Woh Apna Sa 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia asks Krishna to leave

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Scene 1
Bini says Arjun has died and you have to accept that. Nisha says stop bini. She says no Jia we didn’t tell you because we thought you can’t handle this. Akash says she is lying. Bini says he hadd been lying all this time. Doing this drama to make you feel that he isn’t here. We gave you sleeping pills. The guy in bandage was Krishna pretending to be arjun. Jia is dazed. Bini says we didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to feel the pain but I realized today we shouldn’t have thought all this. You don’t deserve it all Jia. Jia faints. Krishna holds her.

Akash and Krishna take Jis to her room. Akash says I have given her tranquiler. Krishna holds her hand and says i am sorry Jia.
Akash says to Bini can’t you handle your anger?

Bini says you can see her pain but not mine?i cared so much for Jia and what did she do in return? She knew you had an affair.. Akash says what affair are you talking about. jia opens her eyes and says you all go from here. Leave me alone. Akash says but.. She says go from here. Bini and nisha leave. krishna takes akash as well.
Jia wakes up. Akash says Jia i got food for you. Please open the door. Jia sits down and cries. she recalls her moments with Arjun.

Jia crying. She looks at water. Jia is confused. She sees Arjun’s face on the water. Akash knocks and says jia please talk to me please open the door. Krishna comes. He says Jia i am very sorry Please give your friend a chance to speak. Jia opens the door. krishna says i am so sorry. Jia says i kept trusting you thinkning that you re my friend. i was an idiot. I thought you would respect my trust but that didn’t happen. You were never my friend. i can’t trust your sorry either. You lied to me. Krishan sits down and says give me one chance. She says i don’t need your apology or friendship. Go from here and never show your face to me ever again. He walks out. Krishna recalls time he spent with jia. Jia sits down crying.

Nisha looks for Krishna in the house. She says where has he gone? Nisha says bini and krishan have messed with my head.
Precap-Akash says because of you all his happened. i will kill you. Nisha says I got your brother kidnapped and killed you are blackmailing me. Akash is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What can one expect from a snake in the grass huh,stupid Binni trust her Mom so much that she is not believing Akash who loves her so much and I am really getting sick and tired of Jia’s character Nisha should do the honors and let her RIP with Arjun I know I am a bit cruel here but sometimes one needs to be cruel to be kind.

  2. Jayashree ,Jia is too kind to be on ths globe…..bringing back Nisha into their life has proved to be too costly….even Akash and Binny could n’t see the coincidence between Arjun’s disappearance / death and Nisha’s re entry into their life /house..With Binny ‘s complete transformation,now it is too late and I feel sorry for Akash…but he has harboured a snake and so bearing the brunt…We don’t know how the writers are going to end the story …will Jia too meet the same end as Arjun and go to the heaven to be with him like it happens in most of our serials or will she be given a chance to live the rest of her life with Krishna has to be seen….Jayashree,for me both the scenarios will be ok as I stopped feeling for the characters of this serial…

  3. This is total crap now why the hell nisha keeps resurrecting and coming back to carry on with her evil deeds now she killed the first arjun together with his wife jia; she killed the father also and now that witch is still around to keep on with her destruction now why was arjun murdered that is not fair at all and that evil wicked flat bottom ass nisha had to come back and killed arjun; i will never understand these indian serials crap crap crap to you doh doh head writers.

  4. Jhanvi / Jia made the same mistake with Nisha which lead to their demise. Now its happened again and Nisha has been misleading everyone. Its good that Bini confessed that Arjun is no more and Jia saw the real face of Krishna. Now its time that Nisha gets her dose of karma because she chose to commit many murders to lead a life of luxury. Now its time she has to pay for her evil ways.

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