Woh Apna Sa 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia unites with Kaki

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Scene 1
Jia wakes up in a hospital. Arjun says thank Godd you opened eyes. Nurse comes and gives them diwali sweets. Arjun says what is she stuck in. She sleeps. Arjun takes her eyelash and wishes that her problem goes away. He says I should go now. Jia holds his hand. She says are you running? He says no I was going to bring doctor. She says I am fine. Arjun makes her sit. Jia sees happy diwali box and eats a sweet from it. He says happy Diwali. He says we are both safe. She says thanks for saving my life. Arjun says are you crazy? There were thugs and fire. She says why did you stay? You could have gone. He says let it be. We are safe that matters. Jia says this all is already written. She says I feel better now. He says let me go and talk to the doctor. Jia recalls what Chini said. She says

that girl wasn’t wrong. She isn’t mad. She is Chini. Arjun says you can be discharged. She says thank you. He gives her the bill. She says I will pay it. Jia gives him money. He says no.. She says this is your taxi fare. He leaves.

Nisha says to her lawyer you have to solve my problem. Idiot. Samar says choose diwali cards. She says you want to celebrate Diwali? Lawyer said that we need signature of babasa on the papers. He says don’t worry. We will do it. Nisha says idiot we can’t fake them. We will be jailed. He says no one would know. She says Kaki ma is alive. if she gives her statement we would be stuck. We have shut her forever.

Scene 2
Arjun says got money too. Lets celebrate diwali now.
Her name is nice. Why am I a better person with her? Jia comes there. She says you are the best person in this world. He says forgive me I can’t help any more. She says one last time please. He says no not possible. She says please.
He takes her in his car. Arjun says where do we go now? She says police station. Arjun says in heart did she recognize me? Jia says I saved a girl from kidnap. I want her address. He heaves a sigh of relief.

Nisha is looking for file. She finds Jhanvi’s picture and bangles instead. She throws them and says Samar you kept them safe? You still miss her? He says its just data relax. We have lost more than them. She says if I ever find anything related to Jhanvi again I will burn it. You better focus on work. Where are the files? He gives her files.

Jia says are you sure this is the place? He says yes this is address police gave. He says I should go now. She says will you leave me here alone? He says I will wait here and yyou go do your work. Please hurry up. She says okay.
Chini is preparing for diwali. She says constable said they will text me her phone number. Kaki says I said we should get new lights. Lights turn off. Chini says let me check main switch. Kaki says happy diwali adi jhanvi. Door knocks. Kaki says who is it. She trips in lights and falls. Jia comes in and says are you okay? Lights turn on. Kaki’s specs are fallen. Jia says Kaki ma..Kaki puts her specs on.. Jia says I Jhavni. Kaki is in shock. Jia says what is your condition. Kaki says who are you.. Your face. Jia says I am your Jhanvi. I am back, Kaki says thats not possible. You are someone else. You can’t be Jhanvi. Stay away from me. You are her doppelganger. Someone sent you. Jia says I know you are scared but I am back. Its all my mistake. I shouldn’t have brought Nisha back. Because of me you lost your son. I am really sorry. Because of me you have to live here. I am your Jhanvi. Kaki recalls Chini’s words. Jia says remember when we were going to paris you gave me our family sari. We went to temple. Nisha and Samar came there and killed us. We tried to save ourselves but we failed. She is crying. Kaki hugs her and cries.

Chini comees there and says you came back. Jia says you grew up. I am sorry i didn’t recognize you that day. Kaki says where were you all those years? Jia says I was born here. Then we shifted to UK. When I was 7 mummy papa died in plane crash. I manage everything alone. I see flashes of temples. I had questions and came here for answers. You and Chini are the answers. Kaki says sometimes we don’t know what God plans. I am so happy you are back. I lost all the hope. Chini never gave up. She handled everything alone. She told me one day you would come back. Kaki says adi didn’t but you are back.

Precap-Jia says I have to remove this threat Nisha and get you your right. Nisha comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aww she remembers do not worry Jia Nishaji is waiting to pounce on you given the opportunity she will not think twice before killing you again I hope she do not end up killing you again and again LMAO

  2. Is jia remember how come adi don’t n I hope she pretend to be a ghost n frighten nisha

  3. Hmmmmm…..good it’s moving along quickly and not beating around the bush..at least we don’t need to pull our hair in frustration because writers are prolonging the inevitable. With this new avatar of Jhanvi, I can’t wait to see her handle Nisha and Samar, it’s going to be a treat because Jia’s hot mouth is needed to fight this emotionless robotic Nisha. Jayashree, don’t you think that this actress delivers her lines like a robot?? ? Riddhi was sultry, seductive, and s*xiness personified…her dialogue delivery was so psychotic but s*xy, for months I was able to only watch her mouth until I saw her strides matched her dialogue delivery.. What an actress!!!! ??…i think it would have been better if an unknown actress had gotten this role because a nice actress like Mansi is known for her good roles and filling Riddhi Dogra’s shoes is a difficult task, a new actress would have carved her own new brand into the role and I’m sure would have come across more compelling. This same thing happened in Naamkaran, as much as the replacement actress tried, Reema was the ultimate Dayawanti Mehta and I just never liked this one, forcing me to abandon the serial…there’s always a reason to say that original is always the best……

  4. That is a good thought Leila I also hope she pretend to be a ghost and scare the shit outta Nisha Lmao

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