Woh Apna Sa 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Adi asks Survi what you did on last sunday? Survi says thief stole my mother’s purse but Jhanvi went to police station and assured that thief got caught, Adi recalls how Kaka said that some girl gave kaki medicine. Jhanvi smiles at Survi and says go home now, Adi asks Survi when i can come to your house? she says you can come at any time, he says i will come for short time, she says okay and leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi that you dont have to come if you dont want, Adi says i want to come, he smiles at leave, Jhanvi says sometimes he is angry man and sometimes so sweet, he is weird.
Kaki shows gold necklace to Nisha and says i made it for my kids but you are like my daughter so i want you to take it, Nisha says i dont need all these worldly things, i dont want any diamonds,

i just need your blessings and love, Kaki says i know i am in safe hands, you will always take care of me, i just want you to keep it, Nisha says you are stubborn, okay i will keep it, she takes necklace but keeps it in Kaki’s locker only, and hugs Kaki but rolls her eyes, Kaki smiles and leaves. Nisha’s mom comes there and says why didnt you accept gift? Nisha says its worth is nothing infront of this family’s wealth, they have crores of property and i want that, these small necklaces are nothing, Adi wanted to throw me out of house but i will make him outsider in his house, i will show him what i can do.
Survi asks Jhanvi why Adi didnt come till now? Jhanvi says we invited him for tea but we wont wait for him, its his loss that he didnt come, just stop waiting. She turns and sees Adi standing on door, she gets embarrassed and says i will go to check tea, she leaves. Adi comes in house and greets her family. Jhanvi comes there, Jhanvi says to him that you came here first time so i brought you gift, she shows him Ganpati idol, Adi says i brought gift too, he shows Ganpati idol he brought, Survi says you both have similar choice, awesome beginning, Adi says sorry what? Maa says she means to say you have come here for first and now relation will grow stronger only, Jhanvi stares her, Maa asks where do you live? he tells some posh area. Mother gives him tea but he says i drink black coffee, she says i will make it, she goes. Survi and Jhanvi sits with him. Maa brings black coffee for Adi. Adi drinks it and puts cup down beside Jhanvi’s tea’s cup, he lifts cup again but mistakenly takes Jhanvi’s cup and is about to drink but Jhanvi says its mine, he says sorry, he is about to put cup down but tea falls from his hand. Maa says i will make another. Maa comes in kitchen and starts making another coffee for Adi but she mistakenly pours hot water on her hand, she screams. Jhanvi and Survi runs to her side, They bring ice pack, they both sit with her and apply ointment on her hand, they bicker about being careless, they blame each other for being careless and bicker like sweet family, Adi sees all this and recalls how Nisha said that she hates his family, she wants them to leave, how she challenged him to snatch everything. Adi sees Jhanvi’s family and thinks that family means love and care but for Nisha family is nothing. Jhanvi sees him looking sad and gloomy, Adi looks away. Survi says to Adi that Jhanvi’s old boss was not good but you are good and cute too. Adi says i should leave now, Maa says keep coming, he says yes. Jhanvi goes to see him off, Adi says thank you, he thinks i want to say thank you for saving my mother’s life but thats not possible, he stares her and leaves. Maa says guy is good but very reserved, Survi says he is uptight but cute, Maa says yes very cute.
Its night, Survi comes to Jhanvi and asks what are you thinking? Jhanvi says remember i told you about people half happy in life.
Otherside Adi is on road and thinks that wish Nisha was family girl and didnt try to destroy lives.
Jhanvi says to Survi that i want to help someone but i dont want them to know that i helped them, Survi says why complicate things? Jhanvi says i am talking about Adi, Jhanvi says to Survi that there is something terribly wrong with him, he is constantly in stress like something is shaken inside him and he wants to fix it, i feel like he wants to lessen burden and live life again and i am going to help him with that for sure, i know he is not that bad, everyone deserves to be happy and he has that right too and i will help him in that, Survi smiles.

Scene 2
Its morning, Adi comes to Kaki and sees her setting breakfast table. Adi says i knew you would be working, he starts checking her BP and thinks that her BP is high, i cant stress her with divorce talk. Adi says to Kaki that dont do any work, you have to take rest, when i go to office, i will ask Chinni and Binni to inform me about it. Neha says if Kaki doesnt listen to us then we will call you, Adi says yes take care of her. Kaka comes and asks where is Nisha? Nisha comes there with music band, band plays music. Adi looks on confused, Nisha shows gold turban, Neha asks what is this? Nisha says this is honorly symbol of our society and they have chosen Kaka this time, Raj says Kaka doesnt take part in all these activities, he doesnt like awards and all that, who sent his name? Nisha says i sent his name, he deserves it, its his spot so i sent his name for head of Marwari society and all executives agreed, i bought this turban, tonight executives will come to honor you, Kaki says Kaka never took reward of his deeds but we have got such nice daughter in law who cares about her honor, Nisha says Kaka deserves it and if kids will not make sure his happiness then who will? right Adi? Adi looks on. Nisha says to band member that keep this turban safely, it has Kaka’s honor and his honor is my honor. Nisha says to Adi that lets take elders blessing, they touch their feet. Nisha says to Adi that i know you are busy in office but can you take office in evening and come to home around 7pm? Adi says sure and thinks what Nisha is upto?
Nisha calls inspector and says are you sure that all formalities and paperwork regarding my domestic violence case was done? inspector says i think all was done, Nisha says are you sure some paperwork was not remaining?
Jhanvi is leaving for office, she sees Adi’s ganpati idol which he gifted her. Nisha prays to it. She sits and starts writing diary and writes that God i am not going to steal your parsad, i am starting to write my prayers daily from now on so even if you forget to fulfill my wishes then you read my letter and fulfill it, my first wish for today is my boss Adi, it seems like some major problem is going on in his life but he is so uptight and wont share, i want to help him, God guide to make this day great for him, i want to throw problems out of his life and make him learn how to live life again, make my wishes come true, she puts letter in mandir.

PRECAP- Jhanvi brings flowers to Adi, Adi says i hate them, why did you bring it? am i am not normal? Jhanvi says you are right, i mean no you are normal, i just brought flowers to make your day good, adi says just take them away. Jhanvi is with Kaka, She says to Kaka that Adi is like red signal on road, Adi comes there and hears it, Jhanvi says he is always frowning and is like there is nothing to make him happy, he always one frowning expression on his face, he looks arrogant, Adi fumes in anger hearing it, he glares Jhanvi who didnt see him there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice show now but I don’t know this will continue in future.many serial’s started very nice.in between they are confusing and finished good

  2. If this domestic violence case isn’t over yet, I’m certainly not looking forward to it. Have an awesome weekend, dear friends. Will add my twopence later….

  3. super adi,janvi,survi,mom……..adi is still looking sad and stress…..janvi stares at him…..hope janu ll slove out of adi’s pbm but adi did not trust love and lost love becoz of nisha………he ll ahain trust love(janvi) again?? nisha too much drama…adi is unaware…he s still thinking surprised…he is slowly still believe in nisha…oh god be careful adi

  4. Nice episode but this nisha is too much irritating.i hope again like those worst serials it doenst become worse.i hope jhanvi & adi fall in love wth eachother.i love ths serial alot.

  5. good episode, adi and jhanvi both look together nice, jhanvi will find out problem of adi and give him free life in further, she so intelligent and smart.

  6. hi iam new to this sight ….. whatabout janvi ;s father gone out when they were kids ..
    is there any relation btw janvi andarthi ……..nothing boss only ….. now only it is starting
    janvi will solve adi problem one by one

    1. Welcome.. BR…. Oh yes, Jhanvi will be Adi’s rock of support in the months to come. I’m soooooo anxious for their romance. One good thing though is happening slowly but surely, Jhanvi’s good deeds are being recorded in Adi’s family books for future references, I have a feeling she will be accepted wholeheartedly in the family, that’s why she’s appearing like a fairy in their time of need. I simply love Adi to bits and Jhanvi also…. She will be Adi’s support!!!!!

  7. I really like the closeness in the Agarwal ‘s family of three. Unity is their strength and Adi is getting drawn in with them because he craves for this in his own family. I have a feeling he will fall in love with Jhanvi before she does, he will not realize that, that’s the emotion he’s really feeling. Jhanvi is going to go through what her mother went through but it will be the polar opposite . I’ve been saying, that everyone is entitled to happiness and if one isn’t happy, what’s the purpose of life if you don’t have it in your present
    circumstance? No one just leaves a relationship if they are happy where they stand, they leave when it becomes unbearable to live in and lots of factors
    contributes to those decisions. For a
    relationship to flourish, there MUST be love, commitment, trust, selfless devotion to your partner and there must be a level of tolerance and compromise in situations
    which benefits both individuals. In Adi’s
    life, he thought he had that but 8yrs has shown him that it was simply a mirage!! Some time in upcoming episodes, we are in for a battle with these characters. Jhanvi will be in love with Adi, Adi will love Jhanvi, providing that he doesn’t have doubts about her and think she’s another “Nisha “, Jhanvi will learn that Adi is married…..with children!!!! If it’s comes to divorce, an epic battle will ensue, Nisha could turn even more psycho, she already views Adi as an acquisition, and since Jhanvi will be see as the other woman, Nisha will see her as the threat and try to eliminate her. I wonder what Jhanvi’s mother’s reaction will be when she knows her daughter loves a married man? This will be like the situation she had found herself in when her husband found love in the arms of another woman, will she understands her daughter’s pain and by then she will also get close to Jhanvi ‘s love interest, so we are in store for an exciting Woh Apna Sa…… Oh yesssss…..indeed!!!!!

  8. Hello guys,
    Hope u had a wonderful weekend.Guys now this, DSDT mahek n isqhbaaz r the only serial I watch n among all this serial is my fav n I too hope that like other serial it doesn’t get worse.But I will always be watching it no matter it gets worse coz once the serial becomes my fav I am kind of addicted to it.

    Ok guys leave this thing the new promo is superb yaar.Have u guys watched it.

    N regarding the epi I agree with u naz Agrawal’s have a gud bonding n Adi is drawning in it.Naz everytime u write something u make me fall in love with it.Pls get registered may be u have some problem with gmail a/c.Pls I wanna hear more from u.

    Priya di I too think the same like naz n u will adi b able to trust janu??No idea but for sure one will fall for another.

    Sam me too hope that this serial doesn’t get worse.Finger crossed.

    Hey BR
    Welcome to the adivi family.Keep cmting n I do agree with naz.

    N guys anyone knows where preet is.I am not seeing her cmts.Is she busy?

    1. Aaku, I also wondered where Preet went off to, she did say that she had exams coming up and lots of studying to do so maybe that’s why we aren’t seeing her. I’m also not seeing Nitee, Nivu, Riya, Angel, Chithu ……i saw comments from them on DSDT. Anyway….. I’m at a loss why I’m not seeing reg member next to my name although I did submit all necessary info, I just gave up. Liza had the same problem as me in registration…. Sigh!!! I look at this serial because I see the story as an interesting topic as it’s relevant to today’s societal norms. I also watch DSDT but have written such extensive commentaries before and I’m out of points now on the topic… Lol….. Then there’s ETRETR…. I’ve been so faithful to that story and I still am but I’m somewhat disappointed a bit, don’t like the direction it’s heading in, I’m heartbroken. I was watching Ishqbaaz but because Omkar and Rudra had less meat on the bone and Shivaka had most, I thought it was unfair and only watch now and then…. Now I’m a bit lazy to start viewing again. I’m glad that you enjoy my comments, I try to write how I see it, it’s my honest opinions, I know I’m a bit too analytical but in order for me to actually enjoy a story, I need to feel characters pain and joys as well, when a story becomes illogical, I vent my frustrations just to let writers know that good storylines are the ones where viewers can connect with their characters and not show us something where logic is defied. I believe we should get quality and simply writing a story for the heck of it doesn’t hold my attention, stories should be cohesive. This is why I left JR, KT, SSK, even Pardes mein taxed my patience, every Monday morning Naina would pack her bags and leave whenever she and Raghav had a tiff, so I got mad about that and would you believe…that I tuned in one day last week and goodness gracious, the first thing I saw on my screen was Naina standing by a doorway, head bent with luggage in her hands while her friend welcomed her!!! You see what I mean…… Aaku, I had a quiet weekend and cooked up a storm in the kitchen…. Have a productive week my friend, ??

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