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Adi says to Kaka that i respect you a lot but i cant become CEO, he says to Nisha that you make them understand, tell them about your promise, you promised to God to pray to him for Kaka’s health and he remain our CEO, tell them Nisha, Nisha glares but says that we all want Kaka to remain CEO, Kaki says its your prayers that this family is joined but we want young generation to continue now, Adi says please, Nisha says to Adi that you always to respect elders words, today elders are giving you responsibility and giving their burden to you so wont you fulfill their wishes? wont you respect them? Kaka asks Adi to not take haste decision, take two days and decide calmly what you want then tell me about it, Adi says okay, he glares Nisha.
Jhanvi says to Maa that my Boss is arrogant, he remain

angry, he challenged me but i am going to win. Maa asys i brought gift for you, she shows her papers, Jhanvi reads it and says when did you make these papers? nothing will happen like this, Maa says i just have photo frame shop, i am not giving you tons of properties, Jhanvi says its your shop, Maa says you are starting job, you should sell shop to support you, Jhanvi says this shop is grandfather’s last memory, you have so many memories attached to it and its your shop, i just want your blessing, i am hungry, but i wont eat food if you dont take papers back.
Nisha says to her daughter that when papa comes, start drama. Adi comes there, Nisha asks daughter to eat food, she says i wont eat it, Adi asks daughter to eat with his hands, Nisha says she wont eat it, dont be stubborn, Adi says you are not allowing her to eat, Nisha asks her daughter if she is stopping her from eating? daughter says no, Nisha says Beeni doesnt want to eat it, Beeni dont eat it, mama and Beeni will sleep without eating today, go to sleep, Beeni goes to sleep without eating dinner, Nisha closes door and says till you dont listen to me, these things will keep happening, Adi says you are using your daughter to get to me? how much low can you stoop? its your daughter, Nisha says in modern day, its normal to think about one’s self, i am just asking for my rights, Adi says how selfish.
Jhanvi and Survi does hunger strike against mother, Maa says frames are not selling, we can sell shop and buy office for Jhanvi. Survi does drama and says i am hungry, my tummy is going to die, she says to Jhanvi that Maa is not agreeing but you bow down and lets eat, Jhanvi doesnt listen, Survi says you both are stubborn, Jhanvi says memories of Mother are attached to that shop, she asks Maa if she wont agree? Maa ignores her, Jhnavi says now i have to take twisted path.
Beeni is in her room and says i am hungry, she drinks water to feed her hunger. Adi and Cheeni comes there dressed as jokers, they dance on bum bum bole song, they try to cheer Beeni.
Jhanvi and Survi tickles Maa to make her laugh, Maa laughs and tries to wiggle of their grip.
Adi feed food to Beeni and Cheeni. They hug Adi.
Jhanvi feeds food to Maa and Survi.

Scene 2
Its morning, Jhanvi is in office. Adi comes there, Jhanvi says all set without any excuse, can i get your five minutes? he says lets start, Adi gets call, he takes it and ends call after talking. Jhanvi says we should make our office like mandir, open and vibrant, Adi gets another call from employee, Jhanvi says can i get your 5minutes without any disturbance? Adi says i was not listening songs but doing work in phone. Jhanvi says i was saying we should built office like where all can worship, Jhanvi gets call now, Adi taunts her if she can give 5minutes to him without disturbance? she cuts call and shows idea to Adi, Jhanvi says i want employees to close to employer, Adi says start talking less and start working, Jhanvi asks if he liked her work? Adi says if i didnt like it then i wouldnt have asked you to start working, start talking less and start understanding things fast, she leaves, Jhanvi says he is stubborn.
Nisha is pretending to be praying in mandir of house. Neha comes there and sits beside her, Nisha reads history about family separation of Ram.
Jhanvi is in office, she is fitting window frame, Kaka comes in office and sees Jhanvi fitting frame on wall, he says it wont stick to wall, Jhanvi doesnt see him and says let me try dude, she successfully hangs it and is surprised to see Kaka there, Kaka says i was just saying that what if it didnt get fit? Jhanvi says then no problem but i wont feel guilty that i didnt try, failing is not wrong but not trying because of being scared is wrong, Kaka says very well said, he leaves.
Nisha says to Neha that people remember Ram till today but nobody remembers Bharat’s sacrifice, Bharat is remembered as younger brother only, in our house too Raj is like Bharat for Adi, i feel that if they were working in separate companies then they both would be CEOs but Raj works under Adi and family wants Adi to become CEO, but what about Raj’s hardwork? he would always work under Adi, i feel its injustice to Raj. Neha says Adi is elder and there is no injustice to work under elder brother. Nisha says females understand emotions and keep everyone united but male ego is big, they dont say anything to anyone but they keep burning inside, they worship their work and would want to own it but they wont share it with anyone, Raj would never get to become boss, he would always work under Adi, but i dont Raj has these kind of thoughts that he would want to be boss, she says i am going to kitchen, she sees Neha in thoughts and smirks.

PRECAP- Nisha says to Raj that till when you will keep working under Adi? you have worked so hard and have given so much to this company but wont ever get CEO position, if you were in any other company, you would have become CEO till now. Adi says to his friend that Nisha wants to break my family but i wont let it happen, I want Raj to become CEO. Later Nisha says to Adi that tomorrow Kaka will announce you as CEO and we will have celebratory big party for that, Adi glares her. Adi comes in office and sees someone inside, he switches on light and sees Jhanvi on floor, he asks what are you doing in my office at this time? Jhanvi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nisha is so conniving, she’s making an attempt to instigate and influence Neha in property wars. Neha is innocent at the moment but hanging around Nisha, she’ll become greedy as well, I wish she doesn’t become negative. Adi tried his best to wiggle out of the situation, Good attempt. I’m happy that Jhanvi and Adi already met…looking forward to see sparks flying soon, they look great together. So unfortunate that as a mother, Nisha isn’t close to her kids ,I’m sure with a personality like Jhanvi ‘s , those two girls will gravitate towards her.

  2. I totally agree with u naz…Nisha is neither a gud bahu neither a gud mother neither a gud wife n neither a gud person…How can she be so selfish…no mother uses her daughter like that n conspiring Neha…that’s disgusting… Hope Jhanvi would fill Adi’s life with happiness very soon.

    1. As they are working together, it would be so awesome to see Adi and jhanvi romancing in the office….because they would be in closed proximity. Do you think they look great together? I do think so…….. I know he will find happiness with Jhanvi, she is all that he wants in a woman…family values means so much to her plus she seems to warm towards other people quickly…except for when it comes to him…. ? ?

      1. I agree with naz…hope janvi ll get married with adi’s happiness

      2. I totally agree with u naz…There is no doubt in Jhanvi being the best for adi…She is perfect for adi n it’s so much intresting to see them in same office…hope they fall in love very soon…want them to marry…

  3. Nisha is very bad wife….she does not care about children & family including adi but wants to oly money mind….adi u r still keep silence but its wrong becoz u did not tell this family about nisha true color..if know d nisha truth then family breakdown but u dont wry adi…janvi ll enter in adi’s life….she ll give happiness for ur wishes….hope soon…..plz divorced nisha….dont wry abt kids…janvi take care of ur 2 daughters

  4. Guys don’t be overjudgemental over Nisha’s character. Actually she is doing a great job in negative role and I appreciate her for that. There is no need to present her as a bad person, bad bahu…..

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