Woh Apna Sa 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia slap Kaki

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Scene 1
Jia comes to her room, she says I was in washroom then came in room then.. Arjun comes there and scares her, she says you have to knock before coming in, Arjun says you are going to be my wife, she says but not right now, she pushes him away, Arjun holds her hand says you went away from me for sometime and doing this? Jia says dont be emotional, Arjun says I lost once, I cant lose you again, Jia says I am your clingy girl so dont worry, I wont leave you. Arjun cups her face and smiles, he asks her to take medicine which Kaki sent.

Kaki comes to kitchen and says dont know how that happened with Jia. Jhumki says this day was bad leave it, lets prepare for tomorrow. Kaki says its good you came here and help me with wedding. Jhumki says I pay back the favors done on me so dont worry,

I will pay back, she thinks I will not spare them, tomorrow is pooja and I will prepare parsad for it.

Arjun tucks Jia in bed and kisses her goodnight on forehead. She asks him to leave, Arjun says I can just sleep with you here. Jia says you go, Kaki can come anytime. Arjun says its about somedays only and then you will be my wife, I will wait till then, he kisses her hand and leaves.

At night, Jia is sleeping in her room. She hears anklet noise and wakes up. She comes in lounge and sees a shadow near Chirag’s room, she sees Jhumki coming out of Chirag’s room. She stops her and says what you were doing in Chirag’s room? she calls Arjun there, she asks Jhumki to remove veil. Arjun comes there. Jia says she did something with Chirag, she has knife with blood on it. Chirag comes there and says what she did? Jia says why there is blood on knife she is holding? Arjun tastes blood and says its tomato ketchup. Jhumki says its not blood, I made sandwich for Chirag, Jia says Chirag was not in his room then what were you doing there? Jhumkii says I cut veggies for him, you thought I was killing Chirag? Jia says why you didnt stop when I asked you? Jhumki says I got scared and tried to runaway. Kaki asks Jia to rest. Jia says I am sorry, I have been trusting wrong people. Jhumki says nobody forced me to take off my veil, I will take it off when my promise to God is done. Kaki says no one will force, she asks Jia to sleep with her, Jia and Kaki leaves. Chirag says to Arjun that Jia might have trauma, Arjun rolls hi eyes and asks him to sleep.

Scene 2
In morning, Chirag and Kaki prepares for Pooja. All guests arrive there.

Jia is in her room and is watching saree draping videos to learn how to wear saree. She cant tie it. Arjun comes there and says sorry and looks away, he says but you are my wife, I can see. Jia says I am getting late, I cant tie this saree, call Kaki. Arjun says Kaki is tending guests, she cant come but I can help you. Jia says you know how to tuck saree? Arjun says I used to wear it for plays in Delhi. Jia laughs. Arjun says if you laugh at me then I will leave. Jia says no no.. I dont have any other option, you make me wear it. Arjun closes door and comes near her, she blushes, Inna sona plays.. Arjun pulls Jia closer, he makes flaps of her saree and tucks it in, she looks away Shyly, Arjun pulls her closer from behind and says you are looking very pretty, she blushes.

Arjun and Jia comes in lounge for Pooja. Jia goes in kitchen, she sees rat poison bottle there and thinks who kept it there? She sees Jhumki making juice and gets suspicious, she sees Jhumki using similar bottle as poison one for juice.. Jhumki takes juice for guests. Jia comes there and says stop, she shows rat poison bottle to Jhumki and says you are making people drink poison? Jhumki says this is not poison, this is juice I made. Jia says if this is juice and not poison then drink it, Jhumki gets tensed. Arjun asks Jia why she is doubting her? Jia says let her drink it. Jhumki drinks it. Jia says but there was rat poison in kitchen. Jhumki says I brought that poison to kill rats so that they wont destroy parsad, I am helping you in wedding and you are doing this? you keep blaming me? I am leaving. Kaki says Jhumki I am sorry, Jia did a mistake. Arjun says forgive Jia, she was wrong, leave it please, make me drink juice too, Jhumki nods and goes. Jia says I did such a big mistake. Arjun asks her to not worry, just sit and lets do pooja. Jia and Arjun sits in pooja. Jhumki brings juice and gives it to Arjun and Jia, they drink it. Priest says Jia and Arjun that you are going to start a new life, lets do the pooja and pray for good life, they nod. Priest starts pooja but Jia feels dizzy. Priest asks her to put oil in havan kund, Jia pours all oil in havan and dozes off fire, all are stunned. Jia gets dizzy, she takes flower plate and starts throwing it around, all are stunned and asks what she is doing? she starts dancing around. Kaki asks Jia to silently sit and do her pooja and do as priest says, she tries to pull Jia but Jia jerks her hand away and slaps her hard on face, all are stunned. Jia snickers.

PRECAP- Arjun asks Jia if she has gone mad? She starts running out cheering and acting like driving car. Guests gossip that she is not mentally stable and needs treatment. Jhumki thinks my plan is working.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. You know, I have always wondered why you would bring someone with a hidden face into your home! This is very common in all indian serials! And they always blindly trust that person! I just don’t get it! And where is Arjun’s girlfriend? What happened to Nisha?

  2. Chaaya

    Sick bunch of criminals in all the serials . . .criminal nation that’s allnthe serials. Incontinence know which one is the worst. All the writers copy other and when it’s about amnesia then all theSenses havecthe same theme and when it’s called pyscho woman, then all the serials carry the psychos. All the same ?????.

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