Woh Apna Sa 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nisha kidnaps family

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Scene 1
Jia comes in lounge and calls out to Kaki.. she doesnt find her anywhere. Nisha comes there and smirks. Jia calls out to Kaki. She comes to Kaki’s room and doesnt find Kaki and Chinni there, she doesnt find Chirag in house too. She comes to Arjun’s room and doesnt find him too. she tries to call them but no one is picking up. Jia looks around in whole house for family members but doesnt find single one. Nisha is enjoying wine, Jia comes and asks where is Kaki and Chinni? Nisha says I am not their guard. Jia says dont create scene in the morning, where is my family? Nisha laughs and my family? I dont know. Jia grabs knife and puts it on Nisha’s throat, she says I already am alleged for murder so tell me where are they? Nisha plays video on TV, its a clip of Chinni

tied in den, Chinni cries and says Jia please save us, please protect us.. Jia gets tensed and looks at Nisha smirking. She says I will call police. Nisha says if police takes me then who will tell you where are they? Jia stops. Nisha says remember you did on Baba’s last ritual? you insulted me infront of my family for this family? now go and save your family and yes if you tried to attack me again then I will finish this family of yours. Jia says why you are involving family in this? Nisha says family brought you here, you have destroyed my plans. Jia says what you want? Nisha says remember you made me slap myself when you acted as ghost? now hold your ears and do sit ups. Jia thinks Arjun might be with them and he might save them but he can get on Nisha’s side again. She says I am doing it. She starts doing sit ups. Jia says do what you want with me but leave them, think about kids. Nisha says you said you can do any extent to save your family. Nisha asks her to praise her. She records video. Jia says Nisha is very nice and she takes care of everyone. Nisha records it and says now say you are a loser pitiful girl. Jia says I am loser pitiful girl. Nisha says thank you. Jia says I did what you wanted, leave them.. Nisha says enough, I feel pity for you, I will leave your family but I will take your test, you have to cross a maze, there will be 4 doors in it, you have to cross all doors one by one and if you forget to cross anyone door then I will kill one family member for that. Jia is stunned and says how many sins will you do? Nisha says is quite exciting, go save your family, are you ready? Jia nods and says I am ready. Nisha says it will be fun to play this game with you, you will lose and plead to me, follow me. Kaki, Chirag and Chinni are locked in a secret area in house only and they can see Jia. They scream for her but Jia cant see or hear them. Nisha shows one board to Jia and says this your first clue, solve it. Nisha leaves. Jia tries to remove cloth from board and says I can do this.

Scene 2
Arjun is in jail, he have tears in eyes and says I am repaying for my sins, I just hope Jia is protecting family, sorry I cant be with you.

Jia tries to take off the cloth from board but cant, Nisha comes there. Jia says what clue is this? where is Kaki, others and Arjun? Nisha thinks she thinks I have kidnapped Arjun too. Nisha says look at this blank canvas, its like your life, what if colors leave your life too? Jia finds colors there, she starts painting on canvas. She sketches on it and sees sandbag shape made up on canvas, she says what if they are in godown of sandbags? Nisha says good, now search for them in al factories of the city.

Nisha comes to secret room where Chinni, Chirag and Kaki are tied, she says this room is sound proof so shout as much as you want. Kaki says you kidnapped your own kids? be scared of God. Nisha says you should be scared of me right now. Nisha asks chinni to come with her, she takes Chinni away. Chirag tries to open door but gets current. Kaki asks if he is fine? Chirag says we cant even move here. Kaki says dont know where she took Chinni. Chirag says Nisha wont do anything with her, she is her mom. Kaki says you dont know what she can do, we couldnt even meet Jia and dont know where Arjun is.

Nisha brings Chinni to house and says do what I say, Chinni says why you are doing this. Nisha says I am teaching lesson to Jia. Chinni says you are behind your own kids, Jia saved us, saved Arjun.. one minute, where is Arjun? Nisha puts cloth over her head and hides her behind curtain. Nisha sees Jia trying to figure out clue and says she has less time to save her family.

PRECAP- Chinni sees Nisha standing in lounge with Jia. She tries to attack her from behind with pot but Nisha turns around and says how dare you try to hit me? she points gun at her. Jia sees it and tries to take gun from Nisha, during their fight, bullet is fired and it hits Chinni. Nisha and Jia are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What nonsense yar???
    Plzzzzzzzz stop this nishas game!!! Why there is always the victory of Nisha??
    For God’s sake stop this nonsense….

    1. leisa s morris

      Theres no use lamentin cause all d serials r d same..evil wins everytime. D evil doers will never b caught but left to go on continuous rampage where dey destroy lifes and make us wonder wats d use of doin gd wen gd never wins. U see evil yrs later still tormentin ppl while either d stars die or in some kinda reincarnation drivle tryin to do in dis ife wat dey couldnt do in d last….. defeat evil and still losing miserably.. smdh

  2. this show is seriously the most annoying out of all…..How can a mother torture her own kids and that too for money…..They need to end this show

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