Woh Apna Sa 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jhanvi says to Adi that my family is most important to me, you can think anything but i would leave office for my family, Adi thinks she is right and ends call.
Nisha says to her mom that Adi wants to divorce me, her Maa says that i havent even got any gold, Nisha says he is fool to think about divorce, we are bound for nect sevene lives, Adi is mine, i have been doing drama of good daughter in law for 7years, i will make favors on his family members, i will debt them so much with my favors that no one will listen to him and Adi will eventually believe me, Maa says Adi knows you well, he wont get in trap, Nisha says i will trap him in my shrewd trap, i will confuse him so much that he wouldnt know what to do.
Maa says to Jhanvi that Survi is not in home, they search for

her, Jhanvi calls her friend but Survi is not there too, Jhanvi says she didnt take her phone too, where is she?
Adi comes home, guard says all are waiting for you. Adi thinks what Nisha did this time? Adi comes in home to see all family members seeing old videos of family gathering, Binni says to Nisha that you are great to plan family movie. Adi says to Kaka thatt i want to talk to you, Chinni says papa come, Mama has played family movie. Adi sits with family and sees his childhood videos play, Chinni says you were naughty papa. Kaka asks Adi what he wanted to say? Adi says we will talk later, Adi thinks that all are so happy but i know Nisha is faking it, i wish she could make them happy for real, i have to tell Kaka about divorce soon but how? he leaves from there, Nisha looks on.
Survi is walking alone on road at night, she recalls how she pissed her pants in college, she recalls how she used to piss her pants in childhood and kids used to bully her in school too. Otherside Jhanvi is searching for her, she thinks to go to police station. Survi is walking on road, Adi’s car comes infront of her. One man from other car says to Survi that do you want to die that you are walking on road. Adi sees her and recalls how he saw Survi with Jhanvi at her house, he thinks that she is Jhanvi’s sister, he sees her broken state.
Jhanvi comes home and says to Maa that lets go fast to police station. Bell rings, Jhanvi opens door and finds Survi standing there, she hugs Survi and scolds her that where did you go? you have no sense, she cries and keep hugging her. Adi sees this standing on door, Jhanvi breaks hug and sees Adi there, she is surprised. Maa comes there and hugs Survi too, maa says why did you leave? you didnt think about us? Jhanvi weeps and thanks Adi, he says its okay, he looks at their loving family in festination, Survi goes to her room. Adi says i saw her walking on road and its not safe at this time so i brought her home. Maa says i didnt know what would happen if you didnt bring her back, thank you so much, please come inside. Adi comes and sits on sofa, he looks at Jhanvi but she doesnt say anything. Maa gives him water and says i will make tea for you, Adi says no need for formality, your daughter wants you, just take care of her, i am leaving. Adi comes out of their house and thinks that they have so much love and concern for each other like they will stop breathing without each other, wish Nisha was like this.
Maa says to Jhanvi that your sir is so nice man, i pray that he always remain happy, he did a very good deed. Jhanvi sees Adi’s phone on table and says he forgot his phone, he might be outside house. Jhanvi brings his phone outside house and sees Adi sadly standing there looking into space, Adi wipes his tears and snifles, Jhanvi sees him silently crying and looks on.
Maa shows childhood pictures to Survi, she says kids grow up so fast, you used to be scared of jokers too but later you took class of him. Jhanvi comes there. Maa says it showed you oevercame your fear, fear makes you weak, today too you have to win over your fear, if you win over it then it will never bother you. Survi says it was joker only but this is real life, people laugh and joke on me, their bullying eyes, how can i handle it? let me sleep. Jhanvi sees this and thinks that i wont let my sister and mother to cry, life teaches you to fight everything and i will fight for my family.

Scene 2
Adi comes in room and sees Nisha telling story of fruit right related lto Ganesh lord to their daughters. Adi sees Nisha entertaining her daughters, Nisha sees him standing behind door but acts like she didnt see him. Nisha continues to tell story to kids and how moral of story was that kids world revolves around their parents, Chinni says it means you and papa are mine and our world, Nisha says yes like Kaka and Kaki are our worlds. Adi thinks that Nisha giving good advices to kids? what is she trying to do? Nisha asks kids to go to bed, she tucks them in bed and comes to door, she says to Adi that let them sleep, she closes behind and says i know you are perfect father but i am their mother too and i am not as bad as you think, lets have dinner together, Adi says i am not hungry, Nisha says i understand you must have work load in office, you should take rest, Adi leaves, Nisha that Adi lets see what i will do tomorrow.
Next morning, Nisha comes in hall of house and looks around, she doesnt see anyone there, Nisha comes in kitchen. Nisha cuts electricity wire of blender in kitchen, puts it in electricity socket and leaves live wire on slab, she pours water on live wire so current will flow and whoever will put turn button of socket will get current shock. Kaki comes in kitchen, Nisha hides behind fridge and sees how Kaki is about to switch on socket which is running with current, she says game is on, come on Kaki just turn it on, Nisha says Kaki will start making juice for Kaka now, first she will cut fruits, Kaki starts cutting fruits, Nisha says now will put in blender, Kaki does it, Nisha says now she will switch socket on and current will flow through water she is standing in. Kaki moves her hand to switch on, Nisha looks on.

PRECAP- Inspector calls Adi and says you wanted to ask about girl who helped your Kaki right? her name is Jhanvi Agarwal, Adi thinks if its same Jhanvi who works in his office? Adi comes in office and talks to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says ofcourse every office should be colorful, hospital, railways and police stations should be colorful too, Adi says you must have seen police stations right? their brown walls and all that? Jhanvi says ofcourse i have seen police station, who will know about police station if i dont? Adi says when did you last go to police station? Jhanvi stares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sindhuts

    Good episode… But nisha planning to kill is scary…. Adi and Jhanvi started realising dat dey r nt bad

  2. When a life partner or someone you are in a relationship with says that you are mine…..that is a red flag..it means you are in trouble! Adi is learning so much through a very unconventional way, most of Jhanvi ‘s reprimands, are a profound message to him. Unbeknownst to him, this is going to be the magnet which will pull them together. It’s known when someone digs a hole for another, they eventually fall in themself….hope this is the case with Nisha…..awwww…..so touching to see Jhanvi weep in front of Adi, this family closeness is what he dreams of, and omg…this is good that Jhanvi has seen him in this vulnerable state, she only knows him to be bossy, this will make her rethink her evaluation of him. Nisha is so self centered and evil, she’s ensnaring her kids in her plots, it may come back to bite her one day. This is a great and emotional episode. Now we are starting to see the foundation of Adi ‘s and Jhanvi ‘s relationship. I know she going to fall in love with Adi and THEN discover he is married..so super excited for their romance. Loneliness is going to propel Adi close to Jhanvi very soon. Precap looks promising……ADIVI..ROCKS……..

    1. super naz i totally agree with you but janvi ll fall in luv with him then she does not about adi is already married,later slowly janu ll be shocked know about that adi is married becoz before she is in luv with adi , wat ll do janu?? she ll break reationship with adi??

      1. am also thinking like that as u said priya.

  3. Wow naz, totally agree with ur thoughts.Too gud.Hope that Nisha would fall in the ditch that she has dug.Me too super excited for adivi’s love to begin.
    N priya di I think she would try to be away from adi but she won’t be able to do so n she may also know about Nisha’s true face.

    1. ok but janu cant see adi’s pain and later she ll decide to give adi’s happiness and getting married with him and she ll decided fight against nisha for adi’s pain

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