Woh Apna Sa 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kaki is going in switch of blender whose wire has water on it and is naked so current flowing through it. Nisha says Kaki just on it, Kaki is about to touch switch but Nisha comes there and says stop Kaki, she pushes her away and puts her hand on switch, Nisha gets current, Kaki screams for Adi to come.
Maa asks Jhanvi to drop Survi to college, Jhanvi says is not a kid now, she is independent, she can go herself, you have made her learn to become scared, i have life too, we cant run kbehind her all the time, Survi says i can manage, i dont want people run behind me, i dont want to hassle anyone, fine i am leaving alone, she leaves. Jhanvi sighs sadly.
Kaka calls doctor. Adi puts Nisha on couch, Kaki gives her water, Kaki says Nisha saved my life, if she was not there then

i wouldnt be alive right now, she did what my own kids wont do, why did you? she saved me from getting current but got current herself, Nisha says i am your daughter only, if anything happens to you then this family will break and i wont be able to forgive myself, Adi looks at her confused. Adi comes in kitchen and sees water on wire and slab, Adi says Nisha really saved Kaki’s life.
Jhanvi comes to Survi’s college and sees Survi confidently coming there alone. Jhanvi says i am late from office, i should call sir. She calls Adi and says i will be late for office today, i am with my sister, Adi says take care of your sister, she needs you, Jhanvi says everything is fine in office? he says what? Jhanvi asks everything is okay? he says yes, take care of your sister, she needs you, he ends call. Jhanvi says he has some problem but if i ask directly then he will scold me, how to find out his problem?

Scene 2
Adi comes to Sameer’s office and says Nisha has changed, she acts like she cares for everyone, she saves Kaki’s life and got shock. Sameer says there might be gameplan behind it, she wont get shock for someone else. Adi says i checked there, there was water on wire in real, we have been married for 8years, i know her, she cant hurt herself for anyone, she just care for money and power, i tried to make her understand but she never listened then how can she see change in one day? Sameer asks if he talked about divorce to Kaka? Adi says i didnt get chance. Sameer says i think you should wait a little bit more, he gives him divorce papers and says i will see you later, he leaves. Adi looks at divorce papers. Jhanvi comes there and says i know you are busy but i want to say something. Vacuum machine starts playing, they cant hear each other, Jhanvi loudly says thank you, Adi says welcome but Jhanvi cant here, he tries to enact what he want to say but Jhanvi doesnt get it and writes note that he can write what he wants to say, Adi writes welcome. Jhanvi writes you said something back for first time, Adi writes that you dont have anything to say for first time, Jhanvi thanks him and leaves. Adi gets call from inspector, he says you asked for girl who helped your Kaki in police station, her name is Jhanvi agarwal, Adi asks are you sure? do you have any other info about her? inspector says your Kaki got ill so she couldnt file her details, Adi ends call and thinks if she is same Jhanvi who works in his office? he calls Jhanvi in office.
Nisha says from where Kaki keep bringing these poojas? she sees details of pooja on her phone and remembers it. Kaki calls her. Pundit comes in house and starts pooja, he asks Nisha if you know about this pooja? Nisha says you are great priest, i will tell you what Kaki told me about it, she tells details about pooja, kaki gets impressed hearing that she knows whoole detail about pooja. Pundi says i have done poojas in many house but no one is more informative than her. Kaki asks Nisha to come with her, they leave.
Jhanvi comes in Adi’s office. Adi is standing by door. Jhanvi pushes door and adi knocks down, Jhanvi says sorry, i knocked on door but you got knocked our of way. Jhanvi says i wanted discuss about colors of walls, Adi thinks how to ask her if she was in police station, Adi says do you know about sunday colors? Jhanvi says no, Adi says its like how we plan sundays, how do you plan sundays? Jhanvi says i spend time with family, Adi says some unexpected can happen too, Jhanvi says you tell me what kind of colors you want. Adi says make is colorful, not only office but make society colorful, like police station colors are not good, Jhanvi thinks why he is acting like PK? Jhanvi says yes railways, police stations all should be colorful, Adi says you must have gone to police station, you must have seen it, Jhanvi who else will see it other than me, Adi says when did you go there last time? Jhanvi says i went to jail last time i murdered someone, now discuss colors, Adi says you talk a lot, i am busy, now leave, Jhanvi says you were talking about irrelevant stuff, Adi says i am busy, leave, she huffs and leaves. Adi thinks how to ask her if she was in police station. Jhanvi says Adi has so many mood swings. She asks workers to bring color palettes and show light colors. Survi comes there, Jhanvi says you in my office? tell me what happened? Survi says you are my angel, Jhanvi says you cant see devil horn’s on my head? Survi says they were for people who hurt me, i couldnt stop so i came to say sorry, i know you were rude to me in morning so i become confident and go alone to college and i know you were following me to college, dont understand my power, Jhanvi says we will eat gol gappas, Survi says i want to thank your boss, Jhanvi says he will scold us both, dont try to talk to him. Adi comes there and asks Survi how is she? she says i am cute, i mean i am fine, Jhanvi was saying that you wouldnt like me coming here, Adi says nothing like that, Kaka believes that we are all family, all employees are my family, Survi says we are family now so i want to thank you in my style, Jhanvi says you are getting late, Survi says no i have time, she says to Adi that my mom is awesome cook so come for tea to my house, Adi says i wouldnt be able to come. Adi says to Jhanvi says place ganpati in office, he asks Survi what she does on sundays? Survi says this sunday my mom’s purse got stolen but Jhanvi went to police station and filed FIR and that thief was caught, Adi recalls how he saw her that day, Adi recalls how Kaka told that girl saved Kaki’s life, Adi smiles at Jhanvi.


PRECAP- Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house. Jhanvi says to him that you came here first time so i brought you gift, she shows him Ganpati idol, Adi says i brought gift too, he shows Ganpati idol he brought, Survi says you both have similar choice, awesome start, Adi says sorry what? Maa says she means to say you have come here for first and now relation will grow stronger only, Jhanvi observes Adi sitting sadly. Later Jhanvi says to Survi that there is something terribly wrong with him, he is constantly in stress like something is shaken inside him and he wants to fix it and i am going to help him with that for sure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i just love adi and jhanvi i wish that they can both come together and destroy that evil witch nisha and bring to of them together and live happy

  2. If Nisha could do this, I’m sure she would….. She could kill herself and when she’s on that other side, could just tell herself that I loved the family so much, I died for them, but then no one would hear her, so she has to stick around and slowly take herself to the grave she’s digging for others. Friends, did you hear when Nisha told her mother she learnt to be bad from her teachings? So the apple didn’t fall far from the tree but the cycle looks like it will continue because Nisha is teaching her daughters the same thing. I swear, when Nisha is talking, she actually sounds psycho, her dialogue delivery is too creepy. Today’s episode was good, I like that little tune that is played when Adi and Jhanvi is close by each other. Oh, and he looked so damn good-looking when he’s staring at Jhanvi…. Gosh I love his smile, his height, his slim built physique…. Simply put, I just love Adi ??

  3. super performance adi and janvi funny scence also survi 🙂 nisha is too much she is acting infront of family and adi…adi is still confused nisha might some good changed oh god adi dont trust nisha…she is acting drama…..be careful aditiya…..last scence part is so nice becoz he is looking at her and adi’s smile

  4. Sindhuts

    Jhanvi and Adi wow awesome… I donno wat is dat Nisha up to… Whatever will enjoy scenes between adi n jhanvi

  5. Hey guys…… Today’s episode was fab…….. Adi was luking Janu so sweetly awwwwww sooooooo cute……… Really I LUV U ADI(SUDEEP) ????

  6. Hey guys…… Today’s episode was fab…….. Adi was luking Janu so sweetly awwwwww sooooooo cute……….. I LUV U ADI

  7. I love this serial, yesterday episode was just awesome. looking forward to further episodes that jhanvi find out the problem of Adi and they come together to solve the all obstacles.

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