Woh Apna Sa 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia goes missing

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Scene 1
Arjun puts chocolate in mouth and offers other end to Jia, she blushes but takes it in her mouth, Mann mast magan plays as they gaze in each others eyes. Chirag comes there and takes their picture and says surprise, they jump away from each other. Chirag says it was romantic moment, Arjun says not anymore. Chirag says I will upload on blog, Arjun says send it to me and then delete it, he shows picture to Jia and says we are looking nice. Chirag shows Jia decoration ideas and says everything will be perfect. They hear Kaki shouting and comes in lounge.
Kaki shouts who put garland on Nisha’s photo? Jhumki says I put it. Kaki says we threw everything related to Nisha out of house then how it came here? I will throw it, she throws it away. Jhumki sits in her feet and says I am

sorry, I didnt know it. Kaki says how dare you put garland on her photo? who asked you to bring her photo here? her shadow should not be here. Jia asks Kaki to calm down, Kaki says to Jhumki that I will prepare for haldi ceremony today, she asks Jia to take rest, she leaves with Jia. Arjun asks Jhumki why she calls Kaki as thakurain? she says I cant call her baby, she is elder, we give them respect in our village. Chirag laughs. Jhumki says you think I am monkey? Arjun says he is just happy, do your work, he leaves. Jhumki takes Nisha’s photo and thinks I will break this family apart, Nisha might have died but I am alive to make their lives hell, they will know who I am to make their lives hell.

Jia lies on her bed with face pack on her face. Jhumki comes there with pillow and comes near her, Jia wakes up and says what are you doing here? Jhumki says I brought herbal ointment for your wound, go wash your face, Jia leaves. Jhumki looks around her room, she looks in her cupboard and sprays inside it, she sprays in her drawers too, Kaki calls Jhumki, she leaves.

Kaki welcomes guests, guests congratulate her for wedding. Kaki asks Jhumki to bring breakfast for them, Jhumki nods and leaves. Arjun and Chirag comes there too. Kaki asks why they are not ready for haldi? Chirag says he just cares for Jia, not haldi, see what he brought, men bring many flowers. Arjun says Jia likes flowers so I thought to decorate house with flowers, Kaki smiles. Guest says there is only three hours left in haldi ritual, lets prepare for it. One guest asks Arjun to wear yellow dhoti, Jhumki comes there and says I kept dhoti in Arjun’s room, he thanks her and leaves.

Scene 2
Jia comes back from washroom and sees her cupboard opened, she says who opened it? she closes the door and smells spray Jhumki did, she suddenly starts getting dizzy and faints on her bed. Jhumki comes there and closes door.
In lounge, Arjun comes wearing dhoti, he looks around. Kaki comes there and blesses him, Arjun asks where is Jia? Kaki says she will take time to get ready, have patience. Jhumki comes there. Kaki asks Jhumki to bring Jia downstairs. Jhumki looks around in Jia’s room, Jia is missing from there, Jhumki says Jia is not in her room, Kaki gets tensed. Arjun goes to search for Jia, Kaki says she cant leave like this. Guests start taunting that she is modern daughter in law, she must have gone to parlor, she doesnt care for Kaki or any ritual. Arjun and Chirag comes there, they say Jia is not seen anywhere. Arjun calls Jia and says where did she go? Arjun says I asked guard too, she didnt leave house.
Jia is locked in cupboard, she tries to wake up but is dizzy.
In lounge, Guests says we have waited long enough, we should leave now. Arjun says Jia will comeback please wait. Guests says we cant stay more, we will come in pooja only. Kaki says I am sorry you had to leave without ritual, guests leave. Arjun says Jia where are you?

Arjun comes to Jia’s room and says where can Jia go? she is not seen anywhere in house. He see herbal ointment on bed and says she didnt even apply it. He looks at Jia’s photo and says where are you? please comeback to me, please.

Jhumki murmurs that I have hid Jia in place where no one will find her. Flashback shows when Jia fainted, Jhumki came in her room, pushed Jia in cupboard and closed it. Flashback ends.
Arjun is in Jia’s room and says where are you Jia? where should I find you? Jia is dizzy and hears Arjun’s voice, she tries to reach out but is weak. Arjun prays to keep Jia safe, he says where are you? He turns to leave her room. Jia is in cupboard, she taps on floor and whispers Arjun’s name.. Arjun is leaving her room when he hears noise from cupboard, he turns to cupboard.. he hears her calling out to him, he opens cupboard and finds Jia inside.. he is stunned and pulls her in hug, she faints.
Jia lies in bed, Kaki, Arjun and Chirag are with her. She wakes up. Arjun gives her water. Chirag says how this happened? how you got locked in cupboard? who did it? Jia says I came out of washroom, I closed cupboard’s door and then I dont remember anything. Arjun says you came inside cupboard? you could have suffocated in there. Kaki says how this incident happened? Jia says my head hurts.. Kaki says you have high fever, just take rest. Jia says haldi function couldnt happen, Chirag says all guests left. Arjun says your health is most important. Kaki says tomorrow it pooja, you have to be fine. Chirag pulls Arjun aside and says what if Jia is in trauma of cruelties Nisha did on her? should we get her checked by doctor? Arjun says atleast think before you speak, there is nothing wrong with her.

Arjun and Jia comes in lounge dressed for haldi, Arjun says you are looking very gorgeous, she smiles. Jia’ haldi ceremony starts, all are singing and applying haldi to Jia. Jhumki comes there. Jia looks at her hesitantly. Chirag asks her to take family photo, she comes forward. Jia sees her slippers and recalls how she saw them last night in corridor when someone ranaway and how she saw slippers when she fainted.

Jhumki comes out of Chirag’s room with blo*dy knife in her hands. Jia stops her and says Jhumki dont run, she calls everyone. Jia says to Arjun that she did something with Chirag.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. what the hell is happening?! did i miss an episode? what happened to nisha…who is this new person… what?!

  2. If Nisha is dead then I think Jumki is none other than the Doctor who was working with Nisha

  3. If Nisha is dead then I think Jumki is the Doctor who was working for Nisha who is come to take her revenge

  4. Saturday Maha episode not updated… maybe in that episode Nisha was dead

  5. yes, nisha died by falling from cliff and Chirag confirms the same to Jia and kaki that he and Arjun verified dead body of Nisha. the new girl has been introduced through pandit Ji in pressure of death threat by the new girl to enter Jindal family….gosh this is highly insane

    1. thank you for the update, this is really insane :/

  6. leisa s morris

    So all these writers kno is games right? Now dis girl come playing game with jia after nisha so she could marry arjun thus revenging nisha. Really writers after that crap u give us with nisha u giving us more crap no wonder u lost ur faithful viewers myself included… and just now i wont even bother with written updates

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