Woh Apna Sa 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jhanvi asks Maa what she is saying? Maa says Adi’s marriage was punishment to him, it was not his mistake, yes he is aged than you, he has two kids but marriage is combination of two people compatible together which you both are. Jhanvi says I cant become second woman in anyone’s life, I still remember when father brought another woman in life, it destroyed you. Maa says it was different, you knew Adi and Nisha’s marriage would break if not now then tomorrow and reason was Nisha’s malic nature not because of second woman, you and Adi are compatible, you both complete each other, you both care for each other then whats wrong in this relation? Jhanvi says I dont even know what Adi thinks of me, Maa says take your time and find out, remember I asked you to promise me

you would marry wherever I want you to marry? Adi is my choice, I want you to marry him, he is good for you but last decision would be yours so think about it.

Adi comes to Baba’s room but doesnt find him there. Adi comes in lounge and sees Baba coming there, Adi says where did you go at night alone? you could have told me, Baa says sorry my father, I just went for drive with driver, am I your father or you are my father? Adi smiles and says we have got nice moment after so many days, Baba says Nisha has left so we are all chilled, what have you thought about your life? Adi says there is time to think about it, Baba says take out your time, your whole life is remaining, what you want to do with it? Adi says we will talk later. Adi gets Nisha’s mothers’s call but he cuts it.

Nisha comes to her room and locks it, she says if Adi doesnt want to live with me then I will kill myself, her parents are knocking on door and pleading her to open door but Nisha says I dont want to hear anything, I will kill myself.
Nisha’s mother calls Adi again. Adi takes her video call, mother says please save Nisha, she will kills herself, please come and save her. Adi says what kind of parents are you? instead of making her realise her mistake, you taking side in her lie? Nisha’s mother shows Adi on video call that Nisha is tying noose on fan, she puts noose around her neck and is about to do suicide. Adi looks on.

Jhanvi recalls Baba’s words that she loves Adi and you care for him like no one, how he requested Jhanvi’s hand for Adi, how he asked her to take decision. Jhanvi tries to sleep but is restless, she recalls her Maa saying that she wants her to marry Adi. Jhanvi recalls her moments with Adi, Ae dil hai mushkil plays as Jhanvi contemplates her thoughts. Jhanvi sits down and hugs her knees recalling Adi saving her, getting injured for her, she looks on tensed.

Nisha puts noose around her neck. Adi comes outside her room. He looks at her parents begging her to open door. Nisha close her eyes and doesnt see Adi there. Mother asks Adi to save Nisha, she will kill herself, please save her. Nisha sees Adi there, Nisha says Adi please take me, this is not my house, you, Chinni and Binni are my life, my life is useless without you, take me from here. Adi says I am not able to see you clearly Nisha, what you have done with my family, after that I have to say last goodbye to you, continue what you are doing. Nisha says I will kill myself for real, you wont see me ever again, Adi says why you are waiting? get off table and die. Nisha gets down from table and says you think its joke? you dont care about me at all? Adi says stop this drama, I dont give a damn about you, you dont know what pain is, this is all drama of yours, you are a blo*dy criminal and you can hurt anyone for your gain, you are very selfish, you can never hurt yourself, do whatever you want, I dont give a damn, go to hell, he leaves. Nisha breaks glass door in anger and shouts ADI!

Scene 2
In morning, Adi is working on laptop, Baba asks him to eat breakfast first. Kaka says to Adi that you should take a break for somedays, so much happened with you. Adi says yes, thats why I am working from home, I want to be with kids, they need me. Baba thinks that I wish Adi I could talk to you about Jhanvi, she would take care of you in this situation but I dont want to miff you. Chinni and Binni sadly comes from school. Kaki says you both came in silently. Kids silently goes to their room, everyone looks on. Kaki says what happened to them? Adi says I will go and check on them, he leaves.

Adi comes to kids room, he says hi to them. Binni says I changed my clothes, Adi says very good. Binni takes her socks from bed and puts in cloth basket. Chinni says I changed clothes first so say good to me first, Adi says you both are good girls. Jimmy barks, Chinni says I will make him eat, Binni says no I will do it, Adi says no fight. Chinni says Jhanvi aunty told to make Jimmy eat softly, Binni cant do it, Binni says Jhanvi aunty told me to give small cakes to Jimmy so I should make him eat, Adi says lets call Jhanvi and ask her. Adi calls Jhanvi, she takes it after hesitation, Adi says you didnt come today? should Chinni or Binni make Jimmy eat food? Adi says they both would make him eat but with care, Adi tells this to kids, they leave. Adi says why you didnt come today? it feels incomplete without you here, even kids miss you, come soon, Jhanvi says I would, she ends call. Maa asks if she is going there? Jhanvi nods, Maa smiles and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to mandir in her home and says I dont understand your signs, one side Maa and Baba talking about this relation, otherside Adi called me today and he was talking to me like I am very special in his life too, if this is true then today I am going to confess my feelings to Adi, I will tell him how much I love him.

Chinni and Binni are talking with Kaka. Adi comes there, Kaka says they are requesting to massage my feet, tell them daughters dont do that. Chinni says to Adi that I am good girl, Binni says no I am good girl, they start fighting, Adi separates them and says you both love each other, did anyone say anything to you? Chinni says there are siblings in our school, their parents got separated like you and mama, one brother from those sibling is with their mother and other with father. Chinni says to Adi that will you send one of us to mama? Adi says no baby, Chinni hugs him and says I love you papa, dont send me away from you, I want to live with you, dont separate me from you, Binni says I will give you toffees, dont send me. Adi says I love you both, you wont go anywhere, I promise you papa is with you both, you wont go anywhere, Adi wipes his tears.

PRECAP- Baba asks Adi what he has thought about second marriage? you need love and happiness in your life too. Adi says my focus are my kids now, I want to give every happiness to them and I want to live life with my kids, I wont marry again. Jhanvi hears this breakdowns hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow nisha just keep the pot boiling. We are injoying a lot.

  2. well overall episode was nice. But, the precap is good as well as disappointing. The sad part is that Adi is not ready for the marriage but the good part is that Jhanvi will not propose him which will not affect their friendship and kids won’t blame her for the separation of Nisha and Adi.

    1. *I’m the supporter of Adivi union but, the situation is not correct for them as the Adi didn’t give divorce to Nisha.

  3. I just loved adi’ s reaction to nisha’ s ploy.too good adi.love u.and jhanvi haters. Saw …the kids were also not ready to go to nisha

  4. Oh adi dear,they have just pleaded to save their daughter not asked u to marry her again.but what u asked again’aap ko sharam nahi Athe na?if u really wanna ask dis question to someone go and ask the same question to jhanvi’s mom.oh,such a disgusting b*t*h mom and daughter.hey lady,ur daughter is really a very suitable girl 4 many titles such as homebreaker,second woman etc.don’t u know that?and u r the main reason 4 dat.if jhanvi had a good dad,he would broken her leg 4 entering into another family.ok ok,all the problems have gone now na adi?Now (as per ur thought)Baba sa is safe now,and chinni binni also.then y do u need jhanvi now?jhanvi,u have controlled it real happiness when ur idiot mom allowed u to continue ur love,just like dat,also control this fake tears dear.and the writers have started making nisha’s character from grey to black.I realized dat news when chinni binni cried ‘we want to stay only with u baba!!’and jhanvi’s maa is going to brainwash jhanvi for dis marriage and babasa will do the same thing with adi.yuck,just introduce a fourth character(the third character is jhanvi not nisha)that will do the same with nisha.

    1. And the most saddest part of dis episode is no one is there to consider nisha’s tears and to stop dat.but dis stupid never stop crying for her blind love

      1. Shelleyde

        hi dear, yes Nisha’s tears seemed genuine and I felt so sorry for her … a break-up is hard especially for a married woman who was ever faithful to her husband … the children are usually scarred for life … sad

      2. I agree with you, Teju. When they think that Adi is after the property, kaka gives everything to Adi and leaves the house. But when he knows that it is Nisha, they conduct a pooja to declare her dead and drag her unceremoniously out of the house. All these claims about daughter in law being like own daughter is all hogwash. This is the reality in India. The fact that Adi is not even allowing her to speak to her daughters is worrying.

  5. Lolalois

    I love the attitude Adi gave Nisha, she deserves it. Jhanvi’s Maa has said the right thing, Jhanvi is not the second woman

  6. Woooww,,, nice epi,,,, nisha u just do ur chip plan but all is going on vain,,, adi u r so sweet,,,, I loved adivi ph conversation,, I mean adi fee lonely with out her,,, and the most good news is that both kids are only want to,,,,,:stay with adi,,, babasa and janvi ‘s ma doing good job,,, and precap,,,,, I don’t think after hearing all this,,,,, janu could express her feelings for him,,, wait for tomorrow,,,

  7. I don’t give Adi wrong for not wanting to remarry.. After his experience with Nisha, he might think twice about settling with another woman in marriage. His daughters should be his priority but alas, this is story about a step-mom so sooner or later, destiny will play it’s part… So surprising that Jhanvi’s mom is so readily acceptable to a union between the two, thought she’d be opposed to the idea…. Such a drama queen is Nisha, thinks emotional blackmail will work but …… Adi loves his daughters very much and if he were to take Nisha back, it will be because his love for his daughters triumphs over his own needs…..one good thing is that the writers never put thoughts of love or attraction towards Jhanvi in Adi’s mind, his reach for help from her has happened due to its own violation, he doesn’t realize that he has unknowingly baited her love….

  8. All members in this forum comments in english but people who are not fluent in english can’express their feeling properly. Is hindi not allowed on this forum ????


      1. Sapphire, don’t you think the statement that I GUESS IT IS MEANT FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST OTHERS WHO FAVOR JHANVI is a bit too much. We are all strangers commenting on some characters in a serial in a forum and don’t know each other. So why should anybody be against anyone else?

    1. Just thinking out loud… You remember how this forum used to look months ago? We could barely get 20 or more comments in, look how many comments came in this weekend, writers do know how to throw bait . At times there’d be like 6 or 12. ….this weekend we saw 88…..impressive!!!! ?keep it up viewers………

    2. At least we can agree on this point but your guess is wrong this is not meant for “jhanvi’s fan” or “nisha’s supporter” but for those who are so weak that they need to be rude to others to prove themselves right instead of having a healthy discussion ?


    1. Hey Sapphire, I’m doing great!! Well….one month into this serial i was saying that exact thing. Months have passed, I still say the same thing…. Adi must divorce Nisha first before he embarks on a new relationship, and as you correctly said, he needs healing…and everything else will fall into place. So you, Sonalika and I says that the timing isn’t right to bring up marriage talks. …since we are two episodes behind actual updates, tonight’s episode was super, don’t you think? LMAO when Nisha was crooning “yeh mera deewanapan”….she sang like a real psycho!!! Hats off to Riddhi for her performance, she’s too good. I read an article in a forum where she said that doing this role takes a helluva strength from her and at the end of shootings, she’s very exhausted so she stays with her brother and family to unwind, her husband is supportive of her job though. So dear Sapphire, I agree with your comment 100%…..

    2. @naz u r right if they hurry up things now it might spoil everything..and yeah now nisha’s dramatic entry is still there now advi have to fight nisha..everything should go slow.so as to increase love between them also I dont want to see adi marrying jhanvi out of force or for children or for society.or for baba..I want them to fall in love fight against nisha in a proper way and then get married

    3. @Naz yet there r people balming jhanvi as home wrecker..seriuosly nisha didnt leave any chance to make adi’s life living hell and jhanvi helped him ..yes she loves him but then she didnt knew at that time that he was married..i really cant pity nisha yaar..and for those who think that this show is giving wrong message no.yaar this show is not givivng any messaage ..and this is yrue that not everyone end up marrying thier soulmates and jhanvi is adi’s soulmate..and guys jhanvi is not home wrecker..u know what she tried to help nisha to mend things with adi but it was nisha darling to tried to spoil her name..

  11. iam watching this show frm starting onwards .ppl who love jhanvi ,they love homebreakers and infidelity.jhanavi actions made nisha instigate and furious.jhanvi character should end.atleast nisha should get kids love and support and custody,so she can live throughout her life with kids chini and binni along with nisha parents .atleast nisha and children should stay attached as nisha needs support of her kids throughout of her life.this director of the show making nisha character weak just to support adi and jahnavi relation.atleast nisha should get kids custody because as a mother she can live with her kids throughout her life.even jahnavi mom also so selfish.nisha got manhandled by adi so many times and adi abused nisha alot.in my opinion mother nisha and kids shouldnt get separated.this show giving wrong message like to break marriage relation and go with other partner.that jahnavi and her mom waiting for the situation to snatch adi.anyhow in this serial bad character like jahnavi showing as if she bharatamatha.it is better to stop watch this serial.

    1. I agree with you pinky. Only When jhanvi came into the picture, nisha started resorting to all methods to make her get out of the house by hook or by crook.

  12. Sapphire, do you remember a viewer had said weeks ago that if she wants to drug her husband and get intimate with him, it’s her business? So I was thinking, that the only reason why a wife would do that is because she can’t get him to be with her in sober mind OR maybe the husband can’t bear to see her face or touch her so she has to resort to drugging him with whatever…..the Trini mind at work, ok……. So, Nisha has tried all different ways to get back Adi’s love,but the correct way….so sad!!! Did you notice how much pain she was in tonight’s episode? Sorry for her but she dug her own grave….

    1. Yes I remember her ???
      still going … teeheehee

      1. I was engaging Sapphire in my comment, it was directed towards her, you weren’t welcome to respond, but seeing that you did, it means you read my comments, seriously…..i fail to see why you replied…but thanks anyway….

  13. Well, looks like the writers are going to copy the storyline of Yeh Hain Mohabbatein. Same story with the ex wife being the antagonist. What a pity. Thought this serial would be different.

    1. Yes,it is going to be a xerox copy of yhm,old wine in new bottles.

  14. Nisha was kicked out of the house the previous day and jhanvi is in a hurry to confess her love for Adi the next day. Looks like she was just waiting for nisha to be booted out to enter the scene. Too much of a hurry to get married, eh!! Doesn’t realize that Adi is still legally wedded to Nisha.

    1. Real Zara!A ordinary woman can’t show dis hurry for marriage.This type of condition can even convert a normal woman to psycho.I want to say one thing to jhanvi lovers’don’t blame nisha,if she does anything big hereafter.

      1. Lol, true. Innocent and caring jhanvi rushing to declare her love for Adi. Not even realizing that Adi’s priority is to comfort his distraught children over losing their mother . Where is her caring attitude to the children?

  15. Goyrav, you can comment in Hindi. This is a public forum, not a private one. Anyone can write anything in it. Don’t have to ask anyone permission.

  16. I agree with you, gurvinder. Looks like story is following the same format. They will show kids disliking nisha. Jhanvi will leave. Adi will go in search of her. Will confess love for her. They will get married. And they will portray nisha as the villain trying to break the marriage. Then it will be an endless cycle. Will stop watching the show. I am already watching yeh hain mohabbatein. Maybe the writers decided to follow that show because it is doing well and this one has low TRPs. Wonder who will be Babasa’s caretaker in the interim period.

  17. I like nisha yaar she trying to abounded her father in law , she is trying to hurt her mami, took sleeping tablet only 3 or 4 to grab her husband attention wow wat a trick now she is called good wife , when she got all the love and care but she did this things to gain only property and husband that’s a good behavior.

  18. https://youtu.be/Zs6LDAfVlIQ
    This YouTube link showed intial promos of woh apna sa

  19. Upcoming twist:
    Nisha files childrens custody case & enters adi house. At right time Sameer will come with stay order on custody case. Nisha tries to attack Kakasa. Bt police will arrest her.
    Nisha will meet her childrens in school. But teachers will restrict to meet her.

    I hope you can understand guys. I don’t know hindi much. I apologize if I am wrong.

  20. HEllo
    This is a great show- takes me away from my own problems in day to day life- hope for love to always win and adi to be happy and not be surrounded by evil.

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