Woh Apna Sa 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia recalls everything

Woh Apna Sa 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Arjun sees Sanar coming with his thugs. He runs back up and hides. His men look everywhere. Samar sees a handkerchief. He sees some blood too and is dazed. He says I knew someone is here and he is bruised. They can’t run. Find them.
Arjun is taking Jia from there from the back side. She tries to run but is troubled. They come towards jungle. Jia says my foot hurts. Her foot is bleeding. There are blood marks all behind them. Arjun says they can find us. She says what do we do now. He cleans her wound with leaves and ties a leaf with her wound. They run from there. They hide behind a pit. The thugs see blood. They look here and there.
They go from there. Jia says thank you. I think you are experienced of such situations. He says you got me stuck too.

Scene 2

gives kaki medicine. Kaki says I don’t want it. Chini says please eat it. Kaki says you will give me imli with medicine. Chini says we don’t have imli. Kaki says i saw it. kaki says also that you will sing me a lullaby. Chini hugs her. She gives her medicine.
Chini recalls when Adi and Jhanvi used to sing them lullaby. She is in tears.

Jia says have we met before? Arjun says how can we? You are from UK. She says yeah.
The thugs come back to Samar and tell him that nothing is near the temple. Some kids however had a picnic nearby. He says okay lets go.
Jia says to Arjun thank you so much. You are a stranger still helped me so much.

Chini says I knew you would come back to avenge your murder. You have to take your happiness back from them. You both have to fulfill the dreams.
Jia comes towards the temple again. She walks up the stairs. She sees her flashbacks again.
She runs upstairs. Arjun comes towards temple too. He says why I have this compelling feeling to go towards this temple again?? What am I stuck in.

Jia is trying to break the lock. Her hand is bleeding. Arjun comes and takes the lock. He breaks it. Jia goes inside. She is in a shock. She looks at the idol she had in her dreams. She sees Nisha in her flashbacks there and herself with Adi. She recalls Nisha attacking them. She recalls her own face and Adi’s. Jia stands there in shock. Arjun looks at her. Jia recalls Adi dying. She screams Adi.. She sees everything clearly. Jia is crying. She recalls Samar hitting Adi. She recalls trying to save him but Samar stopping her. She recalls everything. Jia trips over and falls on something. Fire lits near her but it doesn’t hurt her. Arjun is dazed to see that. She recalls how fire surrounded her and Adi that day. She recalls Nisha shooting her.
Jia recalls Adi saying I am Jhanvi’s and Jhanvi is mine. She recalls Nisha saying I will end this story right here. She recalls Nisha shooting her. Jia falls down as if she is shot again. Arjun holds her.
She recalls dying in his arms.

Chini says Kaki lets go eat. Kaki says lets play ludo first. They play. Chini loses. She says I always lose. Kaki says don’t give up. Try again. Kaki says we should never give up. Lets sleep now. Tomorrow is Diwali.

Precap-Jhavni comes to Chini’s house. Kaki looks at her dazed. Jhanvi says Kaki..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nafiso~newyork

    pliz hurry up with the remaining updates

  2. Misti

    didn’t drag.. very happy

  3. Yesterday can you believe it one comment yeah one and today one so far persons are getting frustrated I am glad that jhanvi is remembering her past so sorry for Nisha man I want her to get a nasty death she deserves it Naz do you Know that person who replace riddhi? she is a good actress I saw her before and she is good I am on my tablet so as you know the colour of my name will change

    1. Riddhi is replaced by Mansi Salvi….shez a good actress and came before in pyar ka dard hai in star plus

    2. Jayashree, somehow this new actress doesn’t fit the shoes which Riddhi left. This one is too nice, she doesn’t even look or act evil, the way the previous one carried the role and no matter how much she tries, I won’t like her. I last saw her in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke..as Gunjan’s mother,though it was for short appearances, I can’t remember her in any other serial on telly but this is just to say that I agree with you, she’s a nice actress and this role doesn’t suit her. I sincerely miss Riddhi in this role, if they can use this new one and she looks so young, Riddhi’s appearance could have remained the same way as well but then everyone would have complained that she didn’t age, so now we have to put up with this replacement against our wishes….be careful what you ask or wish for huh!!!! Anyway…one good thing is that at this point in the game, the story is proceeding at a rapid rate, no dragging. I prefer this avatar of Disha, she is much smarter and very vocal as opposed to the previous role. I certainly didn’t expect this revelation to come out so soon but good anyway ,maybe the production team is thinking of wrapping up in the near future. So if they want to reveal and see this serial not becoming another ETRETR, with inane twists and which left us all traumatized, then let them wrap up but with a sensible ending without prolonging the inevitable. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing Nisha meet her fate…at the hands of these lookalike characters …it may be a deserving torture for her, to see her demise by two faces she never thought she’d ever see again….and I’m throwing Samar into the recipe as well…ungrateful man….

      1. Hi.. I have that actress in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaar pyara.. As Nakul mehtaa’s Mum .. N jhanvi was the female lead in that tv serial..

  4. Nisha matter should end and come uo with a good story or else viewers may lose interest… watching this show only for sudeep ssahir

  5. So she remembers everything n I hope she goes to nisha n remind her wat she did to them

  6. It’s getting intrsting now day by day i hope that soon adi too recalls everything and then both of will teach a good leason to nisha and samar

  7. Atlast something good happened, Jia remembers everything but still that fire not hurting her reminds me of the episode when Adi and Jhanvi were locked in office. Where they talked about special powers???.

    I though that they will show this revelation next month, but cvs got some brain to use and show something good.

  8. Hi.. I have that actress in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaar pyara.. As Nakul mehtaa’s Mum .. N jhanvi was the female lead in that tv serial..

  9. Fine atlest janvi know her past, but when will adi

  10. Mansi salvi recently appeared in star plus dopahar show ek astha aisi bhi…She is such a good actress but she doesn’t look evil

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