Woh Apna Sa 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jhanvi gets Raj’s call, he says Adi ate food, you gave good tip to mix pepper in his food and he would eat. Adi takes call and says you know how to make things work, Jhanvi says you are showing your bossy attitude, Adi asks if she is fine? she says yes, take care of yourself, Adi says I will come to your Maa to apologize. Jhanvi says okay, I will take care of your family, Chinni and Binni miss you, even Jimmy too, remember you are strong.. Adi says your radio started again, I am ill, Jhanvi says sorry, Adi says take care of yourself, you are so important to me, he ends call. Jhanvi smiles.

In morning, Adi’s family members sit in pooja with priests. Nisha comes there and thinks that seems like some pooja is going on, I should pretend to be good daughter in law. Nisha comes

to Neha and asks why so many priests have come? Neha says I dont know. Nisha says I will take things for pooja. She brings pooja things and offers it to Kaka, he glares at her. Jhanvi comes there with her family and asks Kaki why she called them urgently? everything fine? Kaki shakes her head. Raj brings Adi on wheelchair there. Kaka says my son has come, start pooja. Priests start pooja, Nisha looks on. Priest asks Raj to bring photo of person which is dead for them. Raj sees photo hidden with cloth on it. Raj and Nisha brings it there. cloth on photo catches fire from diay, Nisha blows off fire and takes off cloth from photo. She is shocked to see that its her smiling photo, all are stunned. Nisha gets confused, she looks at Kaka in shock, Kaka stands up, he takes water pot and pours it above his head, all look on. Kaka says from today, Nisha is dead for me and my family, I am doing her sharad(death mourning). Nisha says what is all this time? I am alive, stop this, I didnt do anything. Nisha asks Kaki to say something to Kaka, I am like your daughter, is this happening because of Jhanvi? if she went for voice test then truth would have come out, I didnt want to hit Adi.. Kaka shouts shut up.. enough, now you will listen and I will speak, I brought you in this house like my daughter, I always took your side and was fair but I never thought you would bring my son to death bed for this money and power? you didnt leave any chance to bring this family on roads, Its good that Jhanvi came in our lives otherwise this family would have been destroyed and on road because of you Nisha. Kaka folds his hand infront of Jhanvi and says forgive me, you kept telling me truth but I took Nisha’s side and insulted you at every chance, you were stranger but still tried to protect my family, I never listened to you, forgive me if you can, Jhanvi says no sir. Kaka says to Kaki that you kept trying to tell me truth but I was blinded by this Nisha’s lie, forgive me if you can, Kaki shakes her head. Kaka comes to Baba and folds his hands, he says I am your criminal, Nisha hurt you, took advantage of your illness, but I couldnt protect you, she hurt you so much, forgive me if you can. Baba says this Nisha is a snake in our house, we gave her so much love as daughter in law but she has put void in our son. Kaka comes to Adi, he says how to apologize to you Adi? I couldnt be your father, Adi says dont say that, Kaka says you bear all the pains she gave to you but when you lost and tried to take my help, I didnt believe you, I trust this Nisha who tried to kill you yesterday, I took my son as wrong, I raised doubts on your character, on your values and upbringing, I couldnt become your father, I lost as father but today.. I will set everything right, I will finish all misunderstandings. Kaka comes to Nisha. Kaka says today I know this Nisha’s truth, in last 8 years you kept trying to break Adi to separate him from family and when he didnt listen, you tried to hurt my family, when Jhanvi tried to help you, you kidnapped her and attempted rape on her using goons? how can you stoop that low? I have seen respected women in life but you are so selfish, your respect, your worth, your power is most important to you, you are stain on womanhood, Adi wont throw you out of his life but today I will throw this Nisha out of this house, away from this family that she wont ever return. Kaka says to Nisha that I never thought even dreams that there can be woman like you, you are a shame on women’s name, I want to remove your name from every aspect of my son’s life, I throw you out Adi’s life, get lost from my house right now. Nisha grabs burning stick, she points it at Kaka and says shut up, Neha tries to stop her but Nisha throws her away, Adi shouts Nisha.. Nisha says I dont care about anyone, this is my house, Adi is mine, I didnt want to kill Adi yesterday, you want to mourn my death?
you want to finish me? today, right now, I will kill you all, Kaka glares at her. Jhanvi tries to snatch burning stick from her, Nisha says leave. Jhanvi says I wont let you destroy this family, Jhanvi throws Nisha away, Nisha falls near Adi’s wheelchair. Nisha says Adi say something, you know I do everything for you and Chinni-Binni, tell them, Adi? Adi? Adi glares at her. Kaka grabs Nisha’s hand and says you wont come in this house ever again. Kaka starts dragging her on floor, Nisha trashes her feet and shouts Adi to stop them, Adi doesnt look at her and let Kaka keep dragging her out of house, Nisha says this is my house, I wont go anywhere. Kaka throws her out of house, Nisha sees all family members glaring at her with hatred, Nisha yells for Adi, she asks him to say something but Adi keep looking away. Kaka closes door of house on her face. Nisha bangs door and cries. She gets tensed and looks on.

Nisha starts walking away from Adi’s house, she recalls Kaka’s words that she is dead for them. She recalls how Kaka dragged her and threw her out of house.

Kaka comes to family after closing door, he sadly looks at Adi and leaves. Adi is in pain and looks down.
Nisha stands outside house. She looks at closed door and house with regret. She leaves from there.
Kaki says to Adi that we dont know what will happen in future, but what you had to bear for 8 years, that had to end.

Maa and Survi goes to call taxi. Adi and Jhanvi are alone in lounge, Jhanvi says you are thinking about Chinni and Binni right? Adi says when kids will ask where is their mother, what will I say? they are very young, what will I tell them? parents are everything for kids and if one is not present then.. Jhanvi says I understand, I wenr through it myself. Adi says I am very tensed.

PRECAP- Kaka says to Adi that we cant tell truth to kids right now, they are young and situation is not right, we can tell them that Nisha has gone out for few days. Adi says no I will talk to my kids, they have right to know the truth, I will talk to them and will tell them everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg,just stop this.This means riddi is leaving the show,right?Noooooo.I can’t bear this.I’ll kill this jhanvi.who gave her the right to enter into other family’s matters.and adi;He even did not think that nisha is his wife.

    1. I completely agree with you… things were going on as they were and would have been fine as they were before… Adi stayed with Nisha, he could have even his whole life, she wasn’t that bad but that witch Janvi entered in their life and ruined a happy family just for her one sided love’s sake!!! Why the hell did she get involved in another family’s matters? In real she’s the one who wants Adi’s family and create drifts between hubby and wife…. Nisha don’t cry! These people don’t deserve you!

      1. in a true matter..the problem was there before janvi enter to Adi`s family, at the begining Nisha wants Adi to take all wealth for kaka, Nisha is there to that family because of money not love at that time. When jhanvi starts work to Adi`s company she sees Adi has alot of stress and he is so harsh, she involve to Adi first because is her boss and then becomes friend with him;…she starts to educate Adi how to avoid stress and fight to unite his family. Nisha is one who start to follow Adi to his office, and then told Jhanvi to talk to Adi not to divorce her, at there Nisha starts to feels jelouse things change

    2. Riddhi doesn’t have to leave the show, she can continue with her murderous and evil ways after all, we need a villain and Nisha fits the profile…. So Teju, this is what someone gets when they put greater value on materialistic things and don’t value the familial relationships they have surrounded themselves with over the years…. The pain of losing this family will be greater than all the wealth she had while living there…her trouble has now started….. You sympathise with her and I say,… she looked for it….. Don’t fret too much, there’s divorce coming up soon so you’ll still see Riddhi Dogra around.

    3. Hi teju ..
      I don’t think jhanvi is wrong from her side.. she values family… u knw in the past after knowing adi is married guy she tried to get away from him and live a new life..but situation not allowed her to get away she ended up back wit adi .. love s important between each family memb..without love relationship cannot last long..nisha s on her own world she want only adi and kids and no-one else..nisha s so selfish in her way.. I m set If my words hurt u..?

    4. wait wait wait i dont think im watchin d same serial as u two.. for 8 yrs Nisha has terrorized adi and his family yet u’all believe she should continue doin so? she has been given various chances to change,she had a family dat not only loved her but took her side over adi’s everytime..and wat she did got kaka arrested,changed kaki’s meds,torture baba, lies every chance she gets and tried to break apart her family dat loves her. but hey shes adi’s wife so its completely ok for her to terrorize dem and destroy her whole family right.nobody else but nisha destroyed her family and jhanvi is not to blame one bit.but as i said in d beginnin u all r watchin some other serial

      1. Ok she’s a bit bad but she never wanted to murder someone before Janvi came in their life.. she had problems with Adi’s dad but if you think practically nowadays nobody wants to take care of a handicapped person… And Nisha only wanted the property and that too for Adi not herself! If you think in today’s generation many people are throwing relatives put of their home etc…, many women convince their husbands to be away from their families and live alone!!!There’s nothing wrong about it!

  2. Nisha being thrown out of the house…..literally speaking, it’s priceless!!!! What a satisfying episode. I think Adi is correct in wanting to tell the truth to his daughters. I know they are too young but the truth is always the best option. It’s better he tells them than they keep asking questions and one lie produces hundreds of untruths…….i support his decisions. As per Priya’s comment yesterday, that’s probably Nisha’s last act before she’s put away but it’s horrible…. my goodness, is there no end to this wretch’s madness???

  3. Really I want that nisha’s character to end. But they will not end her character but drag her character as taking revenge Such a wicked women. She says she loves her husband but doesn’t care about his family and hurts his old father.
    She doesn’t know the meaning of love. She only loves herself and money. Poor adi he had to bear her for 8 years.

  4. Best episode ever. Not sure why people are sympathizing with Nisha. Sorry, not because you are married you should stay with each other when the other person is making your and your family lives a living hell Jhanvi has nothing to do with Nisha’s evilness, she just tried to stand up for the family and support Adi. She loves him but have never crossed the line and still have her self respect. So Nisha’s supporters need to chill. I am sure she will still be in the show as a stalker or something. There is no way she will leave that easily.

  5. teju and riya were you not close paying attention to what was going on in the life of adi and his family and how nisha was just destroying them for her lust and greed of their wealth; my gosh you two wake up and smell the coffee; it is a good thing that jhanvi was there to give her assistance to them; she is what you call a godsend otherwise nisha would have destroyed the whole of adis family and accomplish her goal. well done jhanvi you are one in a million; hats off to you for what you have done; you have saved an entire family from the wrath of their crazy ass daughter in law; nisha suppose to be in jail because she too damn wicked; she does not even love her own children chinni and binni, i am sure you all have noticed not once she mention that she is taking her children what sort of mother is she; i say we will surely miss her performance but there is an end to everything and so this serial had to end now with adi and jhanvi getting married and living happily ever after with the kids and adis family. good serial up to now please do not spoil it by prolonging the inevitable; you writers know very well what i mean lol.

    1. No, they weren’t. Actually for them it’s not about the story, it’s about the person playing Nisha’s role. As far, as the story is concerned, I’m glad Nisha’s been thrown out, I can’t believe the things she done. I doubt ic she’ll go away quietly, she’ll still pull some disgusting stunts. But, J’m looking forward to Adi realising he’s inlove, with Jhanvi. I’m also looking forward to the rest of the story how it unfolds.

    2. super very well said…….i agree with you


  7. This is such a beautiful episode it is worth watching more than once makes me wanting more woh aap na sa

  8. Oh so what nisha was dpibh to adi,s daddy was it good? What wrong has jhanvi done

  9. I don’t know why adi should think about Nisha because she is his wife.. what’s wrong with you ppl she is a demon… the most satisfying episode I have seen in any serial why can’t kumkum bhagya be more like this… can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  10. Really such a wonderful epi,,,, feel good to watch this that kaka thrown nisha out of the house,, and some guys blame janu for all this,, oooo plz it’s only happening for nisha’s disgusting deeds,,, she don’t deserve such a lovely family,,, and it’s really hard for the children to stay away from mother,, but really nisha not love,,,,her children, she only used them,, but the children loved her a lot,,
    But it’s good to tell the truth to children,, so go for it adi u have to tell the truth,,,
    Anyway. Waiting for next epi,,,,,,,,

    1. yes correct…truly very well said…..hope some guys blame on janvi but happens soon they r understanding about janvi also what she is value of family and protect…nisha does not deserve this

  11. Thanks to ALL the viewers who have their heads on their shoulders, and put those two commentators in their place. I promised Sapphire that I wouldn’t waste my time explaining to any other viewers, the essence of this serial…..in my comment above ,I tried to be as diplomatic as possible. They both are either extremely young or they just fell from the sky, because anyone who has been watching this serial and had one once of common sense, will definitely know how incredibly toxic Nisha is!!!! I didn’t want to be the one to correct these two viewers because I’d come across as bias but I’m sure happy you all defended Jhanvi.. Leisa….. I really think that they have not been watching the same serial as us…. I love your comment… ???

  12. Janvi once said that she will never be the 2nd women in adi life… but she will love him forever…
    this is pure love…

  13. Who is supporting Nisha she has been torturing Adi’ s Dad and u guys are putting d blame on janvi please janvi came to clean up d mess in d family if Nisha had not left she will definitely end up killing someone oneday. All tru Di’s marriage Adi’s life has been so boring full of sorrows and regret and u guys want him to continue like DAT? Dats wickedness Nisha pls leave and dont cm back.

  14. Hi tania I agree with u.naz u r points, r correct. Apart from the serial so many nisha in the world. Now one week before I met one young girl,,her papa and the whole family is suffering a lot bcz her maa is just like nisha,,,her papa sis is not married. But helps her family..
    Now as per the serial nisha is possessive everything…
    She used adi only for power,money,fame,,high,society etc,,,
    She doesn’t love her hubby. 2 used her children for her wishes to fulfill..not with love….3baba is tortured by her many times.she knows he isnot at good condition …4she sent. Kakusa tojail. 5she changedthekaki medicine 6. At Last janvi track as a lady and human being not acceptable….she only calledjanvi to renovate the house..janvi left house but kaki request ed her to help the family that is why she came again. ,,
    Janvi loves adi very much bcz he is very good man…when she knew that he is married man she stood one step behind him…but she is in limit..nisha is telling that bcz of janvi u r divorcing.u r a voinding . If adi marry janvi it becomes true… one hit was given by papa papa is ready to accept janvi as bahu..one week back.. janvi maa may be asked her. to marry adi…or she may be a good friend for adi for long time….but she loves adi unconditionally…..the ball in director and writer’s court…but this punishment is 100% correct for nisha….

  15. Hi guys!!!
    Upcoming news https://youtu.be/tcDvjEZ0txw

  16. at last kaka at last as i said earlier better late than never but nisha is not going to take this sitting down all hell will break loose when she starts with her plotting and why are persons taking nisha side she is a poor excuse for a woman she deserve every bit of what kaka did to her i am sorry adi did not do it too[help with throwing her ass out] just waiting anxiously to see what happens next

  17. omg nisha finally out of Adis life yippee
    She is sucha b*t*h , Is money all in the world
    she never gave love witch , Jhanvi did right and she should become the wife

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