Woh Apna Sa 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jhanvi is searching for her phone but doesnt see Adi’s phone there. Jhanvi takes Survi’s phone and calls her phone. Adi takes her phone, Jhanvi says you must be milkman, i must have forgotten at your shop, you are honest man. Adi sees that its Jhanvi’s phone and says Jhanvi our phones got exchanged. Jhanvi says Adi sir? you have my phone, it must be mistake, you cant steal my phone, i mean why you would steal phone? i will return phone tomorrow, Adi says you are rejoining office? Jhanvi says i will have to come to return your phone, Adi says you impossible, he ends call.
Its morning, Adi comes to his office. Jhanvi comes there. Adi says come in, they exchange phones, Adi says did you come to just give phone? Jhanvi says i started working to renovate office, i

have resumed job. Adi says strange, i didnt get any call, Jhanvi says your phone was ringing so i put it on dont disturb mode. Adi thanks her. Jhanvi says i should leave. Adi stops her and says i am glad that you are back, she smiles at him and leaves.
Jhanvi comes to Kaka’s office and says you called me? Kaka shows her Ali, worker and says Ali is saying you didnt give his payment, Jhanvi says i cleared his payment, Ali says i didnt get any money, Jhanvi says he is lying, Kaka says you must have receipt of payment, Jhanvi says Ali said he will do paperwork later, Ali says she didnt pay me, she is lying.
Nisha calls her mother and says my Kaki is sweet. Binni comes there and says i dont want to go to school, i hate math, tomorrow is exam and my teacher said that if i dont pass it then i will remain in same class, Nisha says who talked to my daughter like that? i will talk to your teacher and i will make you get pass the exam without studying anything, Binni gets happy.
Jhanvi says Ali why you are lying, Ali says you didnt give me money. Adi comes there and asks did you get money Ali? Ali says no, i would have signed paper. Jhanvi says he said that we will sign receipts later, Adi says no one has proof to say who is lying so i will call police, Adi acts like calling police but Ali says dont call police, i will tell everything, i took money from Jhanvi but i had helplessness and used it, Adi ends call and says to Ali that you have do payment to your workers Ali, we gave you payment, Jhanvi says Ali did wrong but he had some problem, we should give him second chance, why did you lie Ali? Ali says my daughter is ill, she is not getting fine, my all savings were gone, i didnt have money, to make my daughter fine, i tried to get money by cheating.
Nisha comes to Binni’s teacher house with big gifts. Teacher says today is not my birthday, Nisha says teachers are like God, my daughter have everything but not your blessing, give her blessings so she shouldnt have to work hard, she should work smart in life, we should take shortcuts to success.
Jhanvi says to Ali that never take shortcuts, you did mistake, if you want money then do overtime. She gives him cheque from her money and says use it to treat your daughter, Ali says i wont cheat anyone from now on, Jhanvi says your daughter will be fine, Adi looks at Jhanvi surprised with her gentleness.
Nisha says to Binni;s teacher that i will give you more gifts if you want but just make my Binni handle exam, bless her in exam so she should have to work hard.
Jhanvi says to Ali that always work and God will be with you, you will get wrong paths but choose hardworking path and trust your abilities. Ali thanks her and says you didnt fire me. Jhanvi says someone said that our employees are like family and we take care of them, we show them right path and give them second chance, Ali leaves. Kaka gets happy with Jhanvi and says you are so mature, God bless you, Kaka says to Adi that its good police didnt come here. Adi says police wouldnt come here, i know Jhanvi wont lie, i completely trust her so it was clear that Ali was lying, someone said that we can choose tricky way to bring truth out, right Jhanvi? she nods. Adi comes out of office. Jhanvi comes behind and thanks him, Adi says dont keep blind faith, you should have paperwork of cash. Jhanvi says you gave me 2lacs for raw materials, you should make me sign for them too, Adi sighs and says okay, Jhanvi goes, Adi shakes his head.
Chinni says to Binni that you should study for your exam. Adi comes there. Binni says i am tired, i wont study. Chinni says if you dont study then how will you pass exams? Binni says you can pass without working hard, you shouldnt work hard, you can get help from teacher. Adi comes there and says this is wrong Binni. Binni says if it was wrong then why mom would say that to teacher? Adi asks what mom said to you? Binni looks on.
Nisha is calling her friend and says our party will be rocking. Adi comes there and takes phone from Nisha, ends call and throws it away. Nisha says why you are acting like MCP husband that dominate their wives? Adi says you dont think teaching wrong things to kids? you like freedom right? Nisha says i am their mother, why would i spoil their future. Adi says you went to Binni’s class teacher to give her gifts, you taught Binni shortcut? you cant become good wife and daughter in law but atleast be good mother, you are teaching wrong things to kids, Binni has become stubborn, i thought you are mother and just spoil them with affection but you have not spared even your kids too, you have no limits, what kind of mother are you? Nisha says i think you are finished. Adi grabs her and says i am gonna finish today, it was just about me but my kids are involved, i wont let you hurt my family, i will push you away from my kids and family, you know what? i am gonna divorce you. Nisha is shocked, but then smirks, she laughs on him and says finally you have guts to talk about divorce, i used to say you should be man and now you look like real man but you are very nice person, you are like family man, i have respected you, you tried a lot to tell Kaki and Kaka about divorce, you even wrote letter to tell them but your bad luck makes you unsuccessful, i felt bad that my husband doesnt have guts, i am so happy that my poor husband who couldnt do anything but today showed guts, i will help you now. you want to divorce me? She rbings out bag and starts packing, she says i will leave tomorrow but what will you say to Kaki and Kaka? they will feel bad, you are breaking this family now, Adi throws bag away and grabs her hand, he says i wont leave anything on tomorrow, i will do everything today, i wont leave chance for you, he grabs her hand and says i will tell truth to everyone today, i am ready, i hope you are too.

PRECAP- Adi drags Nisha to hall of house. All family members are there. Kaka asks what happened? Adi says i want to say something, he looks at Nisha who is tensed. Adi is in office, he sees teddy bears and cute frames on wall, he throws them away and shouts on Jhanvi that what is this? have you lost it? i feel like you enjoy irritating me, Jhanvi winces with Adi yelling on her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice nisha superb jhanvi u should definitely marry adi he is so restless

    1. yes i agreed u

  2. Good episode. I can feel Adi’s growing closeness towards Janu…. Niceeeeee….. You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry and Nisha will soon learn this one day. The question is…. Will her greed for wealth, position and status take precedence over her duty of wife and mother. It’s only when she is faced with this dilemma of losing Adi to another woman, will she fight for him but it will be too late because she has already caused irrevocably damage to the heart of the man who had loved her.

    1. nisha ll never change….after adi-nisha divorced,…janu ll get married to adi then later nisha ll realize soon….nisha ll apology to adi and nisha’s scairfice love for adi ,move out of the family…..

  3. super janvi and adi scence growing increased……plz janvi quickly divorced soon adi-nisha

    later janvi ll accept marriage with adi

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