visit this page. So that we can talk.

        Priya U know hindi.
        Priya u also get registered. I hope we will enjoy.

      2. Chanpreet0815

        Twinj we r already friends from first only. U don’t remember me but i remember u vry well.
        by the way I m Prit. Hope u remember my name now.
        Priya u know hindi.
        And I hope u both will frequently visit this page. So that we may talk to each other.

      3. Hey chanpreet,Sorry yaar…actually didn’t see ur cmt…sry for that n ofcourse will try to cmt always

    2. Fama

      Hi…I love the serial a lot after Tashan e ishq on zee tv and ishqbaaz on star plus but coz of school I don’t regular comment or read the updates after I watched the episode.
      Jhanvi and Adi will surely make a perfect match unlike of he and selfish Nisha

      1. Chanpreet0815

        Hello Fama keep commenting dear whenever U get time

      2. Fama

        I will surely keep commenting.

  2. Chanpreet0815

    Guys should i suggest u some thing. Whoever will read my comment plzz do it.

    Person whoever comment on this page try to talk each other. Not only one or two comments r sufficient. Try to comment again nd again on this page. Nd try to be friends of each other. Many of them would be silent readers. They usually don’t comment. If u will talk to each other they will find it interesting and they will also comment.
    Till now i visited 2 pages. One is Tashan e ishq. And the other is Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi. Nd u know per day comments are crossed till 100. there are 4 or 5 comments of each person. So try it u will find it interesting. First of all people who r not registered they can registered themselves.
    Once u get registered u will also be able to chat privately. U can personally chat with each other.

    If u commented on other person’s comment then it will show u notifications.
    suppose I want to tell twinj or priya that i totally agree with u. Twinj or priya. Then it will show them notifications. That chanpreet replied to one of ur comment.

    If anyone don’t know how to get registered. I will tell u if u wish To get registered.


    1. Twinj

      U visit the page of TEI as well..wow…N thanks for the suggestion yaar will surely try it n I was already aregistered member but due to some technical problem can’t login from mobile…Anyways do try cmting always…

  3. Chanpreet0815

    On this page. See top of this page. Telly updates r written in bold.
    There u will find three small lines.
    Click on that three small lines.
    Register option is there click on that.
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    And if u don’t Want to get registered then its okk. U can comment like That only. But try to talk each other. And be good friends. This page will increase fans of woh apna sa.


    1. Twinj

      U didn’t bore me…I will surely try to make frens…

  4. woh apna sa show is very interesting……………i like this different story……adi and janvi super scence,moment,funny,laughing etc……………….but poor aditiya…he was very stuggle in life….nisha s so selfish women……..both(adivi) r sulking each other…how janvi ll find nisha evil side? when they r going to getting married janvi and adi??

    1. Twinj

      Hey priya,
      Would u love to be my fren…It’s indeed a very interesting serial..Yup avery different story…adivi just nailed it…agree with u nisha is so selfish…Don’t have idea when adivi will unite but waiting for the very moment…

      1. Yes i agree with you….very funny scence at janvi home….but janvi does not care abt marriage becoz she want to need oly focus on mom & sis….let see wait and watch….who ll first fall in love ? Adi or janvi ?

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Hello priya. Tell me something about ur self. Where u stay?? In which class u r. R u in school or clg

      1. Hi frd,i am tamilan….i am priya,completed M.E,i am speaking from tamilnadu…i luv watching hindi drama….i know little bit hindi lanugage(speaking,reading,writting,listenning)…i cnt understand little bit hindi then i ll open tellyupdates(with english sub)…..its was vert useful…….be frds alwys….alwys touch it….i like pair adivi rockzzz…..

  5. Twinj

    Hey guys,
    Todays epi was a gud one…adi dropped Jhanvi n her mom n sis teasing her was too gud..Adivi rocks…wow…luv it n what did Jhanvi just say I Quit…no…Wow n adi in jhanvi’s home wow I think he came to take her back..may be…

    1. Yes i agree with u

  6. Chanpreet0815

    Priya nd Twinj. Twinj first tell me what is ur name. So that I can call u by ur name.
    See how much of comments we crossed

  7. Hey prit,
    Yah now I remember…yah u had cmt since first sry for the confusion…N must agree we three did crossed 15 plus cmt…My name Is Aakriti/aaku…16 yrs old…told u in PM…N prit what about u…

    Hey priya di,
    Yup totally agree with u…Jhanvi focus more on family…me too desparately waiting for them to fall in love…adivi rocks…N do register soon…waiting for u di…

    1. yes super…me too waiting…….twinj didi

    2. Chanpreet0815

      Akku same here I m also 16 yrs old.
      Priya is much elder than us.
      Priya one request. It will be okk if i called u by ur name becoz I feel ocward to talk with elder people. So can I call u by ur name.

  8. Yup priya di is much more elder than us n opp of u I feel occward if I don’t call my elders di…same pinch…u r also 16 n me too…

  9. Hi Twinj priya nd charanpreet I am too a huge fan of this show….. Actually Sudeep(adi) is my favorite….. Can I too join your group

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Why not khwaish. Welcome to our adivi grup.
      Keep commenting.
      tell something about ur self

  10. Oh dear, my heart breaks for Adi…imagine not wanting to go home to your wife!!! The office is more peaceful than his bedroom….how sad. In real life, when a man is in a predicament such as this, he becomes weak emotionally and this is what drives him into the arms of another woman. Underneath all the male egos and bravado, lies a heart that longs for affection, care and understanding. A woman can make or break a man, it depends on her will ,in this story ,Nisha is the type of wife who places emphasis on material things in life, relationships aren’t a priority. Her character has shades of that of Sri Devi in the movie “Judaai”, where wealth and freedom from family takes precedence. In this serial, Nisha ‘s character has an evil and vindictive streak, she plots for her benefits and in doing so she’s destroying the fabric of her marriage. We all know how this is getting play out…Adi is going to fall in love with Jhanvi ,unbeknownst to her, he’s a married man. I know Adi is going to make a place in his heart for her, and I so want Jhanvi to see the goodness in him and give him the love he deserves. It’s left to be seen now, what is the most important thing in Nisha ‘s life. Her husband and kids or her greed for position and wealth. Nothing is wrong if Adi divorces his wife somewhere down the road, after all life is too short, he won’t be the first or the last man to do so, it’s better to be free and happy than be trapped in an unhappy marriage. If this happens, then this serial will be truly highlighting the reality of relationships.

  11. Young ladies.. You all have been very busy… Lol… Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ?

  12. Hey fama n khawls,
    Welcome to the group…U r free to join our group n we would love to have u…Prit u were right…Khawlsh I know u in the poll of dil se dil tak u had cmt that woh apna sa is better than DSDT totally with u.

    Hey naz,
    I had a wonderful weekend n u.It will surely happen.Coz I think that’s the motive of the show

    1. Fama

      Thank you twinj

  13. Adi is always in frustration.

    1. It’s because of his wife, she turned out to be the opposite of when he met and married her. Like its said…..life and most importantly marriage, isn’t a bed of roses but when it reaches a point where the husband can’t bear to be around or see the wife, then that’s a major problem, at the end of the day, everyone deserves happiness.

  14. Chanpreet0815

    Naz annu plzz keep commenting. See Akku(Twinj) I told U na there r many silent readers who don’t comment but now see all r commenting.

    Yes anu naz is right i totally agree with her. Ad i is frustrated becoz of his wife. She wants to seperate Adi from his family. So that she can get all the property.

  15. Chanpreet0815

    Gud Morning AADIVI FAN GROUP.


    Did u all like the name of our grup

    1. Good morning to you as well. Nice reading the chit chat between you all, it’s wonderful to see you all are getting along fine. I’ve been watching this serial since its inception, which is not long…btw…. I also have been commenting as well. I have learnt that all of us so far, have come from diverse societies but this forum and others as well has provided us with the opportunity to meet and greet and learn a thing or two from our collective commentaries. My correct name is Nazreen but Naz is much shorter. I’m from the Caribbean. My great great grandparents came from India…specifically Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. One of my uncles had done a genealogy search few years back on a trip to India. It was so important for us to touch base with relatives we didn’t even know existed. The rest is history…. I do enjoy everything that is of East Indian flavor, ie….culture, food, dress, music, movies, I do understand Hindi a tiny bit ,but not too much as to speak the language. I’m of East Indian heritage.

      1. Chanpreet0815

        Nazreen. Exactly from where r u.
        I mean where u stay.

    2. Gud morning Charanpreet…. . I just luv the name Advi… ?????

  16. Chanpreet0815

    Hey did anyone had started writing Fanfiction for this serial. Not now but after some time

    1. My homeland is called Trinidad and it’s one of twin islands called Trinidad and Tobago,which is situated extremely close to Venezuela. Population here is of predominantly East Indian heritage, followed by African descent and then a fantastic mix up of Spanish, French, Syrian, Portuguese and heaven knows what else…. Lol. We are a happy go lucky type of people. Hope you get a picture of how far we all live but are brought together by this simple interactive forum.

  17. Hii every1 my real name is Riya I m 17yrs old I m in class 12…… So I really want to apologize you all that I will not be able to cmnt daily. But I m huge Fan of Sudeep……. I luv him I will keep watching the show whenever I will get chance….. And thanks for your warm welcome guys.

  18. Khwaish is the name given by my friends to me…… So u all can call me Khwaish or Riya…… Whatever you like.

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Riya is better. So I will call u riya.
      Riya same here I m also in 12th std. Soon our board exams are taking place so I would also be vry busy.
      On 8th Feb my birthday is there.

      Guys tell ur birth date.

    2. Ohh gr8 Charanpreet……. I think u r Punjabi??? Which subjects you are having…

  19. Hi.. all adivi fans I’m liza..I’m 20yr old
    Hey Chanpreet I know u bcoz I’m also in krpkab crazy fan group… Main krpkab page main cmt karti hu..

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Yes liya I know. That u comment on krpkab page. ur most welcome

  20. Its nice story and different thoughts that another than the zee tv serial . I like this serial

  21. Very nice story and different thoughts in that serial.I like it.keep it up writter.

  22. it’s liza nt liya

  23. Hey prit,
    U are correct there r indeed many fans of adivi n I love the name adivi,N not yet started to write a story but soon will write one but can’t post before March 24 coz of my board xm’s..

    Hey anu,RA,lisa di,
    Welcome to the group of adivi…Pls do keep cmting…N I do hope we would be gud frens…

    Hey naz,
    U have a beautiful name nazreen…I do agree with u this forum has binded us together eventhough we are from diverse societies n even from different countries…N u r right marriage really not a bed of roses…do hope that jhanvi would complete adi’s life very soon…waiting for that very moment..

    Hey khawis di,
    Riya that’s a very sweet name n would love to call u by ur name Riya…Di n no need to apologize we understand ur hectic schedule…n very soon I too would be irregular coz of xm…

    Ok now my full intro I am Aakriti/aaku…16…B-day june 30…from Ktm,capital city of Nepal…Love to watch hindi serial…understand hindi language n diehearted fan of Twinj n love to watch adivi n shivika…

    1. Wow…. You see how interesting our forum is? Niceeeeee…… My birthday is on April 2nd. Ohhh…. I enjoyed the way Jhanvi told Adi…. I quit!!! I wasn’t even expecting her to say so when she did, I had a good laugh, that was so chic….. Let me see how he approaches her, he’s going to be uncomfortable, I tell you. Hey Twinj, thank you for the compliment on my name and your name is beautiful and different as well……Aakriti…… Can’t wait for this week episodes.

    2. Thankeww so much Twinj(Aaku) my birthday is on 20th July actually I belong from Gurgaon(Gurugram) but presently living in Gwalior. I am a KVian……

  24. Nivu, I’m not seeing any comments from you, where are you? Guess you are having a hectic weekend, take a moment or two and relax, ok? I’m sure we will see you here soon.

  25. Hii Naz do u remember me I told you about adi’ previous works

    1. OMG…. Yes yes…. I remember. You had given me the info on him. So many names, I forgot, thank you for reminding me. Sorry, dear friend. I’ll call you Ria, it’s more simple for me…. Lol…… You had told me Adi’s correct name and the other serials he had worked in.!! Are you enjoying the story so far? Ssudeep is very handsome don’t you think? Wow….he has deep and penetrating eyes and his outfits fit him so perfectly!!! Sorry sorry…. I was thinking out aloud…………

  26. Hey Riya, I just read your previous comments….. You ARE a fan of Sudeep…… I also like Advi as your choice of joining the leads name. I see Chanpreet also suggested the same but slightly different spelling but that’s ok, we all know who the names refer to. Aadivi or Advi is fine by me.

  27. My birthdate is on 2nd November. I belongs from Bhubaneswar, odisha state in india.Hey,aaku same mistake as prit its Liza nt lisa.wow I’m also shivika fan

  28. Hi guys!!did u see sterday ngt ZRA 2017 award function? Big congratuation best serial won woh apna sa :):):) disha(janvi)sudeep(adi) ridhi(nisha)

  29. Chanpreet0815

    Guys first of all plzz forgive me if i had not written any spelling incorrect. And ur intro are superb.
    How far u all r from me.

    I should introduce my self.

    I m chanpreet. U can also call me preet. I m 16 yrs old. I live in Pune. Studying in college. 12th std. Commerce student.
    And my birthday is on 8 February. I m Punjabi. U can guess me by my name.
    Hope its sufficient.

  30. Chanpreet0815

    Gud Morning AADIVI FAN Club.
    Akku (Twinj) Nazreen Priya Liza Anu Riya(khwaish) RA Fama.

    We all r limited but see our comments.
    58 comments. Hope its being first time we completed 58 comments.
    Hope so today we will complete 100 comments
    but it can be possible if u all comment in this way only.

    And guys plZz registered urself. I had explained already how to register it self. I will show me notification. Then I can understand who had msg me. Or commented

    1. Fama

      Morning preet

  31. No..bt thank u for this new..let’s celebrate.???????

  32. Hi ,all advi fans..preet,aaku,riya,priya di,Naz

  33. Chanpreet0815

    Hello where r u all???

  34. I’m fine preet..sry I think u r irritated.. Bcoz of me ..I’m trying to registered myself bt some technical problem in this site.

  35. Fama

    Hi adhvi fans… let me introduce myself
    My name is Fatima( my mom call me Fama hence I preferred that). I am 15yrs, will 16yrs in June. Am from South Africa however I am born in UK and living with my parents. I like to make new friends…hope you’d like to be my friend

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