Woh Apna Sa 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia tells Arjun everything

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Scene 1
Arjun comes to meet Jia at temple. He says what have you called me for? She says I am your Jhanvi. She takes him to every corner and reminds him all the story. She narrates it all for him. She takes him to place where Nisha killed them. She shows him picture of their wedding. She tells him how Nisha shot them both at the same place and they both died there.
Arjun is dazed. He looks at Jia and says Jhanvi.. Jia is in tears. He says I recall everything. I remember it all. Now i know why I always get to you. Why I always save you. Why your face gives me peace. I remember everything Jhanvi. She says really? He says yes I know why we are meeting again. Our love was so strong that God brought us back together. I love you. I love you Jhanvi. Jia says I am so happy. Kaki ma chini were

waiting for you. They would be so happy. We will give them their right back. He says let me recall. She says what do you wanna recall? He says I was in a 5 star hotel.. You.. She says when? He says you were worried. Your mom had cancer. You wanted 5 lacs. I gave you. Give me 10 lacs. Jia is dazed. He says 5 lacs of last life and 5 of this. Jia is dazed. Arjun smirks. He laughs hysterically. Jia looks at him shocked. He says are you mad? Is this a joke. She says its not funny. Its not a joke. He says its a very funny joke. Please tell me more story. She says I understand that its not easy to trust but.. He says tell me more. Good story. She says you were adi i past life. Big businessman. your family kaki ma you had a big house and two daughters. I was your second wife and your first wife Nisha killed us. She tortured your family. Your daughter Bini is in mental asylum. He says does this story have 1000 episodes? I have nothing to do in it. She says how can you say no? He says you moffed my picture like I did yours. he says I knows its all about money. Give me money? No I don’t want it. Keep it back. Jia is shocked. He says I love money a lot but don’t wanna go to jail. Don’t tell anyone else this story. They will send you to mental asylum. She says I am not lying. He says let me go. This drama only works in movies.
She says you can’t be my Adi. You only live for money. He says you are a woman so I am being decent. Dont’ come after me. He sits on his bike and leaves. Jia says I hate you, you can’t be my Adi.

Scene 2
Kaki ma is waiting for Adi. Chini says dadi take your meds. Kaki says the news of Adi coming back makes me feel good. Jia comes home. Chini says where is papa? kaki says why you look worried? She says he is not our adi. He is just look alike. He has no manners. He is a thug. he misbehaved with me. She tells them everything.
Chini says he might not remember but my heart says he is my papa. Jia says I recalled everything there but he didn’t get a word. He made fun of our emotions. My adi can never do that. Sorry kaki ma I will take the next step alone.

Arjun tells Bablu everything. Bablu says why you returned the money? He says there is a big game I am playing. Let me know what Nisha did. Its the same nisha. Bablu says don’t get in all this. Arjun saays its about so much money. I want to get in Nisha’s place once. Then see what i do now.

Scene 3
Nishaa recalls Adi coming to their house. Phone rings samar picks it up.. He says who? Jhanvi.. Nisha is shocked. Samar says who is it? She says I am from orphanage. We wanted donation for NGO. Samar says no thanks. Chini says do some good in life. She says you have done so much sin. You can’t repent for them all. Donation might do some for you. Chini says who are you? Which sin are you talking about? Chini says no one gets that rich without taking rights of other people. Nisha is hyper. She says I am going to sleep.

Nisha is mad. She recalls the words on the call. She turns off lights and tries to sleep. Shee hears something and wakes up. She turns on light but it doesn’t open. Nisha lits candle and sees i am back written on her mirror. She sees Jhanvi’s reflection. Nisha looks behind no one is there. She is scared. The mirror breaks itself. Nisha is dazed and scared.

Precap-Arjun is asleep. He hears flashes and recalls things. He wakes up and sleep walks on the road. He comes in front of Jia’s car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Just bring arjia together…Let nisha die and make a good story..

  3. Shouldn’t chini be about 30 years in age instead of looking younger than jia since its a 25 years leap.

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