Woh Apna Sa 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia comes to meet Arjun


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Scene 1
Jia sees a poster of her picture outside a tailor’s shop edited with another man. She comes in and asks the tailor how dare you use my picture. You will rot in jail. What is this? How dare you. He says that agent got me these made. I paid him. His name is arjun. He made me this poster.

Jia comes to Arjun’s house. He in washroom. She knocks at the washroom. She says ARjun you are in there right. Come out. How dare you use my picture. He says in a woman’s voice he is not here. He is a very bad guy. Give the guard downstairs your number. She says why would I. I will call police. I will sue him and he will pay millions of pounds. He says i a man’s house we are romancing here. Please don’t disturb. She says arjun moffed my pictures. Come out right now.

He says in woman’s voice we can’t go out without clothes alone. He says in man’s voice lets go like this. She says how dare you, how can we. I know she is one of your sound chicks. Arjun says in man’s voice you got us fighting happy? She says fine do whatever you want.

Scene 2
Samar brings Nisha home. She is drunk. She says why you drink so much that you can’t walk slowly. She says I don’t stop you from anything. Why do you say that? He says I just care for you. She says so you mean I am careless? I can manage myself. he says you are drunk. Everything is not money for me like you. She gets a call.
Its comissioner. He says your temple.. My niece wants to see it. She wants to click some pictures here. He says is her name Jia? He says yes you are right. She says okay I will get it opened. He says thank you.

Arjun sends a guy to Jia’s house. He is looking. He says I am arjun. I have kids. Please dont’ tell police. I have kids. She says I will do what I have to. I will sue you. I will send you to jail. He sits in her feet and says I am sorry. I dont’ have money. He says we didn’t have food. I had to do it. Jia says get up. She says you are not arjun. Jia is dazed. He says how do you know? She says you think I am a food? Tell that arjun to meet him or he will have to come to police station now leave.

Arjun says to his friend why did you tell her. He says she got to know. Arjun says leave it. Arjun plays his guitar. He sings a song tere bina aye dil hai mushkil. He sees some flashbacks of his time with Jhanvi he throws the guitar away in shock. Jhanvi’s name resonates in his hate. He screams Jhanvi’s name. Bablu throws water on his face. He comes in senses.
Bablu says who is jhanvi? Arjun says who? i dont know any jhanvi. Bablu says you took her name so many times. Arjun says I swear I dont know any Jhanvi. He is dazed.

Precap-Some men kidnap chini. They laugh.
Jia comes there and says leave the girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So confusing now n y is nisha still alive

  2. Hey guys how could u miss Nisha- Samar Shukla’s son Goldiee… Surprise surprise… It’s shown Nisha just likes Samar n Samar still misses Jhanvi but still these both consumrate their marriage n also HV son… Areee wah!!!!!! Secondly in one episode before d leap it’s shown Adi sings a song for jhanvi where he sings bad n jhanvi comments how bad u sing Adi n in today’s episode it’s shown Adi aka Arjun sings awesome… Thirdly Jhanvi aka jia gets flashes of d old house as soon as she steps into d path towards nisha’s new mansion n
    Adi aka Arjun feels nothing… Next is where is kakisaa’s own son n daughter in law???? Why Chinni has to struggle so hard to survive with old kakisaa… Ab Nisha ne binni kakusaa babasaa maa saa devar aur devrani saa ko bhi maar diya kya … Unka bhi punar janam dikha do….Writers writers
    ur brains have become a fried pan… Wind up ur serials pack ur bags
    n go to the Himalayas… Gangs me nahao aur taap karo… Yeh likha aap ki bas ki baat nahi… U people have so many loops that even needle will be ashamed of u people…
    In few more episodes u ll show Goldiee n Samar running behind Jia… N both father n son duo will HV cat fight to HV Jia as wife n start doing conspiracies n Madame oldiee Nisha will forget her age n run behind Arjun to go for a third marriage n throw Samar n Goldiee out or murder both of them… Kya bakwaas hai yaar….

    1. ???????????…what a comment!!!! I love it… I needn’t say more right now, I’m still digesting ??????

  3. Post re-birth the serial has become worse. Hv the writers lost their senses? Pls stop this crap.

  4. Oye I forgot to mention another observation… Here it is…. Yeh Samar mard hai ya namard???? Ya toh phir yeh mahan duffer hai… Bees saalo me us se Nisha ka character samjh nahi aya aur yeh bhi samajh aaya ki Nisha cheez kya hai aur na hi yeh ke kyun aditya NE Nisha ko laath Mara tha… Yeh baanda pyar ka dava shadishuda aur Mari Hui jhanvi se karta hai aur Nisha se laath khake bhi uske sath chipka hua hai… Koi is aadmi ka pata do yaar isko do char mukke maar aaun…
    Ya toh is Samar me mardangi nahi hai ya toh bahut patience hai Jo Nisha ko divorce diye bagair uski jee hajuri karta hai… Is me insaaniyaat bhi nahi hai… Ghatia aadmi is ghatia Nisha ke karan do pyar karne wale insaan hi nahi balki ek haasta khelta parivaar Tut gaya aur is Nisha aur Samar ko chichorapan karne ke padi hai… Besharam writers… N wat oldiee looks is given to this Nisha !!!!! Madame Riddhi too could be given more glamorous look this manasi is just waste… Uuuuukkkkkkkk with this serial…

  5. I really think Samar character has tremendous problem or else why a bachelor falls only for married women.. Jhanvi toh thik thi yeh Nisha do bacho ki maa sharabi characterless me is Samar ko kya dikha… Areee s*xl relation toh samajh aayi jarurat thi toh kar li par Nisha aur upar se heights yeh hai ke sir NE Madame ke sath beta bhi pyeda kiya… N surprising is selfish woman like Nisha willing gv birth to Samar’s child… Areee yeh aise auraat hai Jiska bas chalta toh apne maa baap ki janam khud ke choice se karti… These writers are writers or they ARE THROWN CHEFS OF SOME CHEAP RESTAURANTS??????

    1. Please Teesta…….English……please. your comment I’m sure is hilarious I don’t understand the Hindi …please translate

      1. Dear Naaz d translation for u but I don’t know will it be dat hilarious in English or not…oye I forgot to mention one observation… Here it is… This Samar is a man or a gay?????or rather he seems to me a utter fool. .. Even after a lapse of twenty years he couldn’t recognise d real character n characteristics of Nisha n this too wat substance n element is Nisha n why Aditya had thrown her out of his
        life n home….this blo*dy Samar claims love for married n dead Jhanvi n even after getting kicks n insults from Nisha still is glued to Nisha like fevicol…. Someone please keep me d address of this Samar I ll punch his face off…
        Either this Samar is not a man or he has loads of patience to be with Nisha for twenty years without divorcing her and is lying under her feet…he has no humanity as because of him jhanvi lost her life… Because of these blo*dy inhuman Nisha n Samar not only two young loving couple lost their lives but a happy going family broke into pieces n still ders no end of these two’s characterlessness.. Shameless writers… N wat oldiee looks are given to Nisha!!!! Madame Riddhi too could be given more glamorous look… This Manasi is just waste…. Uuuuukkkkk with this serial….

    2. Dear naaz… Here’s d translation for u…I really think Samar’s character has tremendous problem or elsewhy a bachelor falls only for married women???? Jhanvi is was ok but wat d hell did Samar
      see in Nisha!!!! Nisha a mother of two kids a blo*dy dunkard characterless woman!!!! S*xual relation is understood as a requirement of pleasure n need so it was accomplished but but but heights is went to d extremes to give birth to a son with d help of Madame Nisha… N surprising is selfish woman like Nisha willingly gv birth to Samar’s child…. Heaven’s lord if this woman Nisha could HV got a chance she could HV chosen d birth of her parents….these writers are writers or they ARE THROWN CHEFS OF SOME CHEAP

      1. Yessssssssssss….. I know you’d say it like that…so true… Just imagine, Samar could have intercourse with Nisha but Jhanvi couldn’t enjoy it with Adi?? To top it off…they created a devil’s spawn and if that son is good, I’d like to smash the writers faces because Nisha and Samar are rotten, shaitaan and psychological insane to bring a good human being into their world.. Your observations were good, I wasn’t thinking of it but then again, I’ve stopped using my precious brain to analyze this horrendous turn of events. Nevertheless, I did enjoy your translation, you are so right huh!!! I’m waiting to see how old this son is, I hope he’s not 21yrs old???? .. So… I saw you used the word “fevicol”…don’t know what it means but when Kareena was doing that item song in Dabaang2…, I read the translation and Lorddddd…did I laugh??? It was indeed funny. Coming to this monstrosity of a story, I LMAO when I saw pitiful Samar trying to be husband to Nisha. To tell the truth, when I read that these devil’s were married, I was so madddd…. The nerve of these writers to let them copulate and enjoy s*xual bliss, maybe Samar was seeing Jhanvi in his arms at that moment ??????…

  6. Hey Naaz I didn’t observe this angle dat Sameer must be dreaming of Jhanvi for last 20 years n assumed Nisha as Jhanvi n has been sleeping enjoying n giving birth to Goldiee.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 but then there’s like chance when Samar sees Jia he will run behind her like a crazy n obsessed lover n make plots to get married to her… writers are great… N Goldiee seems against his parents.. In intro episode he seems to be positive character n seems hates Nisha n his real name alot n prefers being called Goldie… Until now it seems he is not like his parents but who knows how long he will be positive as writers are just trying pans n they may fry something bitter n we ll get to see d result of d dish a bitter negative Goldiee served in golden plate… Hahahaha. Really yaar before d leap at least these stupid fried pans could show us a passionate romantic sensual Adi n jhanvi consumerating their marriage… Missed it yaar… These villians are shown enjoying… Bullshit writers… 😛

    1. You know.. When a man truly loves a woman, chances are when he’s with another in intimate moments, he sees the face of his beloved instead. Men don’t think with their correct head and since they are visualized creatures, it’s hard to separate both women at that time in intimate positions. Women think with their hearts and minds…so you can imagine what’s gonna happen to Samar when he sees Jia??? Teesta, I think we are in for a real treat with Samar and Jia……. You see those cartoons where characters in love chase down their object of affection? I’m seeing that in my mind’s eye…complete with love signs floating in the air and clouds… Ohhhhh, dear Teesta, we are in for some good laughs!!!

  7. Post re-birth expected something..But there’s nothing..

  8. Expected zee award for aditya n janvi but couldn’t take away any award due to their poor story line going now….Intial days it grabbed attention their promos everything looked fresh.

  9. Pls adi n janvi just realise how your characters have framed before n now totally disappointed ..U ppl haven’t felt so..

  10. Jus quit the show if you’re not satisfied bcs you have enough shows n name,dont spoil it..We are with you …Pick a good story line…. Though you are at 37 looking awwwww…So pls..

  11. and if Its Jhanvi’s punarjanm. then Chinni must be around 30 years. as She was around 10 during their parents death and Janhvi must be 20 years old as Jia. total confusion.

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