Woh Apna Sa 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jhanvi meets the woman and says I am really sorry, someone is brought to your house from hospital, where is that person? please tell me, woman says my son left me and has gone to God, they have taken him to graveyard, they have taken him away from me forever, away from me, she cries. Jhanvi asks where? she says marine ground, they must have buried him till now, Jhanvi says no nothing can happen to Adi.

Jhanvi comes to graveyard, she shouts for Adi and cries. She sees a grave and starts digging it seeing as its fresh. She digs it and says Adi? she brings out coffin and sees someone with face covered with bandages. She takes off bandages and its Adi. She asks him to wake up. She brings him and pleads him to wake up. She pumps his heart and gives him Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but

he doest respond, she cries and says no.. Adi suddenly gasps and wakes up. Jhanvi gets elated.
Kaki gets call and says thank God Adi is fine. Kaka thinks how Adi got saved? Jhanvi is on call and says to Kaki that I am taking Adi to hospital, she ends call. Kaki says to Baba that someone tried to hurt Adi but Jhanvi brought him out of death trap but whoever tried to hurt Adi, God will punish that person. Baba says who is trying to hurt out kids? Kaki says thank God Jhanvi found Adi, I will pray to God. Kaka thinks Adi got saved again how?

Jhanvi brings Adi to hospital. Doctor says Adi is fine, you gave him CPR on right time. Jhanvi says how can you give alive person to some other family? find about that wardboy, doctor says he ranaway, Jhanvi says I will sue you if you dont take action, he says we are cooperating with police. Jhanvi says Nisha cant do all this as she is in critical condition, it must be that shadow, we have to find out about that. Adi says I want to go home.

Jhanvi brings Adi home. Kaki says thank God you are fine. Baba says what is happening? I would die without you Adi, dont know whose evil eye has cast us, Kaki says I am sure till Jhanvi is with Adi, she wont let anything happen to Adi. Raj asks Jhanvi who did this to Adi? Jhanvi says I dont know but we have to be careful. Kaka says Jhanvi this all happened because of you Jhanvi, dont know how Adi would return home if you were not here. Baba asks Jhanvi to go home and take rest, tomorrow is wedding, I want you and Adi to become one as soon as possible, Jhanvi nods, Raj agrees to drop Jhanvi home, Jhanvi leaves. Adi goes to rest. Adi sees Jhanvi leaving, she nods at him hinting everything is fine and leaves. Adi goes to his room too.

Kaka comes to his room and says I made such a good plan, this girl.. he gets a call from his wardboy, goon says I need some money, Kaka says you have got your money, leave city, wardboy asks if he threw syringe? Kaka says it was in my coat’s pocket. Kaka checks his coat’s pocket but doesnt find syringe, his door knocks, he opens it and finds Kaki, kaki says what are you doing with closed door? Kaka says I was worried about Adi so just taking rest. Kakai sees cupboard opened. Baba comes there and says from the time Adi has come, he seems worried, lets make his mood right.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes to Nisha in hospital. She says Nisha you are Adi’s first wife in world’s eye and me second but I have loved Adi a lot, true love, I tried to make your house too but you hurt people so much that I had to come inbetween, truly you have lost most precious thing of your life, family which have Adi, Chinni, Binni, Kaka, Baba and mother like Kaki, if you cared for them and loved Adi then I would have been happy seeing you all happy far away from that family, I am sorry but I am going to marry Adi today and will become his life partner and you will lose all your rights to get him, she turns to leave but her shirt gets stuck in her bed, she takes it off and looks at Nisha lying unmoving there, she leaves.

In morning, Adi wakes up and is tensed. Baba and Kaka comes to him and says you are not ready till now? Kaka says I feel till bad time is not finished, we should postpone this wedding till then, I feel that shadow is still roaming around the house, what if that person gets successful in his plans and hurts Jhanvi? we should not drag Jhanvi in all this mess, its your duty to keep Jhanvi happy, Jhanvi wont leave you as she has loved you but you will put her in danger by marrying her. Baba says no Jhanvi has done a lot for us and she has many hopes from this marriage, we wont let her hopes break and our Adi will compose her, Adi says yes, Kaka says but.. Baba says enough, Jhanvi is ready as bride, come on Adi, Adi nods, Baba leaves, Kaka looks on.

Jhanvi gets ready as bride, Maa says you are getting married? I cant believe, I always wanted to choose your life partner and I am so happy that its Adi, he will keep you happy, there are daughters there, love them without any limits, I used to always feel like you are our mother as you handled me and Survi like that, we will miss you so much, Jhanvi hugs her and cries. Survi comes there and dances, they laugh. Survi says says finally Simran is going with Raj, they all hug.

PRECAP- Adi and Jhanvi take pheras in mandap. They exchange garlands.
Doctor checks Nisha’s pulse and she is still in coma.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This better be a dream sequence…

    1. Why do u say that

      1. At the time, I had only read first part of ongoing update, it’s so funny that someone could stay so long without air in an enclosed coffin!! The things we see for entertainment huh….

  2. It’s adivi marriage but literally I’m not enjoying it…. it’s not up to our expectations….they drag unnecessary twist but when it comes to the main story they are rushing….for the first time I want this to be a dream, not full but only adivi marriage because divorce is hanging and I want to see the hide and seek romance of adivi, plus want Nisha to watch it and can’t do anything (which can only be possible after divorce).

    1. Bulbul, they both look reluctant to proceed with marriage, I don’t blame them. This marriage feels like a dud!! No mehendi, no sangeet and no romance…such a disappointment for me. Do you think that this serial will end sooner than we thought.?? I notice that Kaki is giving Kaka some long, hard and suspicious looks. It’s amazing how with all those furtive glances from Kaka, no one in the house is suspecting him like I want to believe that Kaki is suspecting. How will writers justify his deeds to his family?? I think he should be kicked out because he’s been committing a serious crime against his elder brother for so long,not forgetting keeping Asha alive for all those years, tied to a chair…i hope Kala had let her shower, eat, sleep and use the loo…maybe even watch TV…because that is so bad of him to deprive her of basic amenities. ? ? ?… Did you notice that the coffin lid was as clean as a whistle when Jhanvi slid it across??? I know I nitpick a lot but sometimes these scenes are so preposterous…i laugh my head off!! Gosh… I so wanted Nisha to see Adivi married but this is lost now…and I dislike how Adi is still married to Nisha…maybe he will put one wife each in separate bedroom in the house… Lorddddddd….. ???

  3. Adivi got married?? For real?? ?? …okkkkkk……

  4. How can they marry when the first wife is still alive??????..coma or no coma. Writers need to stop showing illegal stuff on TV

  5. I was waiting more than 6 months for that and I’m not thrilled. No Mehendi no Sangeet and the worst thing is that either Adi or Jhanvi seems really happy. I don’t get why the rush. it’s like producers know that the show wille be cancelled and want to put an end at the story. And Oh my God Adi is getting married and there is still a big pic of his ex wife above his bed. By the way when did she became an ex wife.
    Anyway Jhanvi was really pretty.

  6. Friends, I’m not talking about today’s episode but as to where we have reached in the Caribbean, where Adi went to the jail to broker a deal with Nisha. So, I’ve been watching and thinking that Jhanvi doesn’t act like a woman in love. I think she’s coming across too prim and proper or wooden, I must add!! A woman in love is always starry eyed and blushing. I know she’s unhappy with turn of events now but she went to the hospital bed today and
    confided to prone Nisha that she’ll be
    marrying Adi and It came across like a
    business proposition!!! Crap, I was so hyped up about this romance but I can’t
    stress enough how disappointed I am with
    this chemistry. Maybe I developed a bad
    habit to see serious romantic moments
    between other couples like Mehek and Shaurya, who couldn’t keep their eyes and
    hands of each other, or Anika and…i can’t
    remember his name in Ishqbaaz, Jodha
    and Akbar who heated up the screen 100
    degrees, Asad and Zoya, Abhimanyu and Geetu in KLKAH and Raghav and Kalpi in
    EMA… So, I got spoiled watching sizzling
    stuff and now I complain about the lack of it!!! Maybe I should not comment for a few days, but it wouldn’t get better!! Sighs…. ????

  7. On a positive note… Jhanvi looked very pretty today in her wedding attire. I love her lipstick color!!!

  8. I can’t understand why my diction looks like that up there, looks like I wrote a poem which has no rhymes….clearly shows my frustration I guess!!! Sorry friends.. ??

  9. hope Kaki has a role to play now… she is suspecting Kaka strongly…

  10. So many soaps but nothing would/could be as good of the concluded ” Banoo Main Teri Dulhann”

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