Woh Apna Sa 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s office with flowers bouquet, Adi is not there, she puts it on his table, she says his mood will be good seeing flowers and then his day will be good too. She asks peon if Adi came? he says he will come later. Jhanvi says flowers have to set his mood right, Jhanvi forgets her phone on his table and leaves.
Adi sit in car and looks at Ganpati idol Jhanvi gifted him, she smiles. Sameer calls Adi and says you want to sue company who tortured you for 2years? Adi says no, Sameer asks if he talked about divorce with his family? Adi says Kaki is ill so i couldnt and i want to know what Nisha is planning, i dont want to talk about divorce to Kaka while Nisha is planning some bigger game, let me see what she is planning.
Adi comes in office and finds flowers

on table. Jhanvi is in her office and doesnt find her phone, she says i might have forgot it in flowers shop, she borrow phone from receptionist and calls her phone. Adi takes call, Jhanvi says i know you are flower seller, i forgot my phone on your shop, i am coming to take it, dont try to steal it, Adi tries to say something but she ends call. Jhanvi says i should tell Adi i am going to pick phone.
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s cabin and says how are you? i know you are feeling seeing flowers, Adi says you brought them? Jhanvi says yes, i know flowers can make mood good, she keeps on praising flowers. Adi shows her her phone, he says i didnt steal your phone, and i hate flowers, why did you bring them? Jhanvi says to make you normal. Adi says you think i am not normal? take these flowers away and dont bring them again, Jhanvi takes flowers and starts leaving but Adi shows her phone, she takes it and says thank you, she leaves. Adi is irritated. Jhanvi says i am so stupid, sweet flowers cant affect roasted people like this. Adi sees one flower still on floor, he takes it and recalls flashback. Adi brings flowers for Nisha, Nisha throws it away and says its my birthday and i am practical woman, i am not teenager, i want diamond jewelry, think about future of our family, you are super rich but your thinking is like middle class, flashback ends. Adi angrily looks at flower and throws it in trash bin.
Jhanvi says so what if flowers didnt work on him, he has deep rooted problem so it will need solid plan to solve it, there is no harm in keep trying, i will try again.
Kaki is working in house. Nisha comes there and says did you take your medicines? Kaki says i forgot it, Nisha says i knew it, you dont take care of yourself, she goes to bring her medicine.
Nisha’s mother comes to her room and says you have cast spell on Kaki, how is plan going? Nisha says its going good, its good that you came, tonight is going to big night, Maa says you have my bitterness. Maa asks what are these medicines? Nisha says Kaki have BP and if i have to keep showing that i care for her then i have to keep her BP high so i am giving her medicine to high her BP more, Maa says you are so good, i pray that her BP goes over 300, Nisha says it will go higher as i have to pretend to take care of her.
Nisha brings high BP medicine and gives it to Kaki, Kaki takes thinking its to lower her high BP, Nisha smirks when Kaki takes it.
Jhanvi says to peon that why you give strong bitter coffee to Adi? he should take sweet tea so he will be sweet too, peon says i dont want to lose my job so i am taking coffee which he likes. Jhanvi says tell me dialogues of Amitabh bachan, peon gets lost in telling dialogue, Jhanvi stealthily exchanges Adi’s strong coffee with her sweet tea.
Peon gives tea to Adi, Adi drinks it and scolds peon saying that you know i like strong coffee, who made this sweet tea for me? Peon says Jhanv must have done it, Adi says bring my strong coffee and call Jhanvi. Poen comes to Jhanvi and says Adi is calling. Jhanv comes to Adi’s office and thinks that he will scold me about coffee, Adi says why you are silent now? you dont talk when you are needed. Peon brings strong coffee for Adi, Adi asks Jhanvi to drink it, Jhanvi says i dont drink coffee, Adi says then how do you expect me to drink tea? what will happen with me drinking tea? Jhanvi says i thought you have bitter mood because of strong black coffee, Adi asks her to taste his coffee, she does, Adi asks if her mood got bitter? she says no, Adi says modd doesnt change with coffee tast, it changes with problems going on in life, get that, Jhanvi nods timidly. Jhanvi mistakenly buprs, Adi looks at her stunned and cant stifle laugh, he bemusedly smiles at her, Jhanvi smiles and thinks finally he smiled.
Nisha gets call from someone and says you are coming right? she ends call. She says Adi wanted to divorce me but i will give him such shock that your thinking will be paralyzed.
Jhanvi calls Survi and says i know i got embarrassed for burping but atleast i got to know that Adi can smile, he gave me small smile. Survi says you burped infront of your boss? but atleast he smiled, whats your new plan? Jhanvi says he is always in his office, i cant even see from where he gets pain so i can end it, Survi says that was deep thought, Adi comes there Jhanvi ends call. Adi has bluetooth in one ear and Jhanvi is not able to see it, Adi is on call. Jhanvi says to Adi that i wanted to know what design you want for your office? Adi says on call that if you want to know about me then you should talk to Kaka, he knows me truly well. Jhanvi thinks he is talking with her and says but i think you should tell about it.. Adi says to caller that hold on, he says to Jhanvi that what is your problem? i am talking to caller and you are just blabbering nonstop, Jhanvi mouths sorry, he leaves. Jhanvi says atleast i got to know that Kaka will help me to solve this problem.
Jhanvi comes in Kaka’s office. Jhanvi says i know you are busy but i want your 5minutes, he says sit down and tell me, Jhanvi sits and says my mom says we should take help from elders when we are confused, Kaka says she is right but you are bright kid, what help you need? Jhanvi says my mind is not working, we learned to make interior designs which gives you peace and which you like but Adi is my problem, She says to Kaka that Adi is like red signal on road so how will i know what he likes? Adi comes there and hears it standing behind Jhanvi, Jhanvi says he is always frowning and is like there is nothing to make him happy, he always one frowning expression on his face, he looks arrogant, Adi fumes in anger hearing it, he glares Jhanvi who didnt see him there.

PRECAP- Marwari community is about to make Kaka wear turban and make him owner of marwari society, but inspector comes there and says Dharmesh(Kaka).. Kaka looks at him, inspector says if i knew function was going on then i would have come at some other time. Marwari community member asks what case is going on Dharmesh? all get tensed thinking about Nisha’s domestic violence against Kaka and Kaki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Such a beautiful story..So complicated but still fantastic.The climax will be superb.That’s for sure.

    1. Yes! Really excited to see the climax. How are Aditya and Kakusa going to react on Jhanvi? I hope they don’t fire her!

  2. Hi guys thanks for warm welcoming first yt, 1 in police station Jan I gave BP tab to kaki that is wrong All pblm tablet r not suitable for all 2 adi is Jan vi boss, she has to talkpolitely she is talking with her frds only, her nature right but obey here they behavingo just frds , I think at last the will be good frds but some relation btw adi and Jan vi family , here Jan I mom won’t allow janavi to love with adi
    If mom and kakusa meet some thing will happendo I think so

    1. what!!!janvi’s mom wont allow to love with adi ?? why?? adi s a nice person and also a good family except nisha……….

  3. Hey naz,
    U submitted all info, may be the email verification was left…But sometimes this site makes me go insane…Many times it has happened I post cmt but it doesn’t get posted.Anyways leave it.

    Yaar u watch ETRETR also.I too did watch it before raja’s changed avaatar but after that it became quite confusing n I couldn’t bear it anymore.N regarding isqhbaaz I watch it but am not regular n at first I too thought that it was unfair but then the spin off but still I find the spin off kind of boring coz there r no oberoi brothers scene…
    Really u r too analytical but I just love ur thoughts.They r just awesome.I do hope u could be registered.
    N regarding pardes may hae mera dil I was never attracted to it but yah had seen the first epi.N yah it does makes us go mad if the same scene keeps on reapeating.Like in KKB the same scene repeated, it just makes me go mad.But I do hope Woh apna sa would not be like one of those serial.

    1. Aakku, I’ve just about had it with ETRETR… I just came off the forum and I let the writers have a taste of my fury. I’m going to be one of their fiercest critics now, I can’t help it. I’ve been a student of literature and studied the Queen ‘s English ,even though I’m from the Caribbean, so that’s why I write the way I do, it’s a force of habit. It’s 11.56pm on Monday still, so goodnight my dear friend, will comment on this serial in the morning.

  4. Hey adivi family,
    How r u all? Now Nisha is stooping to low.How can she do that…calling inspector , High AP
    medicine. Gosh its too much. So sweet yaar Jhanvi bought flowers for adi n adi even laughed.I really loved it. But the last part adi angry…

  5. super janvi….janvi doing for adi bring smile on face but adi did not realise…..anyway adivi scence superb….precap is so sad…..nisha too much…poor adi

  6. beautiful storyline, beautiful couple adivi, loved to watch the show.

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