Woh Apna Sa 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash says no to marrying Bini

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Scene 1
Krishan looks at Jia crying. He knocks on the door and says sorry for today. Someone shot there. I had to bring you back your life is important. She says nothing is more important than arjun. He says you love him that much? Jia says of course. Krishan says then don’t try to force him back. He will come back himself. Nisha looks at Krishna looking at him. SHe says looking at him? He says why are you looking at me? Nisha says easy. Don’t forget who are you talking to. He says you better not forget that I helped you. She says great that you remember our plan.
Bini comes downstairs. Nisah pretends that she is regretting what she does. She says Bini is very upset too.

Nisha looks at Arjun’s photo and says only Arjun could solve this problem. The bitterness between

bini and akash will solve when they get married. I just wanna see her happy. Bini overhears.
Akash comes to Jia’s room and says what is all this? SHe says I heard all this breaking outside. She says why did you not come in when I was fighting arjun? He says I was in my room. Jia says I never get that violent. He says please eat first. She says I don’t wanna eat. Akash says should I call ma? Jia takes the food.
Bini serves food.

Akash is upset. Bini says what happened? He says nothing. She says I am sorry I will be careful. Bini says I spoke to pandit ji. He said there ar three dates this week. Akash says for what? She says our wedding. Akash says are you crazy? My brother has died. You are so selfish. Bini says I am not selfish. Akash leaves in anger.
Krishna is boxing. Jia comes. she falls on him. She says I am sorry. Jia says I wanted to ask you something. He says yes? She says do you think I can get violent in anger? He says no. She says then why I got angry at arjun? He left in anger. I want to tell him that I am not like this. His old jia will be back. I want to tell him all that. She holds his hand and says will you help me Krishna? He says yes I will. Jia says thank you.

Nisha hears water dripping. she follows the voice. Nisha sees blood dripping from ceiling. she is dazed. She reads I know it written on the mirror. Nisha comes out. she sees Akash walking. Nisha says was it you Akash? I wont let anyone trust you. My Bini will kick you out of her life.
Jia says I know you are mad at me arjun but you can’t for long. Please come back I really miss you. I will fix everything. Krishna records her video. He says in heart this all has nothing to do with her.

Bini collides with akash. she breaks a glass. Bini says sorry. He says why you do things that you have to say sorry. He leaves. Nisha says why don’t you plan a surprise for him? She says i don’t wanna plan anything. Nisha says please tell me what happened. Share your pain. Nisha says I know he loves you and wants to marry you then why he said no to wedding. Its weird. Bini says I tried telling him the same but he called me selfish. Nisha says maybe there is something else in his heart that he hid from you. Why else would he behave like this?

Krishna gives Jia a napkin. She says lets see the video once. Krishna please the video. Jia is in tears. He looks at her.
No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I can see that Nisha is going to poison Bini’ s mind against Akash,the old witch. And Jia needs to come out of that slumber she is in right now or else life will pass her by so quickly that she will not realize it she is not a weak person why sit at home instead of going out and find out more about Arjun. She has to do her own investigation without any one knowing about it then she will find the answers she is so desperately looking for.

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