Woh Apna Sa 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun romances with Jia without looking at her

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Scene 1
Arjun says to Jia that he wants to see her, Jia teases him from behind closed door of her room. Arjun comes in her room.. Jia hides behind curtain.. Arjun comes near her, they both look at each other through curtain and smiles.. Aaj se meri sari khushiyan teri hogyi plays.. Arjun holds her arm through curtain and says we are away for sometime but soon all gap will be cleared between us for life. Jia smiles at him. Arjun kisses her forehead through curtain. Arjun says who have made these rituals, I cant even see you. Jia smiles both move hand through curtain against each others hands and smiles. Jia goes to sleep, Arjun leaves.

Priest says to Jhumki that I did as you said, first mehndi will happen. Jhumki says drama is going to happen in mehndi that wedding will be difficult.


morning, Chirag takes care of mehndi, he asks Kaki how is decoration? she says very nice, be careful, Chirag says yes.

Jia looks in mirror and says Arjun and I will be together soon, I cant wait to start my new life with him.
Jhumki hides in Kaki’s house, she comes near Jia’s room and throws ball in her room. Jia screams. Arjun comes there, Jia puts veil on her face. Arjun says who threw this ball in your room? Jia says Nisha is not here then who is doing it? Chirag says it must be kids. Jhumki thinks she hit me with pot so see what I do now. Chirag asks Jia why she has veil on her face like Jhumki? Arjun says priest said we cant see each other till wedding, Chirag says its good to wait for your love. Arjun and Jia smiles at each others, Jia looks at him through veil, they are lost in each other. Chirag tries to get their attention, he pinches Arjun, he screams. Chirag says I will tell this to Kaki, Arjun runs behind him, Jia laughs.

Arjun and Chirag comes to lounge, Arjun says Kaki is looking so happy after so much time. All guests start coming there for mehndi. Arjun sees many women coming there in veils. Arjun stops them and ask who they are? Man says we have come to dance in mehndi. Chirag says you can have food first, they go to eat. Arjun says whats the matter? we decided there will be no one in veil. Chirag says we cant throw them out, I will ask guards to be protective. Kaki comes to Arjun and says go get ready for mehdi, Arjun leaves.

Jia is in her room, she messages Arjun that bride is getting ready, dont disturb her, Arjun smiles and messages her that groom is getting ready, dont disturb, tel bride I am busy. She smiles and messages him. Arjum messages her that someone will apply my name’s mehndi on their hands today. Jia blushes reading it. Chirag comes there and says you are looking handsome Arjun. Arjun asks if security is tight? Chirag says dont worry, they are checking guest list before making anyone enter in house. Arjun says I dont want Jhumki near our house.

Jhumki is in mehndi function. Flashback shows when Arjun and Chirag were talking to dancers in veil, Jhumki silently entered there and mixed poisonous chemical in mehndi which will be applied to Jia’s hands. Flashback ends.

Scene 2
Mehndi function starts, Kaki dances on mehndi hai rachne wali.. Jia comes there dressed nicely. Kaki smiles at her and hugs her, she blesses her and kisses her forehead. Jia smiles. Jia starts dancing with her while Jhumki mixes chemical in mehndi. She thinks that even guards try to save themselves from me so who is Jia? one guest asks her to bring mehndi. Jhumki nods and thinks Jia’s hands will be burnt when she applies this mehndi as I have mixed chemical in it. She pours poisonous mehndi in cone and hides. Poisonous mehndi cones are taken to Jia, Jia sits down, mehndi workers is about to start applying mehndi on her hands. Jhumki looks on but Kaki stops them and says I have brought mehndi from mandir, its blessed for Arjun and Jia so apply this mehndi, she gives her cone to them, they put poisonous cone away and applies Kaki’s cone. Jhumki thinks mother in laws are devils but its opposite here, she got saved today but see my new attack now.
Arjun comes to mehndi ceremony dressed up, Jia and him are separated with curtain, Kaki blesses him and says always keep Jia happy, he nods and smiles in Jia’s direction. Guests pull Arjun to dance floor. Arjun dances with guests, all are dancing around him. Jhumki dances around him in veil, Arjun sees her hand and sees a mark on it, he thinks I saw this mark on Jhumki’s hand.

PRECAP- Arjun says to Kaki that Jhumki is here, I saw a mark on hand one woman which Jhumki had too. Arjun stops women in veil and say I want to see your faces. Arjun sees one woman’s hand have mark, he says you tried to do something by stealthily coming in house? He takes off her veil, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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