Woh Apna Sa 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha pulls her parents and throws them out of house, she smirks at them. Nisha’s mother says listen to me, Nisha asks inspector to leave, he leaves. Nisha closes door on her parents’ face. She takes Kaka’s turban from floor, media is watching her. Nisha sits on Marwari community’s feet and says i am sorry for everything, dont snatch the honor which kaka deserves, he is best for this post, i say sorry on my parents’ behalf, Kaka is pure man. Head of society says that we have seen people but never saw a daughter in law who pushed her parents away for her inlaws, you are a really nice girl. Head says to kaka that i am sorry to misunderstand you, lets start ceremony again and honor you.
Ceremony starts, head makes Kaka wear turban, they honor him and

make him head. Nisha smirks at Adi, Adi glares at her.
Jhanvi is in Adi’s office. she gives food for peon to eat.
Nisha says sorry to Kaka, kaka says what you did for me made me proud, you are not my daughter in law but my daughter, he takes off his turban and says you deserve this turban for saving mine and my house’s respect, he gives her turban. Nisha says i dont need all this, i just want to be your daughter, Nisha touches Kaka’s feet, Adi leaves. Nisha thinks that Adi decided to divorce me because of his family but now his family is under my favors and cant go against me.
Jhanvi says to peon that we are one team, peon says Adi sir can scold us, Jhanvi says dont worry, i wont cheat you, my mom says to never cheat people.
Nisha says to her daughters did they like live movie? they says it was fun, Nisha says now go to sleep.
Nisha comes in room and asks Adi why he is sitting in darkness? Adi comes to her and says inspector came at right time, right when ceremony was about to start, how come? Nisha says you think i did all that? i know i have done many things but when i saw kaka and kaki in hospital, i realized how much i was hurting them, i dont want to hurt them, if i wanted to hurt them then why would i hurt my parents? why would i throw them out of house? Adi grabs her and says i know you well, i am your husband, dont do this acting of beign loving and caring, how you changed so suddenly? kaka and kaki used to love you earlier too and you said even pets love people, what happened now? Nisha says calm down, why you are shouting? kaka and kaki might hear. Adi says you wanted me to become man and talk to them? lets talk loudly now. Nisha says i am genuinely sorry for everything, i regret my mistakes, if i was behind all this then why would i go against my parents? Adi says if i get to know that you are behind everything that happened today then you will regret it. Nisha says dont be angry, lets eat food, Adi jerks her away and leaves. Nisha says dont eat then.

Scene 2
Jhanvi is leaving office. She starts her scooty and is not looking forward, she strikes with car. She shouts that you cant see scooty coming? you are driver and dont know how to drive, if it was girl driving car then people would blame her. She knocks on window, Adi rolls window down, Jhanvi says sir you hit my scooty? Adi says i am sorry, are you okay? she says i am perfectly fine. Jhanvi tries to start her scooty but it doesnt start, adi asks its not working? Jhanvi says dont worry, it will start. Adi says i think your scooty brokedown, park it, call mechanic tomorrow, i will drop you, its late and not safe. Jhanvi sits in Adi’s car, they leave. Jhanvi looks at Adi and thinks that sir wont be able to ignore me, this is right time to remind him of his past. Jhanvi recalls how Adi used to play guitar. She starts singing raabta song and asks Adi he remembers lyrics? i dont remember it. Adi glares at her but doesnt answer. Jhanvi starts radio and raabta is playing, Jhanvi says this is my favorite song. Adi recalls flashback, it shows Adi playing and singing raabta song for Nisha at pav bhaji stall, Nisha is disgusted with place and is ignoring Adi, she throws pav away adn says you are good singer but this place is cheap, mosquitoes are biting me, if you want to take me to dates then take me five star hotels but now like these places, i am leaving, flashback ends. Adi stops radio and says i hate music. Jhanvi says but you and music.. i mean boys like guitars and instruments in college days, did you never like it? Adi doesnt answer her. Jhanvi sees pav bhaji stall and asks Adi to stop, he asks what happened? she says i am hungry and i want to eat pav bhaji, he says now? Jhanvi says i am hungry. Jhanvi comes out of car and orders from stall. She asks Adi to come out of car, its nice weather, Adi says i am fine inside. Jhanvi thinks that i have to bring him out of car but how? Jhanvi gets pav bhaji plates. Jhanvi sits in car and says it didnt seem nice that i am eating only so one plate is for you. Adi says no i am fine, Jhanvi says just hold plate. Adi does. Jhanvi says i always throw pav bhaji on my dress, Adi looks at his car seat and says why dont you eat outside of car? its nice weather, Jhanvi says it wont look good that i eat alone outside, Adi says no problem, i will come out with you, Jhanvi says perfect. Adi and Jhanvi comes out of car. Jhanvi asks Adi to eat pav bhaji, Adi says no i am fine. One kid comes to Adi and asks him to eat food, he offers him packet of food, Adi says you eat it kid, Jhanvi says take it, kid is giving you gently, Adi takes it, kid leaves. Adi throws packet away, jhanvi asks why did you do it? Adi says what will you get by making me happy? Jhanvi says i didnt do anything, kid gave it to you. Adi says you think i am fool? i saw you giving money to kid for him to give that packet to me, i dont understand why you want me to eat street food, Jhanvi says you dont live life, Adi says you think that i havent eaten street food? you have no idea how much street food i used to eat, i have eaten it for a longtime, Jhanvi says then what happened now? why you dont eat it now? why you have stopped enjoying life? Adi glares at her.

PRECAP- Adi looks at his old photos in his office. Jhanvi says you must be surprised to see these photos, now i have made your room lively so you become lively again, someone told me that if i want to make someone happy then i should them their memorable moments, and these photos show your old great moments, Adi angrily stares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nisha superb Adi don’t angry on jhanvi

  2. indera sanichara

    Nisha what a b*t*h for a wife, Adi how could you live with a devil wife like that for 8 years, no wonder you are going insane among real people. It’s time to pack up and move out. She is training the girls to become bad like her. Writers what are you teaching to our kids? It’s horrible to watch Nisha playing that role.

  3. For the viewer who posted comment yesterday and said nothing is wrong with Nisha for securing her future and what not……are you serious? So, you think Nisha is correct in her behavior, is simply astounding!!! Which rock you claimed out from under?? This serial started not long ago, it’s still early o clock but we have seen enough to pronounce Nisha “worst wife on telly “, she’s nasty to the core, her parents brought her up this way, her mother was the same, sometimes the fruits don’t fall far from the tree, could be that you didn’t see all the episodes but a few is enough to form the opinion. Adi is most unlucky to have a wife like Nisha…..

    1. correct point ….i agree with you naz!!!!!

      (i saw SBS Segment janvi celebrate at janu’s mom b’day party…janvi fall in love with adi….janvi unaware abt adi’s matrial status…..upcoming track)

      1 day janu ll cme know d truth then janu ll sacirfice love for adi & she might bring adi-nisha together? will nisha change in good women??i dont think how possibe “woh”playing the role of janvi(second wife)…will nisha divorced to adi??

      1. Priya, it would be wonderful if Nisha were to become a better wife, but the mind and heart are complex entities. When glass is broken, it can’t be put together again and the heart is extremely fragile, psychological scars NEVER heals and that’s what is happening with Adi. If you plant something, didn’t mould that plant in the upright manner, it’s bound to bend according to the gardener, in other words…what you sow, so shall you reap…No amount of rehabilitation will change Nisha but since it’s fiction, it could happen, at some point the individual do resort to original behavior, because that mindset is engraved in the psyche of the mind. If Nisha were to ever become positive, too much acrimony has been directed towards Adi and he will never feel the same way towards Nisha ever again. Adi doesn’t deserve the wife he got…poor man…….I love him to bits. As per what you saw in a promo, I wanted Adi to fall in love with Jhanvi first but I guess writers wanted the opposite. Let us both hope that this story don’t turn out like the other serials, ok…..

  4. As u said priya, if it nisha changed to be a good wife but adi will not accept her, she troubled alot him and misused families faith.

    1. hmm janu ll bring adi-nisha together but nisha ll never change……

      but janu already said she does not wants to break relation of anyone’s family……
      how ll adi staying 2 wifes ?? if adi divorced to nisha then nisha ll go to parents house or not ??? nisha ll refuse divorced becoz she want to oly money..story is confused

      let see just wait and watch

  5. Nisha’s parents are the reason why she is this evil and conniving woman, and she’s bringing up her daughters in this way. So sad….

    1. hmm right……i agree with u……i saw wikipedia and flimy floks “woh apna sa” adi & janvi getting married .. The show is actually the story of a stepmom who while getting married has to encounter and deal with her fiancé’s children and ex-wife

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