Woh Apna Sa 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash and Rano shake hand

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Scene 1
Someone at night comes to Rano’s room and checks everything. A net falls on him. Its Akash. She says you thought you could come in my room. I knew you would try to get to my locker. He says get me out. She says you can’t separate me and arjun. He says no I want to see you both together. She takes him out of the trap. He says my heart is on the right track now. I love Jia. She says you hid my book? he says you want to kill Jia? stay away from her. Don’t dare harming her again. Better burn this book before Arjun sees it. If you and Arjun are together I and Jia will be together. Rano says we are in same boat now. He says better stay away from Jia. She says shake hand with me. He says I keep her happy. Arjun never deserved her. He doesn’t trust or respect her. She says

you can keep her.

Jia says to Akash come and help me with my eyeliner. he says I am not makeup artist but I can try. He tries it. Arjun sees them together. He leaves. Akash comes out. Rano gives him tissues. She says love brings tears. Rano says shake hand with me before ajrun and jia are one. We have to make Jia believe that you love her. She says I can bring happiness in your life. She will always be yours. He shakes hand with her.

Jia comes to Arjun’s room and looks for something. Arjun comes in. She says looking for phone diary. he says let me help. She sneezes. He says you are allergic to perfumes. I stopped wearing them because of you. She says now we are not together so you use them? He takes off his jacket. She says do you still care? He says I always did. Jia’s phone rings. She leaves.
Jia comes to kitchen. Rano says too happy? She says Ajrun still loves me. You will see. Rano says he is my husband and stay away from him.

Scene 2
Rano brings arti to ambika. She says sorry was waiting for Jia. She wasn’t anywhere. Jia comes to store. Arjun comes in. He says ma and rano have left for temple. She says i have to go to. She trips and falls on Arjun. Arjun says the door is locked. She says what I have to go and go with ma to temple. She tries to open it but falls. She says you did all this. Ma will be mad at me. He says stop there is glass there. She is about to step on it. He puts his hand on it. She syas are you crazy your hand bleeds. He says you weren’t listening. She dresses his wound. Arjun caresses her face. He says you have phone? She says no. He says me neither. we have to wait till they come back home. There is an old tape recorder. Jia plays music. Arjun holds her hand and they dance together. Jia hugs him. She saus i love you. Do you love me? He says a lot.
Precap-Arjun says to Rano i can’t do all this drama anymore. I will tell ma I only love Jia.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. WHAT!!!!! OMG it was all a damn drama,and this Akash is a blo*dy scamp,I retract my statement i do not want Jia to be with that scum bag Akash,I should have realize the ass is not genuine.Anyways three cheers for Jia/Arun.

    1. My my! Aren’t you gullible! Akash is not the scum here but arjun is. Makers can twist story like anything create villain out of thin air. It’s known fact. I honestly like Akash TBH, arjun is such an @ss. Jia is the weakest main lead of em all! Running behind man like arjun who doesn’t trust, support and is an @ss who marries and changes women like clothes. Makers can promote arjun making him look mahan n all by turning akash villain but I honestly like Akash and jia’s pair.

  2. Arjun us the scum. Jia calls herself London based model yet obsesses on man who married another woman. Like really jia? I don’t see a strong character in jia. She’s dumb, obsessive and a fool blinded by false pride. If jia’s character should be strong she should kick arjun out of her life and marry Akash.

    1. I couldn’t agree more… The writers are making akash the sacrificial lamb to make somewhat of a “redemption ” for arjun…. But honestly I think the writers have butchered adi-arjun character way beyond the point of reform, he keeps taking jia for granted ?and this jia??move on already her character is just that of a bubblehead, old era indian women… “My my for I must be with arjun, god forbid I have an identity of my own, no self respect or any shame! ” a docile, weak, subservient character ? it’s cringe in how clingy jia has become post leap ?

  3. How can Arjun be the scum here? When it looks to me like Nia is involve in Arjun’s plan puhleesee give credit where it’s due and I sure hope to God you are not calling me gullible. And least you forget it’s fiction and so far no one has been calling anybody names,so mind it cuz you wouldn’t want to mess with me read and make your comment I state my point state yours and beat out and I meant Jia in line one and not Nia and as we all can see he is joining hands with Rano only time will tell and I will be the last one to laugh hahahaha.

  4. Oh yeah you’re totally not threatening me, riiiiiiggghhtt. Ouch. Did you mean to be that rude? I didn’t know gullible would be deemed as a personally offensive word to someone. Just so you know I merely pointed out how makers twist story to their whims and slaughter character’s crediblity and turn it into having a villainous intent just to glorify an already dumb character. That sardonic laugh at the end didn’t ruffle my feathers.

  5. Hun you are the one that started it why do we always have to have one on this site gawd!!!And that was not rude you specifically pointed your fingers at me your exact words”My my Aren’t YOU gullible Akash is not the scum here but Arjun”did I ask for an opinion no na?And there you go again about the laugh that was not meant for you it was just a figure of speech,and you know in most of these series the lead pair either ends up together or die.I am ending this matter here now I have no time to waste I am no young girl but a grandma and these petty stuff may not ruffle your feathers but in the end sarcasm gets you nowhere it’s a small world and I do not want to make enemies so you take care and not everyday one gets up on the right side of the bed Shalom

  6. Agreed, we always have the one who feels super offended by reply on comments. You’re so miffed by the word gullible that you play victim and ballyhoo to others. I don’t expect you to respondez back cuz you’ll lose your clock. If being sarcastic gets you nowhere, I’m pretty inerrant that being sarcastically threatening and playing victim by crying wolf gets you running around in vicious circles. FYI most people do wake up on right side of bed but there are some who do wake up on right side but step on Legos and thumbstacks and end up feeling martyred and flip over hollow insignificant word. As they say Cheerio au revoir dahling.

  7. I do not know where my comment is but hun I did give you a befitting reply.

  8. And the word sarcasm is my first name least you forget and Tu puhleesee publish my comment puhleesee

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