Woh Apna Sa 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhumki and Binni plans to take Nisha’s death revenge

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Scene 1
Police finds drugs in Arjun’s house, they find it in every room. Jia is stunned. Binni smirks. Inspector checks it and says its drugs.. cocaine, all are shocked. Inspector says you people were saying you dont know anything and this is what we found here? someone brought it. She asks to search everyone. Police starts testing people and who took drugs. Kaki says what is happening? Jia asks Arjun what to do? Binni comes to them and asks how you liked my valentine gift? this is from me to your family, happy valentines, after one minute I will take this blame on me then tomorrow’s breaking news will that Jindals daughter was caught with drugs then it will be such good publicity, everyone will question how Jindals’ daughter can do this but I can because I dont consider this

as my family. Jia thinks Binni faked her illness? Binni comes to inspector but Jia says I did all this. Arjun asks what are you doing? Jia says if I get arrested then family’s respect will not be destroyed and I know you will bring me out. Jia says to inspector that I brought drugs in party and its not anyone else’s fault. Binni is stunned to see all that. Inspector arrests Jia, Arjun is sad, they take Jia with them. Jia is leaving but feels she saw Jhumki, inspector takes her. Jhumki thinks I wanted to throw her away from my path and she left on her own. Binni is miffed and leaves. Arjun asks Chirag to call lawyer, he leaves.

Binni comes to her room and is angry, she looks herself in mirror and is angry, she sees wine bottle and throws it at mirror, she says blo*dy Jia destroyed my plan, I did all this but she wanted to sacrifice, she destroyed everything, she panics and searches for her medicine, she takes it and calms down.

At night, Jhumki comes to Arjun’s house and cuts telephone line, she thinks now its time to kill them.

In morning, Kaki prays for Jia. Arjun and Chirag comes back home. Kaki asks where is Jia? Arjun looks behind and Jia enters house. Kaki smiles seeing her. Arjun says your Jia is here. Chirag says Arjun worked hard to bring her back. Kaki says lets pray in mandir. Binni comes there and claps. She says what a weird legal system, she left Jia in one night? not bad, you did such a big sacrifice for family, you are like poor daughter in laws of hindi serials. Arjun glares at her and slaps her hard, all are stunned. Arjun says this slap should have been delivered before, you hate us, you want freedom? then leave, you are free, we did mistake to bring you on right path, we thought you are our daughter, Kaki brought you up but you left us way behind. Chirag says Binni what you are doing? I dont want a sister that will hurt my family, leave from here. Arjun says you have time till tomorrow, get lost. Binni glares at him and says bye, she goes to her room. Kaki is tensed. Jia is sad.

At night, Jia is lying in bed and is in tears, she recalls Jhanvi’s moments with small Binni, how she used to be her daughter then how Binni came in house and started insulting them, how she hurt Kaki and others, how she tried to make Arjun and Jia fight, how she tried everything to destroy their respect. Jia says I lost, my faith lost that relations are for life, Jhanvi’s upbringing defeated too, we couldnt change her.

Binni starts packing and says thank God I am getting my freedom back. She packs her bags but Jhumki comes there and says you will spare your mother’s killers so soon? Binni says you? Jhumki says why you are leaving? I didnt bring you here for this, we are together in this, everything will happen as per plan, you have to take revenge for your mother, you cant leave. Binni says I did all this drama to get freedom, they wont let me stay anymore, Arjun wont even talk to me. Jhumki says then use your fake tears, Kaki’s orders are final, live here. Binni says I dont want to live here, we can do everything from outside. Jhumki says we are doing all this for your mother and you got defeated so soon? this is how you will repay her? Binni says what to do? Jhumki says just stay for some days then you can go anywhere you want. Binni thinks and says thank you for reminding me about my mission, I will take my mom’s revenge here, I will stay here for some more. They hear some noise. Binni says did someone hear us? she comes out of her room and doesnt find anyone there. Binni says to Jhumki that there is no one here.

Arjun says to Kaki that I know you wanted Binni to stay but we did so much for her but what she gave us? just pain, tears and nothing, she should leave. Chirag says he is right. Kaki says I feel like I didnt bring her up right, we should think about family, if Binni wants to leave then she can. Jia says yes we will have a fresh start. They all take juice, Jia says now we will have happiness. Kaki prays to make Binni stay or keep her safe.

Binni is in her room and says I should get some idea to stay here, what to do? they are not even coming to stop me, what to do? she gets an idea.

Family is enjoying breakfast when they hear Binni’s screams. Arjun asks what happened to her? Arjun and family rushes to Binni. Binni holds her foot and says I slipped and sprained my ankle. Kaki gets worried and says she needs rest, Arjun rolls his eyes. Binni says no Arjun’s deadline is ending so I have to leave. Binni thinks why he is not stopping me. Arjun makes Binni stand up, he makes her sit down on bed. Kaki takes off her sandals and asks if she is fine? Binni says I am in pain. Jia recalls flashback when Jhumki came to meet Binni and how they planned to take revenge for Nisha’s death and how binni only came with Jhumki to house to take revenge, how Jhumki asked her to stay for some days for revenge and how Binni agreed to stay in house for more days. Jia heard all that and thought Jhumki and Binni are involved? Flashback ends. Jia and Arjun shares a look.

PRECAP- Jumki comes to kitchen and opens gas cylinder, gas starts leaking in house. Kaki is in house. Arjun and Jia are out of house, Arjun tries to call Kaki. While Jhumki locks Kaki in house with gas leaking there. Kaki comes to kitchen and is about to light matchstick.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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