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Scene 1
Adi and Jhanvi brings Asha back home. Kaki says to Adi that thank God Nisha’s problem is solved and you are free from her mess but how did you both reach Nisha? what if anything happened? Adi says I wont let anything happen to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I wont let anything happen to Adi, they both turn and share eyelock. Adi says Nisha is in police custody and now she has to tell truth, now we just have to know who this mystery shadow is and who is helping Nisha.. Jhanvi looks at Kaka and says Kaka.. all are shocked that Jhanvi is saying Kaka is helping Nisha. Kaka says what? jhanvi says I mean to say Kaka reached there first,did you see anyone with Nisha? Kaka says no otherwise I would have told, Adi says dont worry, Nisha is in police custody and she will have to tell. Kaki says thank

God we are free from Nisha, family leaves. Jhanvi says um.. I will leave, he says okay, she turns to leave but he says one minute.. actually. Kaki, Raj, Baba and Neha hides and listen. Adi says do you have to leave? Jhanvi asks if you have any work? Adi says no. Kaki whispers to Baba that Adi might love Jhanvi, Baba says yes I am happy. Jhanvi turns to leave but Adi stops her and says actually.. you and me.. I mean.. we.. if.. she asks what? Adi nervously laughs. Kaki says Adi say it, dont make her wait. Jhanvi blushes seeing family there. Adi asks Jhanvi to stay for dinner, all are disappointed. Jhanvi says no I am not hungry, Adi asks why? you didnt eat anything so please stay, Jhanvi says no I should leave, Adi says I will see you off, they leave, all laugh. Jhanvi says bye to Adi and leaves. Baba comes to him and says you love her so much? Kaka comes there too. Baba says we can talk with her mother to bring her here permanently. Kaka says yes Adi is happy, Jhanvi is a good girl, I should have known Nisha’s true face before, Adi says dont blame yourself, I trust you more than myself, why would you want bad for me? Kaka says then we should talk to Jhanvi’s mother about marriage proposal for you. Adi says not now, I havent divorced Nisha till now, I am going to police station to give an offer to Nisha, when this is solved then you can do want. Kaka thinks Adi cant meet Nisha alone, she can say anything against me, Kaka says I will go with you, Adi says okay lets go.

Survi says to Jhanvi that everything is on track so move ahead, she asks Maa to get her married, if Nisha comes back then their love story will be stuck too. Jhanvi says she wants to rule this house thats why saying all this. Survi says I am just saying that Nisha is in jail and you both remain happy without her. Jhanvi says but we still dont know about shadow. Maa says but how much more we have to wait? Adi should know that you are of age to get married, if Adi’s family initiates this talk then it will be great and without divorcing Nisha.. Jhanvi says Adi thinks about me more than himself, he will come to you and talk on right time, I dont want to pressurize him. Survi says he wouldnt wait, he would come running here for Jhanvi, Jhanvi says I wont spare her.

Sameer, Kaka and Adi are in police station. Nisha is brought there. Nisha says to Adi that you sent me to jail, what else do you want? Adi glares at her and says I have come to help you, I can bring you out, I will drop all charges, I have an offer, sign divorce papers and I will give you everything. Nisha says we promised to live together for lives, I didnt forget it, your family members are responsible for my condition so I wont leave you. Adi says I will give property and money to you, just sign divorce papers and tell me who is the shadow? who is helping you? Nisha says I told you truth before too, I am tell truth now too, that person who used to give injections to Baba is Kaka. Kaka gets tensed. Nisha says believe me Adi. Adi looks at Kaka and says stop your rubbish and stop blaming him, I am telling you last time to think. Sameer gets call and gives it to Adi. Adi takes call and says hello? he goes out. Kaka says to Nisha that stop being a fool, if court charges you guilty then Adi wouldnt need your consent for divorce, its useless to blame me and try to trap me, just take Adi’s offer. Nisha says I am in this condition because of you, I didnt want to divorce you, you will pay for this, she strangles his neck. Adi comes there and pushes her away, Adi says think last time, do you accept this offer? Nisha says fine, I want 50% share in property, business and wealth, Adi says done but stay away from my family, Nisha says and I want kids, Adi says no kids will stay with me, its my condition. Nisha asks policewoman to leave her hand, she wont her hurt husband, she leaves her hand. Nisha puts her hands around Adi’s neck and says you are great businessman, doing business with your wife too.. fine.. fine.. I accept your terms, just let meet kids one last time, she folds her hands begging, Adi looks at Kaka, Kaka nods at him, Adi says okay. Nisha thanks him. Adi and Kaka leaves. Nisha thinks that Adi made Jhanvi his life and Kaka saved his life, they played nice game with me but tomorrow I will end this game.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, Survi opens it to find Adi there. She brings him inside. Maa is putting on wall, Adi asks if she wants help? Jhanvi comes out of room. Maa asks Adi if he has some work? Adi says I came to ask for Jhanvi’s hand for marriage, Jhanvi blushes and hides behind door. Adi says to Maa that I am divorcing Nisha and i want to close that chapter of my life and start new one, I have just come as a common man that is asking for your daughter’s hand, I will always keep her happy, I love her and want to be with her if you give permission. Maa goes and brings Jhanvi there, they smile at each other, Adi asks Jhanvi will you marry me? Survi says dont reply Jhanvi, Adi says propose in filmy hero style, go ahead. Adi goes down in his knees and asks Jhanvi will you marry me? Maa says Jhanvi was waiting for you, she is lucky to get a life partner like you. She gives Jhanvi’s hand in Adi’s hand. Jhanvi says yes in tears. Adi says to Maa that dont worry, we will take things officially ahead after divorce, Maa says I am so happy, I will bring sweets. Adi and Jhanvi share loving eyelock.

In morning, Adi and Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house and takes blessing of elders. Kaki says to Jhanvi that you were always with Adi as true life partner, I hope you remain happy for life, all smile. Nisha comes there, all glare at her. Nisha comes to Adi, Adi says to Nisha that I did as you asked, I have given half of my property to you, divorce papers are here too so sign them, Nisha looks on

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Winchesterfan#1

    OmG)OMG OmG Omg omg… Kya hora hai Yai. kaka sa is so evil and mean. for once Nisha is telling the truth and Adi doesn’t trust her. Omg can’t wait for next episode

  2. Please complete the update soon.

  3. Episode was interesting…Adivi conversation in lounge then Adi proposing Jhanvi ???. Just loved it…I also love the bond Jhanvi share with her family. ??
    Precap is something interesting as Nisha’s true face came in front of kids but afraid that what will she do with Chinni??? I was just shocked to see that she place knife on Chinni’s neck. Is she really a mother. Because I don’t think so.
    Mother is one who can do anything for child’s happiness… She is a role model for a child. Being a mom means more than having given birth to a child. It’s loving and knowing a soul before you even see it. It’s a connection that is unmatched and insurmountable in any form or other relationship. It’s a love that grows continually, a love that always wants more and better.

    1. very well said….hope janvi take action avatar show her motherly love and care to binni….binni and chinni ll realize nisha is not good mother and accept janvi as mother….hope soon everything going fine adivi mrg go ahead but kaka plan something spoil adivi mrg….dont know…wait and watch

      1. I think this step of Nisha will grow hatred in kids heart and Jhanvi will rescue Chinni so they will love her, the kids will give Nisha’s place to Jhanvi.

    2. yes exactly well said……but nisha refuse sign the divorce papers becoz nisha wants money and adi….i think its too much dragging soon is it ? bulbul

      1. Yes Priya its 125 episode and still divorce is hanging. from the 1 or 2 episode Adi is struggling to get divorce.

      2. Well Priya can we be friends??

    3. of course bulbul….we r becme frds now….

      adi try to struggling get divorce ..hope soon janvi ll manage everything adi-nisha get divorced succeed…..is it bulbul ??

      1. Just hope so Priya as Jhanvi is intelligent and she will do something to make Nisha sign divorce papers.

        Well priya do you watch Piya Albela…can you tell me what is going on there?

    4. no i dont watch piya albela….

    5. Winchester

      Well i can tell u dear what’s going on in piya albela….. Its very sad? and heartbreaking ?…. Our handsome Dr. Anand is going to die….. Mayank and Rahul will kill him….. And when Naren will get know that Anand has not reached the venue he will leave his wedding and run to Puja’s ?

      1. Well it is really sad….Dr. Anand was a really good character who understands the relationship of Pooja and Naran, and if it is Mayank then I’m sure he must be brainwashed by Rahul. I used to like the character of Mayank as he was the only jolly person in boring Vyas Family….but CVS made him a gray shaded character.
        If Naren will leave the venue then surely Mayank or Rahul will marry Surbi. And, Naren will marry Pooja. Then Harsha and all will oppose Naren and Pooja’s marrige except Supriya as she wanted to marry Pooja and Naren.

        Thanks Winchester. 🙂

  4. I have a feeling Nisha is Mahi

    1. Hope not as Adi is her cousin brother and, she has kids with him Bother and sister having kids together ???


  6. good lord what happen to this kaka?such a huge punishment and he wants to kill his wife too he is sick i am actually feeling sorry for nisha because adi will never believe her,it will be very difficult for adi when he finds out his dear kaka is the one behind it all,it will be difficult to accept the fact that the one whom we think highly of can possess awful,sometimes dangerous qualities.How can a person seem so great yet have such horrible tendencies?many people stay in troubled marriages because they believe they have no other choice.They think that they are stuck and they blame this sensation of being stuck on their spouse but if adi is stuck its his fault he has choices one he can do nothing and remain miserable face his fears its his choice to stay married or not he needs to make a choice…And wake up every morning and make that choice again.The surest path to happiness is knowing that he is not helpless but rather a person who can make his own decisions he needs to set some of his bad memories with nisha on fire instead of carrying grudges around forever,he needs to torch those bad memories with nisha and make new ones with jhanvi i am just waiting for some real romantic scenes from the two of them is that asking too much directors?

    1. Jayashree, I know you won’t forget beginning of last month when we were abused for supporting Jhanvi, I wonder how those viewers are feeling now to see that the fictional character they cursed us for not supporting, now threatens the life of her own daughter… This is so interesting now and before they all start saying that it’s writers fault….i should say, DUH… It’s a fictional story, writers can shape their characters according to their pens….. I’m happy that Nisha’s rein will diminish somewhat… To your other point, some marriages are indeed difficult and who says because someone takes vows, they should remain in an unhappy marriage because of those same vows??? Everyone is entitled to happiness and if someone has to live their entire lives with a spouse like Nisha, then death is better… If there’s no love in a marriage, how can it survive, huh???? This serial dared to go where none has gone before and we must applaud the writers for their bold steps in highlighting a secretive social issue of a husband being abused, a wife who is a manipulator, socialite and downright detestable wife who married for wealth and status and found it abominable to live with the very same family who embraced her with so much love and expectations. Women like Nisha should work by the sweat of their brows, not marry to a man and proceed to usurp the family’s wealth because they think they have a God given right to it by marriage… Those who think Nisha is right, your thinking is very shortsighted and selfish. Since we haven’t read the entire update, we won’t know what precap indicates so let’s wait and see how far Nisha will go to harm her own child. We all did say that Nisha has to harm her daughters for them to hate her, well, she proved us ?correct, thank goodness they were bonding with Jhanvi a long time back and children’s emotions and love are always true and not compelled by force… Great going, Jayashree, serial is proceeding nicely… What do you think???

  7. Nisha cannot be mahi because then she will be Adi ‘s sister

  8. Winchester

    The precap is only missing in the update….so here it is for those who missed the episode:
    PRECAP: Nisha holds a ? at Chinni’s neck. Everybody is shocked. Adi and Jhanvi shout at her to leave Chinni she is only a kid she might get hurt. Nisha threatens them not to come near her or she can do anything. Nisha throws the ? at Adi. Jhanvi covers him to protect him and gets hurt in the back. Nisha leaves with Chinni.


    1. Thank you Winchester dear…for the missing synopsis. For a mother to hold her child at knife point, shows how depraved and psychotic she really is.. We had a right to call her psycho, I tell you Winchester, we all got a lesson while fighting this social case for Adi, of a wife who has abused her husband, in laws and kids… We won our case.. ? ??? I can’t wait to see what Nisha does to her own daughter, how much lower she will sink….

      1. Winchester

        You know Naz dear… After watching the episode last night…. And while reading the update today….. Only one thing came into my mind…. What the ‘STORM’ has to say about Nisha’s behavior towards her daughter? Is her behavior still justifiable?

        P.S.- the ‘STORM’ that came on this forum out of nowhere… a month back maybe… I hope you people understand the reference ??

      2. ?????????….i understand you ?????…??I’d love to know what those thoughts are now… ..yesssss…. I wonder…..and you know what…i thought of that same thing when I read your comment…..do you feel the silence??? It speaks volumes and it would be interesting to see justifications for Nisha’s latest crime, mind you…the writers would be badly beaten up. ??? for this….

  9. Please update fast.

  10. Do you guys remember in a episose Babasa was requesting kakisa to bring jhanvi back. he further said that after the demise of asha he didn’t get remarried but he bring Sharda for Dharmesh to take care of Adi and as per his expectation she alway treat Adi as her own son.
    It means Sharda came after the death of Asha then what the hell are writer showing. Did Babasa give his alzhimers to writers lol.

    1. Yes Shiv, I remember this clearly. These are the details we complain about and it will never be addressed …not ever, I think. I’ll forgive them for this because writers have given us a fabulous serial, I love all characters, even Nisha because she highlights the beautiful character of Jhanvi by her negativity. I like the little quip at the end of your comment… ?? hey Shiv, I’m wondered if you are the same viewer who had mentioned some time back of having faced similar issue?? There was someone who had said this but I’m not sure if it’s you…

      1. Yes Dear, i am the same person. But i m amazed by your memory because I have hardly any comment after that , still you remember wow..

      2. Thanks Shiv… When viewers make their contributions, it’s a window to their thoughts and mind. I’m ?never wrong in all my life, in deciphering the mind of a person by their conversations and writing. Just as I believe that looking at a person’s demeanor or unconscious facial expressions and can tell what their hearts think, I do the same with their writings… I’m an individual who could never keep a straight face..believe it or not!!! I’m always smiling and I’ve been knocked for that already at times but that’s who I am, no one will ever know that I have a problem, I always never wear my heart on my sleeves… When I had read your comment back then we did share few comments but then you had disappeared but I remembered you, I didn’t forget and I always wondered whether you were able to get some form of justice.. Be strong Shiv, good always conquer evil..we are still here on this forum after early June debacle. Take care friend…and wonderful weekend to you??

    2. It’s like Neha’s pregnancy. Should we forget she was pregnant before Holi??

  11. If am not wrong now Misha chapter is gng to close asap and dat kakas daughter is gng to enter d show to spice up.

    1. ya there could be one more antagonist in show

  12. omg whatt a dangerous lady dis nisha

  13. Yes yes

  14. Your enemy not very far

    1. Right under our noses….

  15. please complete update very soon…

  16. It’s been more than 7 months and Neha doesn’t seem like she is pregnant…

    1. when Rachna in kumkum Bhagya could be pregnant for more than two year then anything can happen in these indian serials.

      1. Hhaha Very true…..

  17. Friends, I did ask writers on KKB forum whether Tanu was an elephant or not…no offense meant, elephants are smart animals, but…their gestational period is like that of an elephant!!! Tanu was pregnant for ages….now we are seeing Neha going through same thing, writers think we don’t have sharp eyesight!!! Not even a bump…for goodness sake!!!

    1. Well Naz how can she sit in that position behind the sofa in pregnancy?? These writers are just little dumb in this case

    2. Winchester

      ??? gestational period of elephants is almost 22 months…. Almost 2 years ??
      Maybe writers of kkb love ??

  18. Naz how can i forget that i have been abused here by one individual where that individual is now only god knows you know the saying “jackass ears long it hears other story but not its own'”.That goes for that person who were always ready to strike on poor ole’ me lol there are some issues i have with this serial it started so sweet that i got diabetes with it now i have hypertension at the end i do not know what will come probably an explosion[giggles] all in all i like the way the directors are going about it i only hope it do not become a kumkum bhagya or an ETRETR hmm

  19. good one Naz lmao indeed elephants are smart and those are your views why care what anyone thinks about it

  20. Fama

    Why is this lady targeting her own children now? Really Nisha you need a psychologist help (am here to help you). Makers can we please get a flashback of how nisha and kakasa join hands. Am really curious to know how they join hands? Nisha was a big pretender(so-called good daughter-in-law) but am sure kakasa is the biggest pretender….. I mean how can he live with his revenge motive for over 20years and still appear as the best DAD figure to adi, brother to babasa, best husband to kaki maa(he thought of killing her)…. but his actions were justified by saying that he lost his daughter….
    These days am just blown away by the unexpected twist and turns in adivi’s life .
    I guess Neha’s baby bump will be seen only after any time lapse or leap in the show….. I don’t
    Think that nisha’s chapter wil be closed so quickly and easily as the kids’ custody case might be ahead

    1. true well said fama…..hope soon kids ll realize nisha is not good mother and accept janvi as mother…next week divorce chapter end….adivi marriage ahead…kids ll give nisha place at janvi…..after adivi mrg successful then kaka might create pbm for adivi becoz kaka’s daughter enter in the show….

  21. Like I said it before and I will say it again that Nisha is a psycho and would do anything to be in Adi’s life cos shes used to have control over him and his family , now that Jhanvi came into his life and found happiness in her Nisha dont wanna leave him alone to be happy. Hopefully the kids will see how evil their mother is and what she can do for money and her ego. I hope they end this divorce track by the end of next week. ???

    1. yes aisha divorce end by next week…….adivi mrg excited..kids ll accept janvi as mother

  22. please update soon

  23. Wow- Winchester- thanks for the update on piya albella
    Sad about Pooja and dr. Anand .
    And I am lost on WAS but I’m keeping up with all your comments

    1. Winchester

      There’s more drama ahead for piya albela fans… After dr. Anand’s death… His mother will insult Pooja and curse her…Naren will come to her rescue but Pooja questions with what right he is saving her…. Then our Naren babu will cut his finger and fill her maang (forehead) with blood ??

  24. MAYA… Thanks for your suggestion the other day…much appreciated, friend…

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