Woh Apna Sa 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jhanvi comes out from bath. Aditya asks that glow is from haldi or because of his love. She smiles. He then asks how she feels.. she is soon going to be his wife. She says it’s like a dream. She never thought it was possible. He promises he will give her all happiness. She says if she thinks now, then she thinks they were destined to be together. Flashbacks come how they met and fell in love. He says, he used to think there was no hope in his life before she came into his life. After she came, he felt life is still left. She’s his best friend and he can share everything with her. In fact, she understands everything before he even says. But he feels that her life has become tough after he came into her life. He promises he will change everything and will keep her happy. She deserves the best.

Jhanvi gets lost in thoughts. He asks whether she’s okay. She asks him to go and see Nisha. Something doesn’t feel right. He says she’s fine. She’s taken care of. She insists. He says ok he will go. He leaves.

Kaku calls Raj asking about Aditya. Raj says Aditya went to hospital to see Nisha. Kaku gets some evil ideas.

Aditya comes to Nisha’s room. He asks nurse whether Nisha is fine. Nurse says her condition is still same. A hospital staff comes and tells Aditya that doctor is calling him. He comes to a room and it’s dark. Someone grabs him and he is given an injection with the help of the staff member. It was Kaku. He tells nurse he will take care now. They put bandaid all over Aditya’s face and tries to take him out of hospital. Kaku dresses up as a doctor. Staff member is called by another doctor and he leaves Aditya on stretcher in the lobby. Baba comes and sits there. Kaku sees him and goes to change his clothes. He then comes to Baba. Baba says he came to see Nisha. Kaku takes him inside. Staff member comes back and takes Aditya somewhere.

Jhanvi wakes up in middle of night and screams “Aditya”. Her mother comes there. Jhanvi says Aditya is not fine. She has to go. Her mother tries stopping her. Jhanvi calls Aditya but he doesn’t pick up. She goes to his home and asks where is Aditya. Everyone comes out. Family member says he must be in his room. Jhanvi goes to his room. He is not there. She asks he didn’t come back from hospital. Raj calls hospital, Aditya’s friends. Jhanvi leaves to go to hospital.

Jhanvi comes to the hospital and asks everyone whether they seen Aditya. Everyone says no. In end, one nurse says he came today, but she didn’t talk to him about anything. Jhanvi asks the security guard for CCTV. He says no. Jhanvi requests him a lot and he agrees in end.

Everyone is worried at Aditya’s home. Baba says they should call police. Kaku says there is no need to call police. Aditya must have gone somewhere, maybe a bachelor party. He will be back. Baba says Aditya is very responsible. He always tells at home if he goes somewhere. They wonder whether what Jhanvi is feeling turns out to be true. Baba wants to call police, but Kaku makes him not to call police.

In CCTV footage, Jhanvi spots Aditya’s watch while he is taken away on stretcher. She tells the security guard that she is searching for him only. Where they took him? The guard says he was a patient, burned badly. He couldn’t be saved. He was from a Christian family and his family took his body little while ago. Jhanvi says it’s not possible. She asks for family’s contact info. The guard gives it to her.

Last rituals are going on of that body.

Jhanvi informs Kaki about that and says she will get him back.

Kaku is listening to music. Kaki says he should go and search for Aditya. Also tells him about what Jhanvi said her. She asks where he was. He didn’t see it? He asks what she thinks. Is he hospital security guard that he will check every body? How he would know who came and left from hospital. He is just saying that he didn’t see Aditya there. Kaki says but he was there, right? Kaku gets mad and says this is what will happen if she doubts on her husband. She’s asking same question again and again. He says he is also tensed, taking care of whole family. So what if he came to relax for few minutes. She can’t see that either? He asks her to go and leave him alone. She doesn’t go. He leaves then.

Precap: Jhanvi comes to that person’s house. A family member informs where last rituals are going on and says by now they must have buried him. Jhanvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Fama

    I don’t know why…. but I didn’t enjoy Adivi scenes in today’s episode and neither do I find their moments loveable!
    No offence…. but I’m compelled to say that Jhanvi is responsible for the condition adi has been subjected to by kakasa (he doesn’t even deserve to be called that after what he has done to adi today) in the episode … I mean why did she forced adi to visit Nisha……. I know that the feeling of being guilty for Nisha’s condition is natural for her but being over guilty. I just hope that after jhanvi will rescue adi, kakasa’s truth should be revealed and we should once and for all get rid of his devilish acts and smirks. And please Nisha get up now so that jhanvi can get rid of her guilt and happily marry Adi.

    1. yes very well said….

  2. Thanks Winchester, thanks Bulbul, for the clarification on blood groups…i understand it now. Winchester, I’m scared as well because this marriage thing is moving like a freight train at the moment and that’s not good. Think about it both of you.. Would any one of you like a marriage proposal like this? It’s like being forced upon Jhanvi. No damn romance, just a little thing some days ago in the old clock garden… If it was me, I want the whole nine yards…coming back to Jhanvi..what’s the rush here, with this family?? Well, Nisha has proved time and time again that marriage is just a piece of paper but still, don’t you both think that writers should divorce this couple first and then unite Adivi??? The last time I checked, Adi and Jhanvi are still in the serial, they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon..so what’s the damn rush here.. ? BTW.. I haven’t read update yet so I’m going to now. I just needed to put this across before I lose my train of thoughts…??

    1. well said naz…did u see adi’s notice? adi is not present at shooting becoz he went to family trip for hoildays…so they did not show romance of adivi…

      sudeep aka adi ll come back shooting for next week….adivi did not happen so i think nisha ll come back soon…..

      i am not satisfied with adivi mrg becoz adi-nisha did not yet divorced end then how did ll they talking abt mrg ? its so wrong…janvi is so stupid , she did not even notice about kaka’s evil

      nisha and kaka main villian but how can he did with nisha?

    2. Naz you are very right and taking the marriage fast is a sign that something is gonna happen….as any marriage without some twist can’t happen in daily soaps. And your point of divorce is right…first adi and Nisha should be divorced then marriage. And, during marriage we want to see some cute and romantic moments of adivi just like in ETRETR. ??

  3. rubbish yeah rubbish that is all i can say right now have you people notice the comments are getting less by the day bam boom outta here got nothing more to say i am going to take meself a chill pill and relax

  4. I watch Friday episode when Jhanvi js having flash back about the shooting it is a male hand that pulled trigger of the gun and we all know who that is? Kaki have some great moves I love the way she dances very nice sad episode today but the monster is having a wale of a time he needs to be expose soon.

    1. Lol… I also thought that Kaki is a great dancer, she can roll her waist good!! She was better than all of them put together on the dance floor…..

  5. I watch Friday episode when Jhanvi is having flash back about the shooting it is a male hand that pulled trigger of the gun and we all know who that is? Kaki have some great moves I love the way she dances very nice sad episode today but the monster is having a wale of a time he needs to be expose soon.

  6. Didn’t enjoy the episode much full of evil Kaka…. Are the family members blind can’t they see the smile on his face knowing about Adi and the way he stopped Baba from calling police…can’t they have a slight doubt on him???? Little afraid about Adi and I think some twist is waiting for us which will turn the story up and down… And that Nisha will surely wake up and stop the marriage or this all can be a big game of Kaka and Nisha?? Maybe as it is also possible.
    It is not right to pressurize Jhanvi as she is not able to enjoy the important day of her life.

  7. for what kaka doing all thisn bull shit episode.

  8. In the hospital, by the door, Jhanvi did give Kaka a suspicious look…. How come no one is finding it strange that Kaka is suddenly talking like he is trying to prevent or downplay just about anything that is being said these days?? Priya, if that happens what you mentioned before, then I don’t feel like watching this serial right now…it looks and feels depressing. I don’t like how these romantic moments are being portrayed, I feel a certain reservation on the part of both Disha and Sudeep…im disappointed, I’m hoping for more intensity, I don’t know if any one else is picking up these vibes in the scenes. I know Sudeep can be perfect in these moments just like when he and Nisha is having war…..he’s exceptional in those scenes. Well, Riddhi is a pro in this department, I think she’s a better actress in seductive scenes, she is awesome. In fact, I think her chemistry with Sudeep is better than with Disha, it could be because she’s so young at 24 and feels a bit awkward in romantic scenes.. Friends… I complain a lot but that’s because even though I’m elder to a lot of you, that doesn’t mean my heart is elder at all, in fact it’s as young as everyone. The heart doesn’t grow old…..and I’m a hopeless romantic!!! I don’t think I can bear to see Adivi romance getting beaten…and I hope Nisha don’t have enough strength to get up from the bed after she’s been in ICCU!!! ???…just my observation and opinion, don’t bash me ok???? ???

    1. ok….hope more adivi romance coming to this time ahead…aft divorced then adivi mrg

  9. Winchester

    After running whole day in the hospital lobby like a mad woman…. Woh apna sa was my ‘Red Bull’?….. But after Adivi confession…. their romance is nothing like it was before… When they were only friends…
    The episode was boring… These guys don’t look like lovers…. I wanted their wedding to be lavish and beautiful…. Not rushed like this… Nisha and Adi are not even divorced yet… The marriage won’t be legal… And i don’t like it…
    You are right Naz… I totally agree with you…. Jhanvi’ s smile looks forced…. She is not happy…. Thats why there is no fire in their romance…. Don’t know what will happen next… I’ve lost interest due to this sloppy twist… Its boring!!! ?

    1. u r right ..i agree with u and naz , bulbul…….

  10. where are you sapphire hun? are you a fan of nisha now lol just kidding miss your comments i hardly comment i am reading comments when i feel like commenting then i will do so for now i am just chilling out

  11. Like you very disappointed by the chemistry between Adivi. I really feel that the directors have no idea of what they are doing. How can they possibly think of the wedding without a proper divorce. They dragged unnecessary stories and rush the good ones. Directors are playing with my patience.
    I’m going on vacation during a month and I’m wondering if I’m keeping the souscription or not. Very fustrated ??

  12. Sudeep was on vacation with his wife and son in Thailand (lucky lady) … his last post tho said his vaca is over and he will return soon …

  13. this serial for a change was interesting and watchable. recently the ugly and un imaginable turns and twists have spoiled the intensity. It seems , the story writer wants only tension and anxiety to prevail thruout !

    we have now decided enough is enough ! dont watch this anymore .

  14. this serial for a change was interesting and watchable. recently the ugly and unimaginable turns and twists have spoiled the intensity. It seems , the story writer wants only tension and anxiety to prevail through out !

    we have now decided enough is enough ! do not watch this anymore .

  15. Interesting episode.

  16. This show started out great, please don’t turn it into the intolerable KKB, ETRETR, etc. It’s the only show that the the evildoers don’t get away with the evilness for more than a day or so. Not like some shows that takes months to years of audience frustration before they eventually have to end their dumb shows because people can’t stand it anymore.

    Just make them find out about Kaka like in a day or so. They can always keep the audience attention by having something family friendly, without evilness

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