Woh Apna Sa 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha asks Arjun to kill Kaki

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Scene 1
Nisha says to Samar there is Jhanvi there. He says please look back. Its buttler packing the sheets. She says I swear someone was here. It was jhanvi. Arjun comes. Nisha says now Adi is here too. He says lets take his test. Nisha says I know what to do.
Arjun says to Adi first day. She says there is no work today. He says no please tell me. She says there is a theft in our house. Our servant stole it. He isn’t agreeing. Adi says I will make him confess. Nisha says if you succeed your job is fixed. Samar says come let me take you to come.
They bring arjun to a dark place. Nisha has knife with her. Arjun wonders what is going on. They bring him to an old man. Its babasa. Nisha says he is the one who stole my bracelet. Adi sees his face. He is dazed. He sees flashbacks

of babasa sa. Babasa is coughing. Arjun sits there is shock.
Samar says what happened? Make him agree. He stole our bracelet. Arjun is sitting in shock. He touches babasa’s face but slaps Samar instead. Nisha says how dare you. She is about to stab him but her knife falls. Arjun sits next to babasa. Arjun says sorry I was hitting this mosquito. Samar is about to punch him. He says this bracelet was in your pocket. When I slapped you it fell from your pocked. Nisha says what nonsense. Arjun says I am sorry. I was killing the mosquito. Samar says now you see what I do to you. Arjun says I am sorry madam. Nisha says let him go. I will call you again. Samar says let him go. Nisha says we need to find out if he is Arjun or Adi. Don’t do anything. I will solve this myself.

Scene 2
Arjun is fixing his bike. jia comes to him and shows another poster. He says you look pretty. She says I gave you so many warnings. Why don’t you understand. Arjun holds her finger. She recalls her time with Adi. Arjun says you dont ruin my work. She says stop these ads. he says smile first. She says would you stop this or go to jail? he says I have a job now. She says you better stop this. She says I have your phone I came to return it but now I wont. You have to stop these ads first. She leaves with his phone.

Gopain a worker of Adi calls Kaki and says I saw babasa and Adi somewhere. Kaki says I am coming to meet you. The man was bribed by Nisha to do this.
nisha says we have to involve kaki ma to find out if Arjun is Adi.
Nisha and Samar come to Arjun. He says I can never dream of killing someone. Samar says you said you can do anything. nisha says you can’t get this job then. We shouldn’t waste time. Arjun says I will do anything but killing.. nisha says to win my trust and this job you have to do this.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think they playing with her so she can confess to killing them both

  2. May be arjun got his memories but i think he is playing with nisha…but pls show some romantic scenes between arjia…

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