Woh Apna Sa 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia hanged to fan

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Scene 1
In party at hotel, Arjun dances with Jia. He sings dilli wali girlfriend. Jia drinks vodka and glares at him. He pulls her closer and dances with her. Jia drinks more and looks on. Nisha hides and eyes them. Jia pulls Arjun and dances with him. Nisha sees a waiter, she gives him money to spike vodka, she mixes powder in two drinks and asks him to serve it to Jia and Arjun. He nods and goes. Jia and Arjun are dancing. Arjun lifts Jia and twirls her around. Nisha thinks that I missed them both. Waiter gives Arjun and Jia drinks, they are about to drink but Jia slips and spills glasses, Arjun and Jia leaves without drinking it. Nisha says shit but I will not spare them.

Arjun is pulling Jia to room, they are drunk, Jia says we will have our party there. Arjun brings Jia to room,

Jia slips and says Arjun walk straight, you are drunk. Arjun brings Jia to room, she pulls him closer and says kiss my cheek. He smiles at her and says you are drunk, we will do once you are sober. Jia says why you are away? He runs behind him, Arjun says you are drunk, what are you doing? Jia is about to fall, Arjun holds her, Jia says I will kiss you. Arjun moves away. Jia and Arjun falls on bed. Arjun wipes her mouth. Jia says I love you Arjun. Arjun smiles and makes her lie in bed. He sits beside her and says I love you too, he kisses her forehead, she falls asleep, Arjun smiles. Nisha is outside their room and says they can sleep tonight, but tomorrow what I want will happen.

In morning, Jia wakes up headache. She sees Arjun not there. She looks around and says Arjun? he is not in bed, she says where did he go? he must be outside. Jia comes to lounge of suite and doesnt find him there too. She calls his mobile but its on couch. She says he left his phone here? She calls reception and asks about Arjun, if he is in lobby? Receptionist says he didnt come in lobby. Jia says I will go and look for him. She goes to leave but Arjun comes there. Jia beats him, Arjun asks what happened? Jia says you left me and didnt even inform me. Arjun says I brought medicine for your hangover. Jia says I got worried, dont ever leave me, he says promise. Jia hugs him and cries. Arjun says we didnt come to cry here, lets go to spa, you need it after last night, they gave me free pass for it, Jia says did I do something wrong last night? Arjun says no you were just forcing a little. He says I am joking, go to spa, Jia says you come with me? Arjun says its cricket match day so you go, she says okay and leaves. Arjun says she will get a surprise when she comes back. Jia gets ready and asks Arjun to come with her to spa. Arjun says I will come later, you go, she says promise? he says yes and says you are looking pretty. She says thank you and leaves. Arjun says she surprised me last time, this time I will give her best surprise.

Arjun starts decorating their suite with balloons, roses. Arjun says Jia will be smiling seeing our surprise. He lights candles and smiles, door bell rings. Arjun says it must be Jia. He opens door but its servant with food, Arjun says till when SPA remain open? servant says our spa is closed for two days, he leaves. Arjun comes to receptionist and says someone gave me spa coupon, receptionist says our is under maintenance, it must be misunderstanding. Arjun calls Jia and she doesnt take call, Arjun says let me check our suite.

Arjun comes to his suite and sees decoration destroyed and room messed up. He sees RIP JIA written on mirror. He is stunned to see it and says if Jhumki did something with Jia? no, he runs to find her. He looks around in whole hotel, he searches for her. He asks reception but no one knows about her. Arjun asks manager about Jia, manager says we didnt see her, we will search for her too. They start searching.

Scene 2
Jia is locked in a store room, she is tied to a fan, her neck has noose and she is standing on a stool has rope which is tied to door, if someone opens door then stool will be pulled away from her feet and she will be hanged. Arjun sees store room door, he sees Jia’s clothing piece tied to it, he pulls open door and stool is pulled from Jia’s feet, she is hanged. Arjun is stunned to see it. Arjun shouts Jia, he tries to run to her but floor is oily and he slips. Jia is losing her breath. Arjun tries to get up but floor is slippery. Jia loses her breath.. Arjun rushes to her and holds her. He pulls stool and makes her stand on it. He sees knife there and stand on chair, he cuts rope from her neck and hugs her, he brings her down and opens her ties, she is still unconscious. Arjun asks her to open eyes. He rubs her hands and looks on.

PRECAP- Nisha sees Arjun trying to revive Jia’s breath, she points gun at him and shoots him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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