Woh Apna Sa 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha says to Adi that we have been married for 8 years and these things happen, give me one more chance, Baba comes there and sees this. Adi pushes her away and says get lost. Nisha falls on sofa and says you will regret this. All family comes there and sees Nisha drunk. Nisha says Adi I controlled my anger but you are making me angry again, dont do that, she pours drink on floor, Adi says stop it, Nisha doesnt and pours alcohol around family. Kaka tries to stop her but Nisha says how dare you throw me out of my house? what do you think of yourself that you threw Nisha Jindal out of house? this is my house, i have right on every wall of this house, my husband and kids have right on this house and nobody has right on it other than us, you cant throw me out of my house. Nisha says to Baba

that you are my liability, I wanted to throw him out of my life but I couldnt, this is my house, did you hear me? this is my house. Adi says we dont care what you want but I am sure you wouldnt want kids to see you like this so leave from here. Nisha says okay Adi, Nisha breaks wine bottle on floor. She lights match stick, Adi says dont do this. Nisha says Kaki even you didnt understand me? why? from the time, I got married, I pretended to be good daughter in law for you, nobody does it but I did, I used to feel suffocated but I did it and what you did? you threw me out of house in a blink and didnt even think about me? not done, Nisha throws match stick on floor but Adi blows it off, Nisha throws another match stick but Raj and Kaka tackles it. Adi says enough of your drama, get lost, Adi grabs her arm and drags her out of house, all family members are tensed.

Maa is sitting on Jhanvi’s bed, Jhanvi is sleeping, door bell rings. Survi goes to check it, Maa comes there and sees Baba on door. Survi Hi uncle, Maa asks him to come inside, I will wake Jhanvi. Maa comes to Jhanvi and says Adi’s father has come alone, Jhanvi gets tensed and sees Baba standing in her room, Jhanvi says you here at night? are you fine? Adi and kids are fine? did you tell Adi? I will inform him, Baba says can we talk? Jhanvi nods. Jhanvi asks everything fine?

Scene 2
Adi brings Nisha to her mother’s room and says stay away from my family, your warnings wont affect me. Nisha’s father comes there with knife and says you are not doing right with my daughter, I will not spare you, he is about to stab Adi but Nisha pushes him and says what are you doing dad?

Baba says to Jhanvi that I want you to get married and I have found a guy for you too. Jhanvi gets tensed hearing it and says no I dont want to, she looks away, Baba says why not? do you love someone else? is there anyone in your heart? Jhanvi feels hurt hearing it and says nothing like that but I dont want to get married, Baba says atleast see his photo, he gives her guy’s photo, Jhanvi gets stunned seeing it, its Adi’s photo.

Nisha says to her dad that he is my husband, I love him more than my life so never ever come near Adi again. Adi turns to leave, Nisha puts hand on his shoulder and says take me with you, Adi says leave me, Nisha says please Adi, Adi says leave me, Nisha raises hand on Adi but he pushes her away and says I am leaving you because you are kids mother, he says to father that you should be ashamed and handle your daughter, I have left her at your home today but next time I will take her to police station, he leaves. Nisha shouts Adi you cant leave me.

Jhanvi says to Baba that it cant be possible, this cant happen, Baba shows her her letter in which she confessed her love for Adi and how she helped him as she wanted to see Adi happy. Jhanvi cries reading it, Baba wipes her tears and says what is wrong with it? you love Adi, you care for him so much that no one can do it, you were always with him without any gain, you have such big heart, Adi is sinking in a deep sea without any boat, Adi is living but not for himself, you can make Adi happy, you can save Adi and our family, only you can, I know I am saying something big, Adi has two kids, there is big age difference between you both but I am telling you that most important thing to tie relations is love, if there is no love then nothing else matter. They turn and see Maa standing there and glaring at them. Baba comes to Maa and says you are lucky to get a daughter like Jhanvi, she has become like my own in such short time, I will pray to become her father in next life and I want to be called her father even in this life so I am requesting Jhanvi’s hand in marriage for my son Adi. Maa looks at him blankly, Baba comes to Jhanvi and says only you can save Adi and our family’s happiness, decision is in your hands, He blesses her. He greets Maa and leaves. Jhanvi is distort, Maa looks on.

Adi is in his house, Raj says why did Nisha come here when she knows her truth is out? Adi says she doesnt want to accept truth, she wont leave us so easily, she can try to hurt us again, I am worried for kids, Raj says should we involve in police? Adi says no, the woman who can burn police head quarters, she can do anything, I have to divorce her, I can handle her legally, this will be a long fight. Nisha starts calling all family members again.
Nisha is calling Adi’s family with multiple phones but no one picks up.

Jhanvi recalls Baba’s words, she panics and recalls her moments with Adi, Adi singing for her, them getting locked in office, Ae dil hai mushkil plays, Jhanvi cries recalling how Adi saved her from goons.
Adi is sitting in his house and recalls kids asking for their mom, he silently weeps. Kids come to him and sleep on his lap, he recalls Nisha’s antics.
Jhanvi recalls her mother asking her to promise to get rid of feelings for Adi, to not become reason behind Adi’s house breaking, Jhanvi cries and have breakdown. Maa comes there. Jhanvi says to Maa that I can explain, i dont have any fault, I didnt write this letter for Adi, I dont know how this reached to his house, I didnt give it to Baba, I didnt want to tell him, I didnt break your trust, this is not my fault, she cries and panics while Maa glares at her, Maa wipes her tears and says listen to me.. you get married to Aditya, Jhanvi is shocked to hear it.

PRECAP- Nisha locks herself in room,
her parents ask her to open door. Nisha ties noose on fan, she puts noose around her neck and is about to do suicide. Nisha’s mother video calls Adi and says see what Nisha is doing, save her else she will kill herself.
Adi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nisha was apparently torturing poor Adi. I didn’t see her raising her hand to hit him or shout at him or push him against a wall. On the other hand , lot of times Adi was about to hit her, had pushed her against the wall and shouted at her. Of course, she wanted the family to stay separately from them and stay alone with Adi. Also she wanted him to become CEO of the company.

  2. I’m unable to understand that y viewers r supporting Nisha, and think Jhanvi as wrong person. This show is not about second woman, its about family values. Just imagine that u r in the same situation as Adi, living with a person who is selfish, just need power n money and want to kick the family out of the house. Will u accept such a relation, well to ne the answer is NO!!.
    Coming to Jhanvi, she fall for Adi when she was unaware that he is married. But, when she came to know that he is married n have some problems with his wife. She never took it as an advantage in fact she tried to unite them. But Nisha blamed Jhanvi n Adi for having extramarital affair what was that, is that her so called love. Even though it was her plan. Then Jhanvi helped Adi to save his family from Nisha. I know she helped him because she loves him but never take is as an advantage. Sameer also helped Adi n convinced him for divorce… It was not jhanvi who convinced him for divorce.

    1. THANK YOU Sonalika. ???? I’m done explaining to anyone the premise on which this serial is built. So many fail to realize that it’s ONLY a depiction of a social issue which has never been highlighted and that it’s the other side to the same coin. Instead we see viewers falling all over each other to condemn Jhanvi and think Nisha is being treated unfairly, when you sow with pure love, you reap pure love. I began to see the psychopath when Adi would push Nisha against the wall and she’d smile at him in arousal. I endorse all that you have said ,it was Nisha who brought Jhanvi home for wicked reasons and it was her who first planted the seeds of an affair between Adi and Jhanvi. I’m reading where it’s said that Nisha will be back in Adi’s life, I want to see if she has the power to buy or make Adi fall in love with her again. Also, it may be her last attempt to something we aren’t seeing, so it’s left to see whether writers keep her alive or send the character to the mental hospital. I would think the Malhotras would know what content they want for their story….

  3. Sapphire you got me wrong no need to be so defensive it is just a show. First you must admit nisha’a behavious is everything but normal isn’t it? She manipulates people ( sometimes thoses who she loves the most) and hurt them without feeling guilty these are the
    symptoms of psychosis. More than morales gayan she needs a counsellor to Help her out. It is easy to judge but if you really care about someone you do anything to understand that person and change him/her, being angry and giving warnings don’t solve any pb instead if has a reverse effect.
    Secondly I might misunderstand but do you think i was referring to skin colour??! If no then i will explan. In indian show there are 2 types of characters to white character (Good ) so sweet to the point of giving you diabetes and the grey slowly turning to complete dark to highlight the good character ( bad) who will disgust you to the core. These 2 characters are both unrealistic and annoying .
    Third the one who take the abuse is as much responsable as the one who does it. No one asked him to bear, instead he should have spoke to his family and find a solution together before nisha does something extrem. This is what family is for share joy and struggles. Adi always appear as the victim when actually he is the one who could have make things better.
    And to end i found it extremely narrow mindend to not respect other views but I guess it is one of the sign of blind fandom. Sorry for the long comment but I really wanted to make myself clear and i will stick to my point anyway if anyone wanna discuss their point it is ok but forcing views on other it kinda disgusting.

    1. I agree with you. The first time I commented on the show was when jhanvi was furious that nisha had planned an anniversary party with Adi and family. Looked like holding an anniversary party for a spouse is a crime. Clearly jhanvi was in the wrong. So when I expressed my views, few commenters were rude . Made me wonder why. After all, it is just a serial and people are just commenting on the characters. As u rightly said, everyone out here is educated to make his or her own choice on each character. No need to shove your opinion down another’s throat.

      1. this is happening for every show as soon as you don’t agree or have a different opinion you are the one who is “wrong”.

  4. I think the premises of the story is the role of the other woman. That’s why it is called woh apna sa. Woh in India refers to the other woman, isn’t it or does it have some other meaning? I assumed based on the movie, pati , patni and woh. Even the storyline described in zee website suggests that.

  5. One of the things I can’t understand about these serials is the hero in the beginning behaves badly with the heroine( for e.g. In KKB, abhi with pragya and in zindagi ki mehak, shaurya with mehak and lots of others), it is acceptable. Of course later he reforms and becomes a good person. The heroine still sticks with him. For a change , it is the other way around where the heroine behaves in a bad manner. Hubby throws her out and turns to another woman.

  6. Jhanvi u worst character.just get lost from the married couple Nisha and adi from their kids.directors of the show unite Nisha and adi.not that b*t*h jahnavi a cunning fox and home breaker.indian marriage system is breaking bcoz of jahnavi like characters.

  7. Ppl who are women and can understand nisha pain.support nisha.tell to directors of show to unite Nisha and adi pair by resolving their issues.marriage relation is very pious and pure.jahnavi character should end she is acting as if good but jahnavi is a gold digger.this show is showing to break a marriage and go with other person.worst show promoting bad things like jahnavi.it is better to make Nisha to realize towards her husband and kids.

  8. In the beginning of the serial, it portrayed jhanvi as a career oriented woman with a successful job as an interior designer. But now she is just relegated to the job of taking care of babasa. She earned the family’s affections mainly because she was taking care of babasa. If she does become Adi ‘s wife, the family will expect her to become just babasa’s caretaker and give him medicine instead of working in a full time job. She will be doing what nisha was doing all these years

  9. In Kumkum bhagya, pragya comes back into the house as the mistress of the house taking over abhi’s property and money in order to protect abhi. . She behaves badly with everyone including dadi and tells Abhi that she pretended to love him for getting his property. Despite believing her that she did all this for money, Abhi continues to love her. So why can’t Adi do the same? The intial promos show adi’s family picture with nisha falling down and jhanvi putting it up back again. I hope that is the premise of the serial instead of jhanvi mooning over her unrequited love with Adi.

  10. Or jhanvi marrying Adi and nisha becoming the ex wife and the villain. It looks like the writers are copying the storyline of yeh hain mohabbatein of star plus. Will be boring to watch this serial then.

  11. Hi everyone. Nice to read all the comments. I enjoy watching woh apna sa. Intially I felt that nisha’s was a grey character. And I liked jhanvi’ character as a caring one . But now I don’t like the way jhanvi’ character is going. Till the point she didn’t know her boss was married, it was ok. Lot of people commented that she didn’t take advantage of the fact that he was married. But how could she take advantage since Adi never considered her in that way. As I saw more of the serial, started disliking her more. When Adi touches her by mistake, she starts getting all sentimental. Then when he puts a bindi on her forehead starts getting all senti, getting jealous when nisha is dancing with Adi, getting upset when she throws a party for him, telling her mother that she can’t live without him., and again when she gets a letter from him. Another thing I can’t understand is how Adi’s family treats her like some kind of superhero as if she can save the whole family from disaster. And she also acts like one Jhansi ku rani. Makes you think that Adi’s entire family is a bunch of spineless people who need a superwoman like jhanvi to rescue them

  12. Nisha got back where she belong to nd there s no stress only jhanvu needs to accept the proposal nd settle the wth adi n protects nisha from the family simple….nisha doesn’t deserve to live wth this famly

    1. yes very well said

  13. Heartbroken Jhanvi to leave the country in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa
    Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa (Alchemy Productions) is keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with unlimited dose of drama.
    Ever since Nisha’s (Riddhi Dogra) reality got exposed in front of the family, ardent fans of the show are waiting for Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) and Aditya’s love story to begin.
    As we saw in last episode, Baba Saa (Vikram Sahu) realizes Jhanvi’s soft corner for Aditya, and asked her to marry him. However, this time again Jhanvi will face a tough time and will be left heartbroken.
    Aditya will decide not to marry again, and will announce this shocking news in front of the family. When Jhanvi will learn about Aditya’s decision, she will be heartbroken, and decide to leave the country to stay away from Aditya.
    Will Aditya realize Jhanvi’s love and bring her back?
    We buzzed Disha but she remained unavailable to comment.
    Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

  14. it is better to jahnavi character should end .every problem will solve.jahnavi a gold digger and cunning fox.

  15. Hello All
    This is a nicely written show since all of us have developed strong ideas of the characters.
    Everyone’s opinion matters and we should all be respectful.
    Love Aditya And janvi

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