Woh Apna Sa 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Maa opens door and sees Jhanvi there. Maa says you came early today, lets go to shopping. Jhanvi doesnt answer her and sadly comes in house. Survi is confused seeing her state. Jhanvi is still in shock. Survi comes to her and asks if she is fine? what happened? why you seem tensed? Jhanvi says make coffee for me, i want tea. Survi says you want coffee or tea? Jhanvi says i am hungry. Survi says what are you saying? Jhanvi says i am stupid, why did i involve in his personal matter? he told me what he doesnt like but still i didnt listen, i lost my job. Survi says what?
Adi takes of all photos from his office walls.
Jhanvi says to Survi that i wont be able to help Adi now, i wont be able to make him meet his old safe, i wont make his life better. Survi says think if you are

guilty that you involved in his personal life or that you want be able to make his life better?
Sameer comes to Adi and says why did you fire your employee? why because she tried to make your personal life join professional life? Adi says i dont know. Sameer says you should think about Nisha, Adi says i have placed spy camera, we will know truth.
Nisha calls her mother and says everythingt went well, i planned everything, after breaking relation with you, i have made relation with kaka more strong, she can break her relation with Adi but now she cant break relation with me. She sees Kaki comging there so she comes in room and talks to her mother on phones without realizing that everything is being recorded in spy camera.
Jhanvi writes in diary, she writes to God that i want to talk about Adi, i didnt expect what happened today, my intentions and his problems clashed.
Adi greets Sameer and leaves office.
Jhanvi writes in her diary that i just tried to make Adi’s life better, i tried to make him smile, i know his anger is because of some serious problem, he is dying inside, i dont know his problems but he is really nice, just make him see path to live life, just show him way to end his problems, please help him. Jhanvi puts her diary page in mandir of house and prays for Adi.
Adi comes home. He comes in room and takes out his spy camera. She puts in pocket and comes to garden. Adi looks at video, he sees Nisha talking to her mother on phone. He sees in video, Nisha says to her mother that i cant forgive you after what you did with kaka and kaki, i wont talk to you anymore, dont call me again, video ends. Adi says Nisha talked rudely to her mother even when she was alone? unbelievable. Nisha comes there and says you were making my videos? you are not like this, you are doing this because you dont believe me? i have changed, its disgusting what you did. Adi says i know you well, i know you cant change, dont do this drama. Nisha says you placed cameras there, i did everything for Chinni, Binni and you. Adi says you did everything for yourself, you are selfish woman. Nisha says everything can break in married relation but trust should remain there and after what you did by spying, you broke my trust, when i used to say that i will throw your family out, you used to believe me and now when i am changing so you dont believe me? Adi says person’s nature can never change, i know all problems are happening because of you, i will never forgive you for that insult of kaka. Nisha pushes him away and says what you did? you were silent, i was the one who threw my parents out of house and saved kaka’s respect. You can even ask servant of this house how i live here, Adi says i dont need to ask anyone, do this drama infront of your parents not with me, he leaves. Nisha recalls flashback how when Adi was placing spy camera in room, Nisha saw him placing it. fb ends. Nisha says Adi keep thinking about me all the time, Adi is innocent so he must think how he got Nisha in life. Neha comes there and asks if she is busy? Nisha says not at all. Neha says tomorrow is function of mahashivratri, you prepare every year and i will help you this year, Nisha says we will make it special, Nisha thinks some idea.

Scene 2
Its morning, Maa asks Jhanvi to sit with her, make diya. Jhanvi sits with Maa and Survi, she starts making diya, Maa says you are not concentrating, Jhanvi says i have headache, Maa says you go and rest. Jhanvi comes to her room and is tensed. Survi comes there and tries to cheer up Jhanvi by saying lame poetry, Survi says Adi made your mood like this, if you dont tell me truth then i will call Adi and ask him what happened, tell me everything. Jhanvi says its not about Adi, i dont understand anything,. Survi says its all about time, you will get more good job. Jhanvi says its not about job only. Survi says you are worried for Adi, i know you want him to become happy but he doesnt want to be happy then you cant do anything, let him be. Jhanvi says i tried so much but what did i get? he threw me out of job, i dont want to think about him but my brain doesnt stop thinking about him. Survi says your heart gets melted easily but you have to remain happy to keep spreading smile in world, you look Chinese when you smile, Jhanvi smiles, Survi leaves.
Nisha comes to Shivlink and puts thread ball in pooja plate. All family members come there. Nisha touches Kaki and Kaka’s feet and says lets start pooja, you both will do first then me and Adi then Raj and Neha. Nisha gives one sacred thread to Kaki and takes weak thread to tie on Adi’s hand. Kaki says we tie this thread on couples wrists so their relation become more strong, they remain together till eternity, you have to keep your wrists tied together till pooja ends, thread should not break during pooja. Nisha starts tying thread on her and Adi’s wrist. Kaki says to Neha that you and Nisha will keep fast for Raj and Adi respectively. Adi and Nisha starts pooja but Nisha pulls thread from her wrist and because of weak thread, it gets broken. Nisha shows broken thread and says Adi it broke? Kaki says sacred thread brokedown? this is such bad omen, Adi glares at Nisha who acts like dejected.

PRECAP- Jhanvi says to Adi that i just wanted to bring old Adi back, i wanted to make you remember happiness which your forgot, we should respect life which we have got, dont feel bad about my words, just think what you were and what you have become now and why? Adi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode.ths nisha she is so selfish tht she luvs persons for money.i hate ger face.i hope jhanvi is able to take out aditya from ths womens trap.

    1. she does not luv persons..she s just doing for money

  2. oh god nisha is very clever and evil too much…she wanted to expose adi’s divorce plan show to kakima….poor adi and innocent type…nisha-adi do not love each other buy why adi marrying nisha?? flash back did not show but why?? upcming track kakima slap adi for divorcing nisha and also family’s anger on aditiya then kakima break realtion with aditiya…he s very break down but he cant do anything against nisha…adi;s heart is weakness…..

    janvi’s brain did not stop thinking abt adi becoz she is in love with him and pain….dont wry janvi…adi ll give a chance to get a job

    i want to see romance adi-janvi love story…boring nisha scence…plz director bring deep love,romance for adivi rockzzzz

  3. A story of Aditya and Jhanvi who discover true love and companionship amidst all odds and norms of the society.

  4. Chanpreet0815

    Feeling sad for Adi. And janvi too. naa hi isme janvi ki koi galti h or naa hi AdI Ki. I think adI u should forgive janvi

  5. Gosh….every time this scenario happens in a serial, I feel like smashing my tv but what would I accomplish?? It so happens that Nisha accidentally comes into the room and sees Adi setting his camera up, he didn’t hear the door open, so why can’t kaka and kaki accidentally be around when Nisha is bashing Adi and spewing her venom? How convenient for these writers. The only positive thing I see taking place, is that Adi isn’t falling for Nisha’s cheap tricks. You all know how a person in soap land can be gullible courtesy the writers but for once, I see this character who is Adi, doing a 180 degree!! Thank you writers for not allowing Adi to be and think like all mainstream characters. I wish that Adi’s divorce is granted easily and that he can move on to romance Janu, doesn’t matter if Nisha drags them to hell after, they will only become stronger in their adversities! Hey Priya, are you the same person on ETRETR?? BTW…..I think the actress doing Nisha, looks a lot older than Sudeep Sahil, don’t mean to be disrespectful but her face is too gaunt, the actress doing Jhanvi, reminds me of Kareena Kapoor Khan, she has a very healthy complexion and looks smashing on the screen. Have a lovely weekend friends……..

  6. Hey adivi family,
    How was ur weekend guys?
    janu fired…Like as other serial, how can a serial continue without twist n nisha once again playing cheap tricks…I am longing for adivi scenes…Loved the epi…
    Naz, that’s absoultely true only when gud ones r gonna do smthing then only negative ones sees that…

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