Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano pretends that baba has died

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Scene 1
JIa leaves a newspaper which has Sinha’s photo. It says the terrorist ran from our custody years ago. Anyone who brings him to police will win big prize. Rano sees the paper and gets excited.
Ambika comes and syas Akash what are you doing here? What are you two planning together? Rano comes in and says I have a surprise for you all. Police comes in with a dead body. Inspector says he was a terrorist who got killed in an encounter. Ambika takes of sheet from his face. she sits down and screams. Akash says papa.. Ambika screams and cries. Jia is in tears. Rano says let me tell arjun. He is son of this house. Akash shoves her and says we will tell him when we want. Go away from here.

Ambika says to Jia go away from me. She says ma.. ambika says you killed my

husband. You are nothing for me, don’t call me ma. You took everything from me. I asked you not to do anything. I told you akash not to do anything but you didn’t listen. she cries and says I have nothing. Inspector says we have to take the body. AMbika says akash stop them please. Please don’t take him, police takes his body. Ambika screams and says please stop. Akash please stop them. Akash hugs her. She cries and sobs. Jia is in tears too. Ambika says everything is over.
Jia says I am responsible for all this. She sobs. Jia says I put that ad in Rano’s paper only then how was police looking for baba? She runs out and sees the van taking baba. She puts needles in their way so their car stops. Jia gets in the ambulance. She sees the dead body.. She takes off sheet. Rano is asleep inside. Rano says surprise and laughs. What happened? Are you shocked to see me? Jia says where is baba? He is alive right? Rano says yes he is. I gave him injection so he was cold for an hour. I did that drama. HE is alive. she laughs and says you are so stupid. He acts like a sardar really well. You thought I am so stupid that I can be fooled. arjun wont have allowed you because he knows how intelligent am I. Jia says why did you do this. She says I like seeing Ambika in pain. What if she had a heart attack and died. Jia slaps her. Rano says you can’t slap me. I can kill baba anytime I want. She leaves. Jia says Rano is playing with everyone. Thank God baba is alive.

Ambika is crying in the temple. Akash tries to console her. AMbika says I wish I could save my husband. I didn’t even try. I did nothing for him. Akash says ma it was not your mistake. Jia has gone to find out truth. she says don’t take her name in front of me. This all happened because of her. And you were with her in all this. Go from here and leave me alone. She says I was alone all these years but I kept all this mangalsutra and sindur. she removes her sindur but Jia holds her hand. Jia says your husband is alive am. Ambika is dazed. Jia says Rano told me he is alive. Ambika says is he? She says yes it was all Rano’s drama to give you pain. Forgive me ma. I know you asked me not to do anything. I wont do anything now. We will do what you want. My only intention was to bring baba to you. Ambika puts her hand on her head.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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