Woh Apna Sa 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nisha dies

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Scene 1
Doctor asks Jia is Arjun alive? She says yes. Nisha says how is that possible? She laeves. Jai opens her eyes. Doctor says nisha went to take a call.
Jia calls and pretends that she is calling. Nisha comes and says why are you fooling me? Jia says give me phone its arjun. Nisha says Arjun can never comes back. I kidnapped him and I got him killed. Akash and Krishna are recording it. Bini comes and says what are you two doing. She says mom.. Akash says bini please stop for five minutes. Nisha asys my thugs killed Arjun. I wanted police to arrest you and convict you. My foot. Bini hears all this. NIsha says my men threw arjun in the water. He drowned and died. Nisha says Arjun ruined my life. This time Arjun couldn’t e safe. I kidnapped and killed him. Jia says you killed my arjun and I brought you here. I thought you have changed but you can never change.
Jia says you will pay for your sins. She is about to slap her. Nisha shoves Jia and asys what proof do you have? Krishna comes and claps.
Bini says you are disgusting.

Nisha steps back and falls in the water. Krishna and Arjun jump too. They take nisha out but she has fainted. Krishna gives nisha CPR. But she is dead.

Scene 2
3 months later. Akash signs paper and says finally arjun’s case has closed. Krishna says I have no reason to stay here. I should go. Akash says this case was a reason for us to meet. You did everything for us. I want you to stay here with us. Krishna says I can’t. Jia took help from you because she considers you her friend. You love Jia right. Stay here with your love. It will take time but Jia will accept your love. Bini says yes life gives us another chance.
JIa puts garland on Arjun’s face. She says baba is fine. He is treated well. They are coming back. I dont’ know how will I tell them that.
A glass breaks. Jia sees water. It says Krishna.. Jia is dazed.
No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m guessing it was just arjun spirit. I’m gonna miss this show. seems like shows r starting to e nd on c liffhangers.

  2. So Nisha has exited finally ,,,rather a merciful end…it is obvious that In the remaining two episodes,we will get to see Jia reciprocating Kishan’s feelings …like everything is well that ends well….unless the writers have one last twist in mind…like bringing back Arjun in the last scene..

  3. That is it ? What kind of ending is that ? Worst ending ever !!!! What about bani and akash, will ever be together???? What about jia? She ever get remarried???? Who was ghost of water ??? Worst ending

  4. I am not sorry Nisha is dead AT LAST!!!!! She deserve to die she was a NOBODY who did not even deserve pity. She lived by the sword and she died by it let’s see what the writers have in store for Jia or was this the ending?????

  5. Show is ended. Arjun( spirit in water) water indicates jia to accept krishna. So she will remarry. Binny’s misunderstandings are clear now so they will be together

  6. I was expecting the show would continue till 24 th because the new show will be starting from 25 th but looks like it ended on 20th itself ….Ofcourse there was nothing else to show…With all the misunderstandings cleared between Akash and Binny ,and Jia getting that all important message from Arjun that krishna should be her future and most importantly Nisha exiting the scene ,the story has somewhat ended on a positive note…I have to appreciate the creative team for not actually showing Jia exchanging marriage vows with Krishna as it would n’t have looked natural at all at this juncture …Now it is left to the viewers’ imagination whether Jia and Kishan would come together in future or not…So time to bid adieu to the forum…Thank You Atiba for the updates …I think you were also not aware that the show had ended on 20 th itself…..Good bye and good luck to everyone…

  7. Goodbye WAS I am not going to say I will miss you but it was not the ending I had expected and as Lakshmi said the writers did the right thing by not showing Jia getting married to Krishna hats off to you for that.

  8. Leisa s morris

    I did not like d endin…it is unfinished but wat else to expect from these writers. This show stop being WAS d moment d writers killed off adi and jhanvi wat was left was.a total mess and how it ended even worst dat viewers wasnt even aware dat it had actually finished smh. D serial was about jhanvi and adi/ arjun & jia instead it turned into crap like alot of other serials dat zee is producing these days. I miss serials of long ago I really do

  9. Ill miss this show so sad it ended

  10. The ending could be 2 hours long. Hate the ending. 🙁

  11. Soon comments will close here to everyone who have watched from the first episode to it’s conclusion good for you…..you were loyal some of us will miss it and some will not never the less we will miss the actor/ actress they were loved by all and hate by none I guess. Hope to see them in more series to come but for now bye bye to Woh Apna Sa.

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