Woh Apna Sa 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia meets Arjun

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Scene 1
Nisha faints. Arjun says what happened to her? Driver says I asked you to wait outside. Arjun says I got this one chance. Arjun pours water on her face. She wakes up and screams. Driver says he is arjun my nephew. Arjun says my name is Arjun. I am from Dehli. I really need this job. Nisha says go from here right now. He says please take my interview. Please give me this job. Please. She says stay away from here. She asks driver to take him away. Driver says he is a good guy. Please hire him. Nisha says if he goes from here I will think about it. Arjun says keep in mind I am very useful. He leaves. Samar comes out. He says I told you.
Nisha says we have to find out who he is. Follow him, find out where he lives. Where is he from. We have to know this truth.

Chini and Jia

come after shopping. They show it to Kaki ma. Jia says this sari for you. She shows her bangles. Jia says you like them? She says yes. Chini shows her shopping. Kaki says why you wasted so much. Jia says this is all priceless in front of you. You both sacrificed so much. Chini shows her dresses. She sees Jia’s photo on a pan masala poster. She recalls her photo on tailor’s poster. Jia says I won’t leave this Arjun. I have to stop this. If Nisha sees this my plan will fail. This cheapster Arjun uses my pictures on his photos. I will go to his place.

Scene 2
Saamr follows Arjun. He calls and informs nisha about his place. Arjun leaves his house and Samar breaks in his house. Jia is on her way to Arjun’s place. Samar is rummaging through his stuff in his house. He can’t find anything. Jia comes there. She rings the doorbell. No one opens. Jia knocks. Samar stops in shock. Jia says Arjun open the door. Listen open the door. He says why this voice is similar. Jia says Arjun open the door. The door opens itself. Samar says who is she? Jia doesn’t come in. She is standing on the door. Samar comes towards the door. Jia sees someone walking after Arjun. She goes after that man. Samar says who was she? I should have seen her face.
The man runs after Arjun. Jia says to him arre you calling that Arjun? He says yes he is there on the bike. Jia says Arjun stops but he goes on his bike.

Arjun is selling his fake things on a stall. Jia comes there and says stop Arjun. I won’t leave you today. She trips over and falls on him. Flower fall on them. Jia opens her eyes and sees that its Adi. Jia is dazed.

Jia recalls moments of Adi and Jhanvi. Jia say Adi.. Arjun Adi.. She caresses his face. He is shocked. He runs from there. Jia says Adi stop. Jia looks for him everywhere. Arjun is running away. Jia says Arjun please just stop. He is hidden behind a car. Jia says let me go to his place. Jia comes to his place. Bablu says he isn’t here. Call him if you want. She says please ask him to meet me.
ARjun calls Bablu and says do as I say. Tell her that I am out of city for a month. Bablu says come after a month. He is out. Jia takes phone and says Arjun I know its you. Why are you silent. I want to meet you please. He says it was a mistake sorry. She says its something different. Not this ad. please meet me. He says I apologized I know you will sue me. She says please meet me at durga temple. I want return you something. Arjun is confused. She says meet me at Durga temple at 10. He says okay I will come.

Scene 3
Samar says to Nisha his name is Arjun Khanna. His face resembles Adi’s but he has nothing to do with Adi. Nisha says their face resembles and he came to our house. How can that happen? This might not be just a coincidence. I remember when I killed Adi and Jhanvi. We have to find the secret behind it. Samar says you are overreacting. Nisha says I am being alert. We have to be. I feel there is something happening.

Bablu says to Arjun you need to be careful. You always get me in trouble. Arjun says don’t worry. I have first day at work tomorrow. Arjun says think about Jia. Arjun says I will talk to her tomorrow.
Jia says don’t worry kaki ma. your adi will be in front of you. Kaki says I hope he does. Arjun is different from adi right? Adi was very calm. Jia says your adi was very naughty too. Jia says tomorrow he will meet his family.

Precap-Nisha’s room turns dark at night. She lits candle and sees Jhanvi in the mirror There is ‘I am back’ written with blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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