Woh Apna Sa 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia thinks Arjun is back

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Scene 1
Jia sees newspaper. Arjun has been found by police. She runs downstairs to tell everyone. Whole house is decorated with welcome back banners. Jia says you all knew. Bini says we wanted to surprise you. Jia says lets go. Bini says he is on his way. Akash says Krishan is bringing him. Nisha says yes he is coming don’t worry. Make his favorite dish.
She cooks his favorite dishes. Akash says wow you made all this. Jia says wheree is he? He says he will be here in 1 hour. Jia says should I call? Akash says I just called. He is on his way. he isn’t picking. Jia faints. They take her to room. Akash says she wont wake up till morning. Nisha says it has no side affects. She will be fine. Bini says we are doing this to get her out of depression. Krishna says she will wake up tomorrow

and ask for him.

Jia wakes up next morning. she says how am I here? Its morning?? Where is Arjun? Akash says when she calls on Arjun’s number. She comes downstairs. She says where is arjun>? Bini says he was waiting for you. He left this note for you. Jia reads didn’t want to wake you up. There is a meeting. We will have dinner together. Jia says I never had dinner with him. Akash says we all sat here and had dinner. Bini says we all talked so much. You were stressed. jia says don’t play this game with me. I never saw Arjun. He never came here. You both are hiding something. I will talk to him. Call him. Jia dials arjun’ss number. Krishan leaves. Krishna talks in Arjun’s voice. He says Jia.. I will come in evening. She says Arjun where are you? He says I will come home. There are meeting. Akash you spoke to him. JJia says he sounded worried. He never cuts call like that. I wont move from here until he comes back. Akash says please eat something. Nisha says have this juice please. Bini says dont’ worry he will be home. Jia says I will wait for him. Nisha says wake up when he comes. They all go to their rooms.

Akash says what should we do now. what was that voice.. Krishan says that was the voice moderation device. Krishna says let her wait. He texts her that he will be home late. Bini says you should rest. Jia says I am fine I will wait here.
Nisha says to Krishan I hope everything is as per plan. He nods.
Jia falls asleep on couch. Someone in a hoodie comes close to her. The man has a knife in hand. Jia wakes up with water drops on her face. She says water.. She sees the shadow of man in the water.
Precap-Nisha turns on TV. She sees the video of he men throwing Arjun in the water. She is dazed. /

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rubbish sheer rubbish the writers have turned this serial into a laughing stock it’s like a kid is doing the directing of this comedy of errors. I think it’s time to pull the curtains down what say???

    1. You are right.
      They should end this .
      Too much BS.

  2. Worst Drama not sure what directors are doing .
    Waste of time watching this . Now Nisha is back .
    Same BS as before . Never happy ending for Jia.
    End the drama

  3. Jayashree,the news is that WAS will be replaced by another serial very shortly ‘Yeh Teri Galiya’,supposed to be the most passionate love story of this year and starring Manish Goplani.Good Riddance,is n’t it? The way it is going on is nothing less than a comedy of errors…instead ,the makers should have ended it after season 1 and on a better note.

  4. But don’t you think Lakshmi all the serials in the beginning are great but midway they mess it up? And yes you are correct when you said good riddance I am going to add a bit more to good riddance…..to bad rubbish lol. I have not heard about Yeh Teri Galiya,there is one I like on Starplus Kulfi Kumar so far so good but the little girl really has a nasty attitude.

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