Woh Apna Sa 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha attacks Samar

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Scene 1
Samar looks around in house. Arjun and Jiya hides behind cupboard. Arjun sees Nisha and says this woman has problem with me, Jiya says you have problem with everyone? Arjun says those who mess with me never stay happy. Jiya sees rat coming near them, she is about to scream but Arjun stops her, he takes rat and throws it out of room, rat makes noise. Samar and Nisha sees rat. Chinni says now are you satisfied? Nisha says lets go Samar. Nisha comes out of house and says to Samar I felt someone in house, Samar says we will keep an eye on them, Samar calls guard and asks him to keep an eye on Kaki’s house.
Chinni says how dare that woman give us money? Arjun asks who were those people? Chinni says some old relatives. Jiya gives money to Arjun and says sorry, you must be late,

you can leave now. Kaki says you should eat food first. Arjun says I will take it and leave, I have to take client. Jiya says see you again, Arjun thinks I became see-saw because of her, I get lost when she is infront of me, he looks at Nisha’s money and leaves. Jiya says to Kaki that I have comeback, Adi will be back too. Chinni says my wishes are being fulfilled. Jiya says Nisha was misbehaving so much, I wanted to slap her but we have to be careful. Kaki says I dont want to lose you again. Jiya says Nisha’s time is ending, we will make a plan and execute it when she is least expecting it, Chinni says what plan? Jiya thinks about Arjun’s words that those who mess with me doesnt stay happy, that he attack them when they dont expect it, she says I am happy. Chinni says where is Nisha’s money? Jiya says did that cab driver(Arjun) took money? Kaki says did he steal? Jiya says he did so much nice, maybe he took it as debt.

Arjun drinks wine and says to Babblu that I got so much money today, flashback shows when Kaki went to brought food for Arjun, he stole Nisha’s money. Arjun asks Babblu to just enjoy. They start dancing and drinking. Arjun suddenly remember blurry flashbacks of him and Jhanvi when they were together, how they got married. Babblu asks what happened? Arjun says I see someone’s face constantly.

Jiya gets ready as Jhanvi. Chinni says we are ready Jhanvi Maa. Jiya says dont call me Maa otherwise my modeling career will end, Chinni says you are a model? she says yes. Kaki comes there and is shocked to see her in saree, sindoor and mangalsutra, she says my daughter in law have come back, Jiya says I am not Jhanvi, she was simple and innocent but Jiya is smart and clever, I wont let injustice happen with you, she asks Chinni if she brought everything? Chinnni says yes, Jiya says great.

Nisha and Samar comes home, Nisha says there will party here today for our success. Samar says we can party when deal is finalized. Nisha says tomorrow papers will be signed so we cant party today, we should thank Jindal family as they did our work in the end too, she starts drinking wine, he smiles and leaves. Nisha sees Jhanvi’s picture on wall and is stunned. She calls servant and asks who put this photo here? how did it come here? servant says I dont know, she screams to remove it. Samar comes there and sees Jhanvi’s photo too. Servant tries to remove photo from wall but black tears start following from Jhanvi’s eyes in photo, Samar says this must be scientific thing. Servant is about to remove photo but Nisha stops him, Nisha takes off photo and pours kerosene on it, she lights photo on fire, Samar looks on. She leaves.

Nisha comes to her room and says who put Jhanvi’s photo there? Arjun calls out to her from garden. Arjun and Babblu are drunk. Arjun shouts for Nisha. Nisha comes to balcony and asks who are you? Arjun says thank you for money, you dont recognize me now but you will see it soon. Nisha tries to see his face but Arjun is hiding behind bushes. Nisha asks Samar to check, he goes to check in garden but Babblu has already taken Arjun away.
Nisha comes to her room and says this day is bad. She opens cupboard and finds saree which Jhanvi was wearing when Nisha shot her,she thinks how Jhanvi’s saree came here? Samar comes there. Nisha throws saree at him, he says Jhanvi’s saree here? she says you know color of her saree too? he says what are you saying? whats wrong with you? Nisha says you dont know anything? Nisha comes to Samar and points knife at his neck, she says you are trying to play my game on myself and thought I wouldnt get to know it? what do you want to do? you said you dont remember past but wants to make me feel guilty, when I burned Jhanvi’s things in office, you got angry and is showing me her things, even after years you cry for her, you want to make me weak then prove me mental and take all property from me, your thinking is too small for me. Nisha says you are living luxury life because of me, you dont have any standard, if you try to blackmail me then I wont spare you. Samar pushes her away and says you are a mental and I dont have to prove it, I have always been with you, I am not interested in your games and property, crazy girl. Nisha says to Samar that if you recognize my nature then I am familiar with your nature too, Kaki and Chinni cant do this then who else can be doing this? its you who is doing it, she strangles him with Jhanvi’s saree, he shouts to stop it, he pushes her away and says you are crazy. She screams that yes I am crazy.

PRECAP- Arjun is in bar,
he is drunk. Samar is in bar and is drunk too. Arjun strikes with him, Samar is shocked to see him and says Adi?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please could someone tell me what happened to Beeni ?

    1. She is in mental hospital

  2. This is the weirdest case of reincarnation on telly ever. I could see how the writers can’t do damage control anymore, their reincarnation angle has hit the fan and there’s mess all over. I’ve read of reincarnation stories on YouTube but this one here is beyond wild imagination. Something is horribly wrong with this writer, but we all on this forum knows that logic is a far fetched notion we shouldn’t expect anything. So…. I’m glad this story is swirling like a whirlwind and hopefully end sooner than later because I can’t handle this bedtime story…too much pain to watch. It’s only because I like seeing things go through to the end, that I’m still here….and for sudeep…so , whatever!!!!!…..

  3. thank you Neha

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