Woh Apna Sa 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia reads Rano’s book

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Scene 1
Rano faints. Jia stops Akash and says what are you doing. You have become a theif in your own house? He says i wanted to make your plan easy. Jia takes key from Rano’s sari. Akash says to Arjun lets go and play basket ball. they leave.
Jia comes to Rano’s room and looks for the book. She opens it. There are drawings inside. She reads her plan to kill Jia by hanging her. Jia is shocked. jia says is she crazy? I will show this to ma. She is a criminal. Rano comes in. She says you thought you could catch me. She says give me my book. Jia says I wont. She runs in corridor. The boko falls from Jia’s hand in Ambika’s feet.

Ambika picks the book. She opens it and is dazed. Jia says see all this you will know the truth. Rani says I am sorry mai. Ambika says whats

happening? There is nothing in this book? All these papers are empty. Jia says there were drawings in this book. She is psycho. I don’t know where it went.
Rano says I got this as sample to send to orphan kids. AMbika says enough jia. Jia says she is crazy. Ambika says enough, She goes to her room. Rano wonders where her book went. Jia says I saw it myself, how did it change?

Rano comes to her room and looks for the book. She says where did it go? She finds her book and this one is empty too. Rano is shocked.
Jia looks for the book. She says where did it go? Akash says what are you looking for? Jia says those sketches? I don’t know how it all happened. He says my head hurts. She says I will make you tea.

Arjun sees Jia working it kitchen. He smiles and helps her with grading. Jia looks in his eyes. Arjun says that’s how it is done. Arjun leaves.

Scene 2
Jia comes to Akash’s room. He has texted her there is an emergency case in hospital I have to go. Jia sees the book in bed. It says turn left. She follows directions and finds so many of similar books. Rano comes ouut and says I made you fool. You thought you could do something. I burned those papers. Jia says your truth will come out too. Amboka comes in. Ambiak says why are you two here again? Work there is so much to do in kitchen.
Rano says who changed my book.

Rano says to Arjun why are you leaving? He says there is urgent work in office. He says in heart I have to find truth out myself and tell ma.
Precap-At night Arjun comes to Rano’s room and looks for something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s going to be disgusting if the creaters of this show butchers akash’s character by making him bad. I heard in a spoiler that akash joins rano ? it’ll be disappointing that the creaters would stoop to such levels to make a cheap form of redemption for Arjun, I would stop watching this serial all together…… Why would a perfectly sound character like akash needs to be negative?! ??i hope the spoilers are wrong ?i really like akash for jia ?

  2. Pre-cap looks interesting,but I do not want the clown to end up with Jia stew.

  3. I feel like arjun is trying to find evidence as to whether akash and jia actually got married ????

    1. PS. Arjun has a job now?? I thought he was a struggling drifter who’s only thought to get money was to marry an older woman (nisha)
      and scam her ?? , like yeah we get the arjun has to go to “the office” nonsense ?

  4. Selina lol but don’t you think it’s good for Arjun? Why the blo*dy hell he wants to know where Jia and Akash got married,he is fully taken up with psycho Rano Jia should not be any concern of his really!!!!

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