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Scene 1
Jhanvi comes home and sees her father drinking tea with Maa. Maa says your father is going to Dubai for business. Father says to Jhanvi that I left you when you needed me most and never helped you, I have a wish that if you ever need help in life then please remember me, I will be so happy to help you. Jhanvi recalls Adi’s words that he wont marry again. Father turns to leave but Jhanvi says if Maa has forgiven you then I have no complain, help me once, he says ask anything. Jhanvi says to her father that make me get job in Dubai, Adi comes there. Jhanvi says to father that I want to leave this city and country forever. Adi says Jhanvi? Jhanvi is stunned to see him there, Jhanvi gets tensed to see him, Adi says you want to go to Dubai?
Jhanvi says I always wanted to work in

foreign country it will be good opportunity, Adi says you can find job here too. Jhanvi says I have to leave, this opportunity is important for my career, Adi says dont leave please.. Jhanvi sadly looks at him. Jhanvi thinks that I dont want to leave you Aditya but I dont have choice, Jhanvi says this is important for my career, I will call and keep in touch with you, you should be happy to see my growth, Adi says ofcourse I am happy but.. if you have decided then what can I say? all the best, he sadly looks in her eyes, they share painful eyelock, Saathi re thora ther ja plays, Adi moves away from her and starts leaving, Jhanvi gets teary eyed as he leaves. Jhanvi clutches her clothes in pain.

Nisha comes to her kids school, she tries to go inside but principal says that you dont have permission to meet kids, Adi has told us that he has court’s orders to not allow you to meet kids, he has submitted copy in school, Nisha says you are mother too, let me meet my kids,principal says dont force us, she leaves. Nisha says Adi you can try but cant stop me from meeting my kids.

Adi is driving car in anger, one biker comes infront of him, Adi comes out and shouts at him, biker says that I used to your employee, I never saw you this angry? Adi thinks that I am taking out Jhanvi’s anger on others, why I am angry with Jhanvi?

Jhanvi says to Maa that I have to go away from Adi, if I stay near him then my love would increase only, I wouldnt have guts to move away from him then, even if I dont go to him, Adi and Baba would come to pull me back, Adi is my love and this feeling would never go away but I am protecting myself by keeping away from him. Adi comes to her house and is going to her room. Maa says you will not get not job in Dubai easily, Jhanvi says we will sell this house, till then father would find job for me then we will change our address, we will leave from here, I cant stay near him. Maa says think again, Jhanvi says this is only away to solve this. Maa is stunned to see Adi standing near door, Jhanvi turns and sees him too.

Nisha climbs wall of school, her saree gets torn but she climbs it. Nisha looks around. She asks kids about Chinni and Binni but nobody answers her. Chinni and Binni sees Nisha and shouts out to her, Nisha comes to her and says mummy missed you so much, she hugs them and thinks that now kids will help me to get everything whats mine like that house and everything.

Maa leaves Adi and Jhanvi alone in room. Adi says to Jhanvi that I left your house but I was angry but feeling like someone was ripping something important, you are important to me, I do everything after asking you, I just follow you, when you said you are leaving, I couldnt agree to it so I cameback but heard that you are changing address, you are going away? whom you are running away from? I am your friend so tell me.Jhanvi thinks that now there is only one way to push him away. Jhanvi says its not important to tell you everything, Adi says what? you know my life better than me, you know everything about me and saying this? Jhanvi says it was your decision, I dont tell about my life to everyone, its not my job to give my life’s updates to you, you are friend to me to certain limit, dont try to become family. Adi says whats wrong with you? you cant say like this, Jhanvi says why? Jhanvi says every relation has limit, you should maintain limits of friendship, you should understand it. Jhanvi turns away from him and is in tears.

Chinni says to Nisha that we missed you, I will be good girl, just come home. Nisha says you saw what papa did? he threw me out of house, papa doesnt want me in that house. Chinni says I will talk to papa and asks him to come home. Nisha says If I cant live with you then I will die, I came to meet you last time, keep my photo with you and remember me when I die, kids start crying. Principal comes there and asks kids to go in class but they cry for her. Nisha says to principal that you cant separate me from my kids.

Jhanvi says to Adi that I told you I am leaving as a friend so wish me luck as a friend. Adi says why did you help me? where were limits when you came to my house? Jhanvi says I went there for Baba, Adi says then why did you help me? why did you try to make me laugh? dont lie to me. Jhanvi says I am saying truth. Adi asks Jhanvi if she doesnt want to help him? Jhanvi says no, Adi says you dont want to know whats happening in my life? Jhanvi says no, Adi says you never took me as friend? Jhanvi says no, Adi is hurt hearing it. Adi asks if he is nothing for her? Jhanvi gets emotional hearing it. Jhanvi looks away. Maa comes there. Adi says fine, today I break all relations with you, are you happy now? you wanted this right? everything is finished. Jhanvi weeps hearing it. Adi gets call from school principal and says your wife met kids. Adi says what Nisha met kids? Can I talk to kids. Nisha is fighting with principal on other and kids are crying. Adi says to principal that I am coming to school, keep Nisha away from kids, he ends call and says I need to go, Jhanvi looks at him, he leaves. Jhanvi is reluctant to stay or go behind him. Maa nods at Jhanvi, Jhanvi looks on.

PRECAP- Jhanvi and Adi brings kids home. Adi says to family that Binni has fever. Kaki asks Chinni if she wants anything to eat? Chinni says No! I want mama, bring my mama, all are tensed. Nisha says to her mother that Chinni and Binni are preparing to bring me home, I am so happy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naz thanks for replying …well we r supporting truth…and about episode Wow what a love how much nisha loves her kids heart whelming…but in reality people don’t even consider her human being let alone mother..so sad that people believe that nisha is good and jhanvi is evil..I feeling like laughing .I don’t understand whether it’s innocence or ignorance.god Misha seriously how much u will fall and advi’ s conversation ..I really felt so bad..but good this they had this conversation because I feel this will infact strengthen their bond ..may be using kids nisha will again enter the house. Naz if u r reading this did u see an episode of jamai raja.promoting this show where mahi says that this story is all about how some people get married to wrong people instead of soulmates..and orthodox people over there..marriage doesn’t mean that ur locked with the person whom u don’t like…it’s celebration of love.Nisha doesn’t love him..only thing that matters to her is property.just because she is married to him doesn’t make her right.if jhanvi is a home breaker.then she wouldn’t have helped nisha at all.so before commenting please understand the character..
    I guess long comment..waiting to read ur comments naz

    1. Avni dear, good comment, doesn’t matter if it’s long, it was interesting. One thing I should say is don’t even waste a moment of your energy to reply to negative comments, I can detect however, that while a few of the commentators see another side to the coin, I think they are entitled to their opinions as well, there seems to be a rogue element inside lead by one viewer whose writing comes across as that of a petulant child. As you’ve said before, it’s completely clear now, that the lines between reel and real life has become blurred and some comments have the feeling of borderline profanity. Just like you, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read some comments…..so I gave my neice to read few comments and she couldn’t help laughing, she said its healthy to disagree but it’s clear that these viewers have a difficulty in distinguishing a character in a story as opposed to the actor/actress doing the role, says that’s why you’ll see them becoming angry at the views which are polar opposite to their thinking and no matter how different they see the situation, they’ll find it difficult to keep away from venting their frustrations, but will come on nevertheless just to say their piece. Avni, I have to go with what she says because she’s a writer for a newspaper and other articles, so she knows what she’s saying. I do remember about the episode on Jamai Raja and it’s absolutely correct. Some ppl come into our lives for a reason and what is supposed to happen, will happen no matter what!! So sometimes the wrong ppl enter our lives and they have come to show or teach us something, after time has passed and events have occurred, the reason why they came into our lives becomes evident and even though it may be painful, it was supposed to be that way. So I understand the characters in this serial and you are right, marriage is a celebration of love not a one sided feeling.

  2. hey naz, i read another of your comment today and girl i must say you remind me of me so much especially the way you think and speak; you sound like such a sweet and caring person; that me all the way; i would have my last penny and someone says they hungry and i would buy food for he or she and another thing i hate to see someone in pain; each time someone cries out for pain be it head or other parts of the body i am there to help; dont talk about headache, up to last night i was rubbing my daughters head as she had a migraine; you know from what, the usual every month thing we ladies go through lol i rubbed her head and gave her a syndol and that was it; this morning she said that she was feeling good when i called her at work. naz are we the same sign, i am sagittarius to the bone, always a do gooder for everyone who needs me; (smile). now everything you did for your in laws you will get 100 fold from the lord and remember you have children and so they will reap the benefits of your good deeds; stay blessed my forum friend. i dont know if you meant it for me but i am b mobile.

    1. Sapphire, I’m an Aries to the max and since both of us are fire signs, we will think alike, 100% …. I also don’t like to see people in pain, it makes me cry. I try my best to do whatever I could even if it means holding the hand of an elderly to cross the road, then it a good thing. .. There’s nothing in my family and extended, that is ever done without my input. Sapphire when I have to say something, I do say it….but I don’t keep things on my mind for long, I tend to move along regardless of what the other thinks. As per the mobile #, one day we’ll exchange numbers and yes, the question was meant for you. You too stay blessed….

  3. naz see what i am talking about, imagine nisha goes to her kids school to see them but when you think that she is genuine and love them and wants to be with them because she misses them; wallah she is there with her own agenda again and that is; ” quote from nishas mouth, now kids will help me to get everything whats mine like that house and everything.” now you see how some of us commentators could see through nishas trasparency; she is all about the wealth and property period. nisha will never change, as the saying goes you could take the swine out of the gutter but you cannot take the gutter out of the swine lol rom inception nisha said that she did not want kids and that it was just to get her claws on the wealth and property that she nisha went along for the ride and decided to have kids for adis sake; i tell you that nisha is a real b*t*h of a human being and so called mother. hey commentators dont bash me i only meant in the serial lol but in normal life i read that she is sweet and loving especially with her family.

  4. Oh god,jhanvi with adi in precap.that means she has come again na?It’s boring to scold her daily.but this is the condition of kids for jhanvi’s act.but don’t blame jhanvi.what can she do to get adi and kids.It’s the duty of husband to meet psychiatrist for his affected wife.In India,marriage is a sacred one and by Indian culture it’s not that good to divorce a spouse rather than convincing him/her.don’t come for argument as it is a Indian serial too and divorced ppl(4 dis kind of silly problems )can’t understand dis sacred relationship.

    1. Correction in 4th line.I have asked not to blame nisha

  5. Nisha loves her husband and her children dear … don’t get that wrong … It is the in-laws and outsiders who break such marriages.

  6. Well I agree with you. If Nisha was such a bad mother, how come the kids were asking her to come back home. Adi is cruel to keep his daughters away from their mother. Nisha should get custody of the children.

    1. Nisha loves her daughters but she has always been wicked… Do you remember where she tried to bribe the teacher with gifts to give high marks to cheeni and beeni even though they dont write the exam. That is definitely evil, isn’t it?

  7. Seriously if jhanvi was not in the picture, Nisha would have learned her lesson and repented . And Adi could have taken her back. But since jhanvi is there , it is not going to be possible. One thing I liked about today’s episode is when Adi asks jhanvi where her limits as a friend was when she befriended his family and tried to solve his problems and make him laugh. Even Adi admittedt that she had crossed her limits as a friend when she tried to help him.

    1. Yes bindu,I noticed that,but I think she didn’t feel about dat.because at that time,she was loving other woman’s hubby

  8. I think adi should let the kids stay with her for a week n let them find out wat their mother is

  9. Naz i read your comment, yesterday’s comment,you will be rewarded even more for what you did in your life,i did not get the opportunity to ever meet my father-in-law he died at the age of 38 and i was never close to my mother-in-law when i was young now i am very close to her i cannot even imagine life without her,as i told you i was a nisha but not greedy like her for money i just did not care to live with my husband’s family both my parents are alive my dad is 79 years old and my mom 76 i am really blessed to have them by my side and jhanvi is no home breaker how can she break a home that was already broken she needs to go away for a few days and let adi realize his feelings for her and naz and sapphire keep the good work up we can share our experience here i do not see anything wrong with that we normally use to get about nine or ten comments here now there are so many and they are finding faults in other’s comments frig them you do your thing girls

    1. Jayashree, I do live life on my terms and I do believe that God watches over us. The elders in our lives are a treasure trove of experience and advice and their contributions to family should always be held in high esteem, they should be treated with respect and honor not like Nisha in this serial who told her father in law that he’s a liability to her and she tried to get rid of him but couldn’t. A real life character like hers will become old one day and will get same treatment from her kids because that’s the example she set for them, gone will be the importance of a husband, children are the ones who support parents in old age, even the husband will get old or die before, but the progeny of a person is the backbone of support in old age. There are other issues in this serial to highlight, Nisha is not the only one we should talk about, not so? I didn’t see you for a good many days, guess your hands were full…. Always entertaining to read your comments, you make me laugh loud…. …keep it up….

  10. you are the real villain and you got the name too wow some of you are so damn dotish to side with nisha stew but wha yuh go do when yuh stupid you dun stupid lmao

  11. Using kids for your benefit is not at all acceptable. Some kind of a mother.

    1. So right, she’s teaching her children to lie, just like what her own mother taught her. Toxic relationship from mother to daughter…and the cycle will go on if Adi don’t step in and bring up his daughters.

  12. i commented but TU did not publish my comments agreed if i had written cunt but my comments were things pertaining to the frikkin serial anyways your loss wanna bet they will publish others cunt

  13. hahaha when i send the last comment then the other two popped up check the timing lmao

  14. Well the episode was good. Adi was hurt by the reply of Jhanvi, well this can help him understand his feelings towards Jhanvi.

    1. Sonalikha, please don’t waste your energy and time to teach some on this forum about what’s going on here, it’s a foregone conclusion that some see things one way and no matter what you highlight, they see it their way. We who understand the situation here, should have healthy discussion amongst ourselves, it’s enlightening to broaden one’s vision…..

      1. Well u r right…its better to have a conversation u people as u understand the situation. Well now the serial is getting interesting. Now see what will be the outcome of Nisha’s plan.

    2. I hope he does understand, can’t wait for Adi & Jhansi to be together. Niche will never change, she had 8 years to be a loving wife and daughter in law, but she chose not to. Her loss, time to pay for being greedy.

      1. I think he will soon feel that Jhanvi is more than a friend to him as when they were having the conversation Adi’s eyes were moist and he was also unhappy by her decision.


    1. Simple sapphire it’s ridhi they love not nisha.but according to me story is going really well..just wish adi marries jhanvi after falling in love with her.that will be something new..totally agreed with u

    2. Well, I can safely say that there are Nishas out there , my own cousin’s wife is one to the hilt, mind you ,she came an met all wealth but is such a wretch to her husband who is a doctor but has familial wealth and status. Well, she flatly told him after marriage that she don’t want to ruin her figure , driving Mercedes Benz all over the place, took her entire family of 3 sisters and husbands and kids to Universal Studios ,all expenses paid for by my cousin, cruise after that and when the credit card got depleted on the trip, asked my sister in law who works at RBC ,to deposit more for her on the card because she handles their bank stuff. The list goes on….so there are Nishas out there and some can identify with her, I guess…….hence the outrage…..it takes one to know one as the Trini would say…..lol…..

      1. Typo error Sapphire, my cousin has the family wealth….not his wife. Sorry…

  16. The way few of the commenters address others in the forum who don’t agree with them on the basis of a fictitious serial shows their culture and nature in real life.

    1. Hurrah!well said sheena?

  17. I have read the comments on the forum. Applaud few of you who took care of their elders in their old age. Even I am in my 60s and have grownup children. The reality in India in many parts of the world is that jobs are scarce and few. My son is not with me because he is another part of the world on account of his job. I don’t at all resent him that because if he leaves his job to come and support me , I am not in a position to provide for him or his family . Even when he was in the same town, I set him up in another home when he got married so that they can bond and grow together without us oldies interfering. And both hubby and I have booked ourselves into an old age home knowing that our son might not be in a position to take care of us on account of distance. Loving our children unconditionally means loving them without expecting anything in return or bringing them so that they will look after us in old age

    1. Mamta, I can see in your circumstances that it’s was favourable to do what you and your husband did. India is such a vast continent and it is nearly impossible for your son to take care of you due to distance,work and family factors. This doesn’t take away the fact that you love him unconditionally but is mature and wise to know it’s best to live in a home where you are surrounded by people of your age where you can be taken care of, be supervised, be safe and have meaningful interaction with the time you have left together. If it was possible I’m sure you would have loved to be around your son and grandchildren just so that you can enjoy the moment so in time. For those who have the wherewithal to be in access to their parents in old age and have all things necessary that you were not accorded to, it’s a shame they don’t seize the opportunity to do their duty as children. I believe, if possible, that the same way my parents took care of me in my formative years, that I should do the same for them in their old age, who should they depend on if not for me? I don’t know what sacrifices they made for me, my mother especially who did her best while I was a helpless infant, at present is not well, has heart condition,a pacemaker,is diabetic, and a bit frail at 70 almost,I can’t find it in me to not care for her. I live three houses from her and have lots of time on my hands so I do the needful. I understand your situation is different from that of my mother,and I’m sure you think of your dear son and family every day. I wish you a longer but healthy life and wish you all happiness…..

  18. Some people say nisha is a good mother,,, is this really true,,, nisha teach her kids to lie,,, nisha give money to teacher to make pass her kids in exams,, it’s all done by a good mother,,, excellent,,, I don’t know from what way u think nisha is a good mother,,
    Anyway coming to the,, very nice and sad also,,, adi realize his feelings for her,,, and sad for that adi is hurt,,, janvi i liked your words which u told to adi,,,, really sad for the kids also,,,it’s their bad luck that they have nisha as a mother,,,
    And precap,,, we all know janu u don’t stay away from adi for a long time,,, and when he is in problem,, then also u can’t,,,,

    1. I think definitely jhanvi who is in love with a married man will give more Indian values to the children than nisha. ?

    2. Nisha loves her kids but she don’t know how to be a good mother.

  19. Typo mistake,,,, coming to the epi,,,

    1. If you think, I am neither a “Nisha supporter” or Jhanvi supporter. I just enjoy watching the serial. Nisha was evil in all the things she did like torturing the old man and the other things she did . But her choice to stay separately from the family ishould not be judged. If that’s the case around 99% of daughters in law in India should be kicked out on that criteria. Given a choice to stay separate with her husband and not with inlaws , almost all of them will choose to stay alone with their hubby. Jhanvi is a sweet caring person. But she definitely interfered in Adi’s family. There were lot of instances of her having romantic notions about Adi even after knowing he was married. I don’t agree with that. I wouldn’t want my daughter to be cunning and plotting like nisha nor do I want her to harbor romantic feelings for a married man, however bad his marriage is like jhanvi. Both of them are definitely not role models to emulate. @ Naz, I am a voracious reader and I know a good writer when I see one .You should be using your talent to write books or stories in your free time.

      1. If you think , I am naive , u are sadly mistaken. I work as a paediatric endocrinologist and just few months back , I saw a case in my emergency of a kid who tried to end her life on account of her peers bullying her online. So definitely this kind of behavior from adults is juvenile.

      2. Not at all Sheena, I don’t think that you are naive . It’s how you see the situation and that’s perfectly fine. Your comment was truly balanced, I think the same as you but it’s only a depiction of a social issue and I’m trying to comment based on the plot of the story. I try to look at both sides of the coin though and when I write, I use the backdrop of personal experiences to formulate a comment. If I have offended anyone, it’s not my intention, I just say things how I see it and I move on…. Thanks for your acknowledgement……

      3. The naive commen was not directed at you. Someone else called me that. This is the first time I am writing in this forum, so was not sure where the comment went.


    1. I never mentioned anyone’s name in any respect and especially your name. So why are you getting hassled? I was just giving a general statement seeing the comments. Why did you have to own up to it if you have been nice to all those people commenting here or who don’t agree with you. Besides this is not anyone’s personal forum . It is a public one and just as you air your views, so can everyone else. But definitely calling others names is unpleasant.

  21. Saying that people who support nisha is like nisha in real life is like saying that people who support jhanvi might be people who are in love with married men in real life.

    1. Oooh!our guys are rocking 2day


  23. I’m keeping silence after reading all ur comments means I’m not a monster like u.and I don’t wanna fight with people living in reel life.so,just share ur thoughts only and don’t intrude in other’s speech(having different but bright thoughts) like ur teacher.(this is for some of the commenters and I hope they can understand hereafter).

  24. @ teju well said.

  25. jahnavi followers like they want other women husband and children.wah wah,how some indian women became eyeing on other women husband and their children and snatching married women husbands.a man can easily attract to women ,like what adi case in case of jahnavi.india is a country where women fight for their husbands like savitiri ,arundathi and so on.but now these kind of serial telling other women to snatch a married women husbands and their children.what is the worst moral of serial?iam glad some people are followers of jahnavi wah wah.it is just like ravana of ramayana is good otherthan lord rama.

  26. see how diff between nisha and jahnavi , jahnavi is ready to move from adi because he said will not marry agian, if she intentionally wanted to marry for property or some thing she also to be touch with the family and gain some sympathy to get marry, but if takes nisha she is always used to kids to get sympathy to entry in home, where as real love there is a sacrifies to do as family wants.

    1. But the main difference between them is nisha is his wife and jhanvi is his friend only (according to him).

  27. Hello-
    This Serial is really very good and good acting . I hope and agree that janvi allows some time to lapse so that Adi can figure out what he needs to do and his feelings for His friend Janvi.
    Nissan did not care for her spouse or family or children and that was depicted numerous times in the show – she bullied her husband before Janvi came!
    I appreciate all the comments as that updates me what to expect when I watch that evening- we are behind one show in US so it’s nice to get updates but please let’s be respectful to each other – we are all highly educated and this show brings out feelings based upon our own experiences or those around us- so let’s deal with it honorably.
    Great show- fiction!

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