Woh Apna Sa 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia shifts Chini and Kaki to a new house

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Scene 1
Nisha and Samar look in the house and leave when they don’t find anyone.
Arjun is with Bablu. He says this is pub. I come here often. Bablu says this looks expensive. Arjun orders bear and biryani. Arjun says such a big hotel and you don’t have biryani. Bring shots. Arjun says turn AC towards me. Waiter says its centrally air conditioned. Bablu says lets go from here. Arjun says I have money don’t worry. Samar comes there. Arjun has his back towards him. Samar sits and drinks. She recalls Nisha insulting him and saying you are a loser. You are alive and living this life because of me. He says what does she think of herself. She shouted at me.
Arjun gets up from his seat. He walks past Samar. He asks waiter about washroom. Samar is busy drinking. He is too

drunk and falls. Arjun holds him and says are you brother? Samar is dazed to see his face. Samar recalls Adi and how he killed him. Samar says Adi.. He shoves. Arjun says are you mad. I was trying to help you. He beats Samar and slaps him. Samar falls down and passes out. Bablu says what did you do. Arjun says he shoved me.

Jia is out. She says kaki ma ready? Kaki says where are we going? Jia says its a surprise. They sit in the car. The song ‘phir lay aya dil’ plays on radio. Jia recalls Adi used to sing it for her. Jia says this song.. I don’t like hindi songs. I really like this one.
Arjun’s friend are taking him home. He is drunk and singing the same song.

Jia Kaki and Chini come to a house. Jia says this is your new house. Chini says this is so pretty. She checks whole house. Kaki says thats such a good temple. Chini says we knew you would bring our happiness back. Kaki says how did you do all this? Jia says come let me show you the whole house. There is a massage chair for you. Kaki says you came as lakshmi before too. Jia says I found my answers and family in you. I was so alone. Now I feel like the happiest girl. Chini says don’t ever leave us. jia says I wont. I have to get you what is yours. Chini says I want to live you forever like this.

Scene 2
Samar wakes up in his house. He recalls fight with Arjun. He says it was Adi. No. My eyes can’t be fooled. I have to tell Nisha. Nisha comes there. She says you drank so much and fought in the bar. You caan’t handle it. If people in media find out and publish it? He says you won’t believe I saw Adi in bar. Nisha says what? He says trust me it was him. Nisha says stop talking rubbish. You were so drunk. You could even see Jhanvi. He says trust me it was him. I fought him in the bar. She gives him anti depressants and says take them. You have guilt in you. If you saw Adi you would hug him and not hit him. Adi and Jhanvi are dead. You can’t get Jhanvi by beating adi in your imagination. Just because I am not reacting doesn’t mean I don’t get it. He says trust me it was adi. She says don’t waste my time. Are you trying to scare me? He says why would I? She says could your plan.

Scene 3
Adi sings song aye dil hai mushkil. Jhanvi comes there. Adi sings around her. Jhanvi said your voice is so peaceful. He said my peace is you. He came close to her. She said someone will see. He said we are married. Then Adi was shot by Nisha. Jia was seeing all this in her dreams. She wakes up worried. Kaki says is everything okay? Jia says saw a nightmare. Kaki hugs her. Jia says I always saw these dreams no one caressed me like this. Kaki says I am happy that Chini wont feel alone now either. Jia says Chini today is very important. Are you ready? She says yes.

Nisha is watching Tv. Jia is on TV with her face hidden. She says its about a woman who did a big crime. This woman planned to kill her parentts and killed his husband. She wrote a crime story. Nisha is dazed. Jia says she thought that she will run away but our past comes with us like a shadow. Nisha breaks the TV.
jia says I hacked nisha’s cable and my video playing on all her channel. Chini says we also put a spy camera in her house. Chini says see her reaction. Kaki says don’t take these risks. Chini says we had to scare him.

Precap-Jia sees Arjun dancing in a diwali party. She is dazed. She looks at him shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    How can one hack somebody’s cable??
    and how can they put a spy camera in Nisha’s mansion, when they are even allowed to step in there.
    My tiny little brain is unable to comprehend all these technology advancements, can anybody pls help out?

    1. *not even allowed.

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