Woh Apna Sa 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Jhanvi Sends Nisha on her Date with Adi

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Scene 1
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s office. Adi shows her flowers and says I went to your Maa’s house as you said you were there but you were not, you lied to me again? what are you hiding from me? Jhanvi gets tensed and says I went to her house but she was in market so I went to market with her. Adi sighs and says I am sorry, in whole marriage Nisha always lied to me and didnt build trust so I keep questioning, I am sorry, I know you wont hide anything from me. Jhanvi says just remember I always love you. di gives flowers to Jhanvi. Jhanvi says to Adi that if you give these flowers to Nisha and takes her out to dinner sometimes then it would be good, she sees you with me and kids and feel bad that you dont spend time with her. Adi says what rubbish are you saying? why do you want me

to spend time with her? whats going on in your mind?
Jhanvi says you are right, dont know what I was thinking. Adi says I am sorry, I just dont understand why you would say it, leave all this, I have arranged date for us tonight, it will be just us two. Jhanvi says what about kids? Adi says I have done arrangements, they will stay at their friend’s house. Jhanvi smiles, she says I cant take flowers home so I am keeping them here. Adi nods. Jhanvi smiles and leaves.

Jhanvi comes on road. She slips but Samar comes there and holds her hand, he says I will take you home, she says no need, Samar says you can take help if you are in that situation sometimes, Jhanvi says people changing with situations dont appeal, I will leave on my own, she hires cab and leaves.

Samar comes to Adi and says its good day. Adi asks if he is in love? Samar says yes, Adi says who is the lucky one? Samar says I am the lucky one, I keep thinking about her but she doesnt give me time of day, how did you get Nisha? you have such good chemistry with her. Adi says I didnt get Nisha, Nisha pursued me, leave it who is the girl? Samar says she is simple but very complicated, she is sweet but when she is angry, she is hell, she is very nice and thinks about others before her, she is just so nice. Adi says she must be Juliet because you have become Romeo, tell me her name. Samar says she makes me want to be better person.. he is about to tell name but Adi gets call. Samar whispers its Jhanvi but Adi doesnt hear it.

Jhanvi comes home but has sprain on foot. Kaki comes and asks if she is fine? Nisha says I have balm, I will apply it, Kaki nods and leaves. Jhanvi says its not needed, Nisha says you are doing so much and I cant do this for you? Jhanvi says what about your health? Nisha says I want to live happily, I dont want to think about my illness, I want to live normal life with Adi, family and you. Nisha applies balm on her foot. Nisha says I want to ask one sacred thing that is very close to your heart. Jhanvi asks what? Nisha says your sindoor, which Kaki brought for you from mandir, can you give your sindoor to me for one month? You apply it with so much loyalty and care that I thought if I apply it with that much care and respect then I might get my Adi back. Jhanvi is tensed. Nisha says I understand its your thing and you dont want to give it to me. Jhanvi says one minute. She recalls Adi’s promise that he will always be with her for births as she applies sindoor of his name. Jhanvi says to Nisha that this sindoor is very important and close to me and I am giving you this for one month, respect it. She gives sindoor to her. Nisha says thank you, you have given me life, I will keep it with care. Nisha thinks I got what was mine, Jhanvi snatched my sindoor and today gave it back to me on her own, with time I will take everything back which makes Adi yours.

Jhanvi gets Adi’s message that reach hotel for date, I will be waiting for you there. Jhanvi thinks about date.

Scene 2
Adi comes to hotel, manager says I have done arrangements as per your instructions, we have musicians too. Adi says thank you, its for my wife, when she arrives then tell me. Adi thinks I will make tonight very very special for Jhanvi, I promise you that. Hotel manager says to Adi that ma’am has arrived. Adi thinks it Jhanvi and gets ready, he has whole hall decorated with rose petals and table set for two. Its not Jhanvi but Nisha arriving there, she crushes petals in her hand angrily. Adi is waiting for her. Nisha looks around decorations. Adi comes from behind and doesnt see her face, he thinks its Jhanvi and wraps his arms around her, he says did you like my surprise? Nisha is in tears hearing it, she says its really nice. Nisha turns around, Adi is stunned and says Nisha you? Nisha says so were you expecting someone else? you are scared like you hugged someone else’s wife. I came here for to arrange for reservations but I got to know there was already reservation on Mr. and Mrs. Jindal’s name, you arranged all this for me right? Adi is silent. Waiter brings flowers for Nisha, Nisha says my husband is shy, thank you Adi. Adi is miffed and thinks what nonsense is this? where is Jhanvi? Jhanvi hides behind pillar and sees Nisha and sad Adi together. Nisha hugs Adi and says its so romantic, I am so so happy, I spoiled your surprise, sorry. Jhanvi sees them and thinks I am sorry Adi, I will never disappoint you in our love thats why I came here but this night is not for us to be together, she silently weeps. Nisha pours wine and gives it to Adi. Jhanvi sees it and thinks today Nisha has all the moments with you to keep her happy. Jhanvi starts leaving hotel, she recalls her wedding with Adi, she cries. While Adi is having date with Nisha, he messages Jhanvi asking her where she is? Jhanvi sees it and switches off her phone. Both are sad and lonely without each other.

PRECAP- Nisha says to Adi that Kaki brought this sindoor from mandir and its very pious, they say if husband fills his wife’s forehead with this sindoor then they never separate from each other ever, I want you to fill my forehead with it. Jhanvi sees this and is tensed. Adi is confused and takes sindoor from Nisha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate this track. Always nisha wins. Everyone seems stupid. Where is Janvi and adi cleverness gone. Janvi act like stupid girl. I stop watching the show. I just read the written update. I think I ll stop read the written update also

    1. even in the beginning i thought this serial is very different from other daily soaps but now it seems there is nothing different in it, even i will stop watching it.

    2. I agree this

  2. She is only pushing adi away from her n back into the devil arms

  3. So stupid ,,,, bullshit

  4. The dream woman for any man, is to marry one like Jhanvi…and he can hatch a new excuse every week so he can enjoy with another woman… ?????….what a character!!!

    1. Story/Plot
      The show Woh Apna Sa is a family drama. The story of the show is based on the Bollywood film, “We Are Family” that starred Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kajol and Arjun Rampal. Disha Parmar and Sudeep Sahir are seen as husband-wife while Riddhi Dogra is playing Sudeep’s ex-wife in the show. The show is actually the story of a stepmom, who will get married to encounter and deal with her fiance’s children and ex-wife.
      In Woh Apna Sa
      Producer Siddharth Malhotra’s newly formed company, Alchemy Films started a very beautifully defined love story for Zee TV named Woh Apna Sa. Inspired from the flick ‘We are Family’, the show revolves around the life of a man and him being torn between two girls and his responsibilities. Disha is playing the role of Jaanvi opposite Sudeep Sahir. The show also stars Riddhi Dogra.

  5. Bullshit

  6. I used to love this show now i just read the written updates so stupid, these shows always makes the villan win total bullshit.isha

  7. Minna Chandran

    The serial was v good but now it’s so terrible read the updates once a week wait for it to turn around if not forget it

  8. I too loved this show especially adi and jaanvi’s character. Adi is still the same but jaanvi has become spineless, dumb and boring. Pls change the track, creative team- come up with something interesting.

  9. Time vast programme on zee TV. Not entrainment.

  10. Zee TV as such has long list of worst bullshit serials starting from kumkum bhagya, kundali bhagya, mehak zindagi ki… Now woh apna SA adds on in this series…. Story starts with a new theme n then Madame Ekta Kapoor is blindly followed with villain becoming smarter n smater n lead couples duffers… Kuch toh Naya dikhao ya channel bandh kar do…

  11. Wind up d serial… Fed up off seeing d writers with loosing their creativity within few episodes n walking d Ektaa Kapoor way… Aliya tanu nisha kakasa keep on ploting n serials moves years together around villains… Dear writers please make serials on villianous characters minus positive characters n instead of putting it on air u people watch it for yourself… Hum darshako ko baksho….badi meherbani hogi…

  12. one word, DUMB

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