Woh Apna Sa 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun pacifes Jia after shouting at her again

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Episode Description/highlight: Arjun shouts at Jia for not scolding Binni. Jia gets hurt and doesnt talk to him. Arjun says sorry and pacifies her. Binni hurts Kaki and burns money of Jia. Arjun gets angry on her and is about to slap her but Jia stops him. Binni gets panic attack and faints… it turns she fooled them.

Scene 1
Arjun says I did a mistake by taking Binni’s responsibility. Jia says she is a family so you have to be responsible for her. Arjun shouts at her to stop it, you do what I want but I know how to set this Binni right, you keep sitting idly, I am tired of you both. Binni says wow Arjun nice words. Arjun says I wont spare you.He drags Binni to her room and asks her to change clothes. Binni says this was just trailer, I will take revenge for all things you

both did, you are trying to make relation with me but seems like you both will break your relation, now get lost, leave, she throws Arjun and Jia out of her room and closes door. Arjun is tensed. He looks at Jia, and says you keep listening to her, if Kaki saw this then she would be in shock, Binni is trying to break us. Jia looks away. Arjun says she created distance between us, we did so much for Binni, you tried to make her understand with love, I scolded her too but she doesnt understand, why you are silent? Jia says I didnt know you would lose so soon but say anything in anger to me, you are still saying that Binni is doing all this because I talked to her with love? we shouldnt talk, that would be great.. she is in tears and leave. Arjun is tensed. Binni sees all this. Arjun gets a message that its Valentine’s day today, he says its lovers day and I talked to Jia like this. Binni thinks they will remember this valentine’s day for sure.

Jia comes to lounge. Kaki and Chirag comes back from mandir. Jia hugs her. Kaki asks what happened daughter? Jia says I like when you call me daughter, she thinks I cant tell what happened today, I want to hug her. Chirag thinks Jia is upset, did Arjun and Jia fight? or Binni did something? Kaki gives parsad to Jia. She goes to take rest. Jia gets message from Arjun that I have to pacify you, you have all of my breaths, I have planned a surprise for you, just me give one chance. Jia smiles but messages him that keep your surprise with you. Jia turns to leave but Arjun pulls her behind pillar and pins her there. Arjun says I can fight with you, be angry with you but I cant stay without talking to you, why are you silent? say something. Jia looks away. Arjun holds his ears and says should I touch your feet? Jia stops him and says its okay, she turns to leave but Arjun pulls her closer and asks if she forgave him? she nods. Arjun says we should have patch-up kiss. Jia blushes. Arjun caresses her face and leans in but they hear Kaki’s scream.

Arjun and Jia comes in lounge and sees Kaki fallen on floor, Arjun rushes to her and asks how she fell? Jia sees wine on floor spilled. Binni is sitting there drunk and drinking wine, she laughs. Jia and Arjun lifts Kaki. Kaki says we have to make Binni leave wine habit. Arjun says we should throw her out of house then she will leave all her bad habits, Chirag takes Kaki from there. Binni thinks my plan got successful. Flashback shows Binni came in lounge with wine and saw Kaki coming there, she got an idea and threw wine on floor.. Kaki stepped on it and slipped, she fell and got hurt. Flashback ends. Binni laughs. Arjun says you are not ashamed? Jia says she is drunk, its useless to talk to her. Jia grabs Binni and takes her to her room. Arjun thinks when I try to talk to Binni, Jia stops me, she deliberately threw wine on floor to make Kaki fall but I say anything then Jia will get more angry and Kaki is ill, I have to stop Binni somehow.

Chirag says to Arjun that you planned party of Jia for valentine’s day, you can dance with her. Arjun says I cant do salsa, I cant learn it, Jia laughed when she saw doing a step, I just want to make her smile with this party. Jia comes there and says I cant see 5 lacs we have to give to Patel uncle, I kept it in bag but its not there. Arjun says we will find it. Arjun and Jia turns to leave but Binni starts throwing money on them from terrace. She throws bag at them. Jia says money was inside this. Arjun asks what is this Binni? Binni says you wasted my money, I earned it but you wasted it so I am wasting your money now. Arjun tries to run behind her but Binni runs away from him. Jia tries to take money from Binni but Binni throws all money in dustbin and puts it on fire. Arjun asks if she is mental? Arjun pours water on it and tries to stop fire. Arjun glares at Binni and is about to slap her but Jia holds his hand. Arjun says she is crazy. Jia says talk calmly. They turn and see Binni gets dizzy and shivers.. she is about to fall but Arjun and Jia rushes to her. Arjun asks what happened? Jia says she seems to have panic attack, Arjun asks to call doctor, Arjun lifts Binni and says nothing will happen to you. Binni gets down and smirks, she says I fooled you all. Jia says why you do all this? Binni says I like tension on your faces, I dont get attacks but give them. Arjun gets angry on her but Jia pulls him back. Binni says you people are fools, I will do what you do with me, if you raise hand on me then I will do it too.

Arjun goes and locks himself in room. Jia knocks on door. Arjun says you keep taking her side, when I try to say anything to Binni, you stop me. Arjun says to Jia that if she drinks and takes drugs here, she is playing with her emotions, I got so worried that she had attack and she was doing drama? Jia says I know you love her, you are not wrong but you do other way round, Arjun says she is doing drugs and wine here then whats the use of keeping her here? we shouldnt have brought Binni here. Jia says but.. Arjun asks her to just leave. They are both hurt as Jia leaves.

Jhumki comes to Jia’s room, she puts acid bottle on top of door and thinks when Jia opens the door,
it will fall over Jia’s head and she will burn.
Jia comes and opens door, acid bottle falls and Jia screams..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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