Woh Apna Sa 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chini sees Jia

Woh Apna Sa 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jia’a friend calls her and tells her that her mom talked to commissioner and spoke to trustee. The trustee will call themselves.
Samar calls Jia. She is dazed to heart his voice. Sameer says is someone there? jia says who is this? He says Samar this side. You spoke to my wife. Jia says yes i did. Can you help me going to that temple? he says why that temple only? She says you won’t believe me. I see flashes of that temple since childhood I have to go there. Samar says okay you can see the temple. She says thank you. He says meet me first. She says sure tell me where do I come? He tells her the address.
jia sees the idol and says finally I will meet you. I never trusted in God. But I came here to all the way. I am sure there would be something. I will find all

the answers.

Kaki is not feeling welling. Chini gives her meds. Someone sends her dirty texts. She shouts at him and says I will call police.
Kaki says who was it? Chini says all men are the same. They have no manners what so ever. Kaki looks at Adi’s picture and says if you were here I wont have been so worried about her security.

Scene 2
Arjun comes to Nisha’s house.
He says to driver how are you? You shouldn’t work in this age. You don’t remember me? Bua ji has sent this pant shirt for you. You are bablu’s mama right? We are relatives. The driver takes the pant shirt. He says ma told me you are Kamlesh’s son. We are relatives. You should help me. Driver says fate works in Mumbai. Arjun says do one thing. Get me job with madam. Driver says she is very moody. I will see what I can do. Arjun says don’t forget. Arjun leaves.

Nisha sits in her car. Arjun’s bike punctures in front of her car. Nisha says who is this idiot. Ask him to move aside. Arjun is trying to start his bike. Nisha says I am getting late ask him to leave.
Jia is waiting for Samar. She says this Nisha and her husband only keep me waiting.

Some men kidnap Chini. Jia saw that follows them and comes to that place. The thugs are coming near her. Jia comes and says stop it. The police is coming. The thugs run. Jia takes off cloth from Chini’s face. Chini is dazed to see her. Jia says don’t worry I saved you. I saw them abducting you. Chini says ma.. Jia is dazed.

Precap-Baablu says wont you sell it? Arjun says its her important stuff I have to return her. He comes to Jia’s place disguised as a post man to return her stuff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Utter nonsense. No wonder this crappy show had no mention in zee awards. Show started off very well, for about 5 .mnths was good and then has been going downhill. Feel sad for the artists, they all must have taken the show with so much expectations. Some are already out.

    1. I completely agree with u angel… The artists are undoubtedly upset so kakusaa baba SAA Binni few episode guest appreance adi’s mom n kakusaa’s son n daughter in law jhanvi’s mom dad sister all are gone….

  2. Yeh Naaz I must say u ve real patience to sit n watch all d absurd characters of all d Zee serials on yesterday’s special program n give a comment on it too… Hats off to u… I felt really boring so preferred to sit beside my son who is having viral fever… Enjoy ur Diwali

    1. Lol… I really meant it sarcastically… Just half an hour, I saw some older serial stars and was like.. WTF…they still around here ?.. Coz I haven’t seen a few of them since ages and didn’t understand what the heck zeetv was trying to accomplish by writing that script… Teesta, I’m also wishing you a Happy Divali, I don’t know if you are Hindu but still, the greeting is for you and your family.. Stay funny and blessed, you do make me laugh..

  3. Happy Diwali Naaz Jayashree Bulbul Sapphire n everybody present in this column…. Wish u all a prosperous happy n joyous Diwali n pray the world retains its peace n brotherhood n no nuclear attack or third world war breaks open….

    1. Happy Diwali to you my friend, stay blessed and funny. Hapoy diwali to you and your family.????

  4. Today’s episode too was utter nonsense…

  5. Today’s episode too was utter nonsense.. 1. When the commissioner was already given a word then wat for Samar is shown to see if Jia can be allowed to see d temple or not n why he has to meet Jia regards to this… Writers don’t you HV some better option to comfort Jia n Samar???? 2. When Samar informs Jia to come to d coffee house why was she waiting for Chinni to be
    abducted???? N wat rubbish Chinni is shown standing in-between Jia n Arjun n Jia n others see Chinni been abducted n Arjun is shown busy on call!!!! 3. How can Arjun go n talk to some other driver for his job when dat driver isn’t his friend’s uncle n wat makes d writer to show in previous episode d driver aka friend’s uncle promising a job to Arjun n today d writers
    show Arjun coming n doing nautanki in front of another driver cooking of nephew uncle relation drama n asking to set a job for him???? 4. Post leap main four characters are being shown Nisha Samar Arjun n Jia… Along with intro of grown up Chinni n new character arjun’s friend n Goldiee n kakisaa… Where’s Binni n other members of Jindal parivaar… Writers have gone insane….

  6. How she remembers samar n not chinni them

  7. thank you Teesta hope you re going to enjoy your diwali too and i just hope chini is not looking younger than jia they need to get some one with a mature look to portray the role of chini and it is so funny adi will be younger than his children and nisha i am sure will go after him wherein she can be his mother these soaps i tell you do i make sense any one?

  8. Today’s episode is utter bullshit… Too painful to write a comment, thank you Teesta and Angel for your comments…

  9. Happy Diwali Jayashree…. Hope your day is blessed tomorrow and for all the others to come…andcto your family as well…especially your grandkids, it’s special for children.. ???

  10. Minna Chandran

    The serial writers didn’t know what to do with Nisha so they killed Jaanavi and adi Nisha got out of the serial saying she didn’t want to look old but the new Nisha and samar both look very young. baba and his wife I guess died but what abt the others what happened to the wealth

  11. While watching this I thought what will happen when Adi and Chinni will meet she will call him Papa.
    Adi/Arjun’s thought,”Why is she calling me papa, am I her father but as far as I remember I’m still a virgin then how can she call me papa??? Looking at her age she must be 25/27 years old, and I’m 22, logically how can child be elder than parents?????”

    Friends this thing just came in my mind and I laughed at my own thought.?????

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