Woh Apna Sa 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Jia argues

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Episode Description/highlight: Arjun catches Binni taking drugs and gets angry on her. Jhumki mixes poison in Kaki’s parsad, Arjun blames Binni for it. Jia takes Binni’s side and have argument with Arjun. Arjun searches Binni’s room and shows drugs to Jia.

Scene 1
Jia says to Arjun that I feel our real Binni will come out soon, we will be with her. She asks him to smile, he does, she hugs him and leaves.

Kaki and Jia are working in kitchen, Kaki says I will make salad for Binni, she turns around. Jia tries to knead flour, Arjun comes from behind and hugs her, he blows air on her hair and kneads flour with her, they lovingly look at each other but Arjun slips and falls down, all laugh. Chirag comes there and says Binni is not happy here, Arjun says we have to be

careful, she came back because she was forced too. jia says she is our family member, we can win her heart by showing love, you canceled her shoot thats why she is miffed. Kaki asks Jia to take parsad to Binni, Jia asks Arjun to take it.

Arjun comes to Binni’s room but she is dizzy and high. Arjun looks at her face and sees cocaine on table, he is shocked and asks her to show whats in her hands, she tries to hide but Arjun takes it and its drugs. Arjun says you take drugs? He throws water on cocaine and pours drugs in basin, she asks what he is doing? Arjun says I shouldnt see drugs in your hands again, you can get caught, he leaves. Binni shouts I hate you.

Jia comes to lounge and hears anklet noise, she recalls how Jhumki used to wear it, she sees shadow and follows it.
Kaki comes to mandir in house and takes parsad to school.
Jia runs behind shadow, she comes out of house and sees Jhumki running out, she tries to stop her but bottle falls from Jhumki’s hand and she runs away. Jia sees bottle and says Jhumki was near kitchen, what if she mixed poison in parsad? Jia rushes to kitchen and sees parsad gone, she says what if Kaki took it to school? she runs there.
Kaki is at school and serves parsad to all kids, all eat them and starts coughing. Parents complain that there was poison in parsad. Jia comes there and says I am sorry, she says to parents that I have to take Kaki home, someone else mixed poison in it, parents say but our kids are in danger, one parent is about to slap Jia but Kaki says enough, its not our fault, one parent says you made parsad and ours kids are ill because of it.
Arjun tells Chirag about Binni taking drugs and says I feel pity for her too. Arjun hears noise, he sees people throwing shoes at Jia. He rushes there. Jhumkki hides and thinks now its good. Arjun brings lemonade water to kids so they can vomit poison, Arjun says to parents that I am sorry, we didnt do it deliberately, you know Kaki for years.

Scene 2
Arjun brings Kaki and Jia home. Binni asks how Jia got hurt? Arjun asks her to not show fake concern. Kaki says no someone mixed something in parsad.
Kaki says someone mixed something in parsad. Jia says it was that white powder, I was bringing it but I lost it. Arjun says what white powder? he thinks is Binni’s cocaine and shouts at Binni that will not stop her antics? Binni says I didnt even touch parsad, I didnt do anything. She turns to leave but Arjun checks her face. Jia asks what he is doing? Arjun says she takes drugs, all are stunned, she must have mixed it in parsad. Jia says no Binni didnt mix anything in parsad, she asks Binni to leave, she does. Jia says Jhumki was here and she mixed poison in parsad and you are scolding Binni. Arjun says she takes drugs, I caught her. Jia says we have to be calm and loving with her, Arjun says you are taking Binni’s side. Jia says you think I am spoiling Binni? Kaki asks Arjun to stop it. Arjun says I am telling truth, come to Binni’s room if you dont believe me.
Arjun comes to Binni’s room with family, Chirag keep Binni away and Arjun starts searching her cupboard, he starts throwing her things, Jia asks Arjun to calm down, Arjun says I cant, we have to stop her. Arjun takes off mattress and finds drugs under it, he says she mixed this white powder in parsad, she takes drugs.

Jia comes to Arjun and says wake up, there is some problem, Binni created some issue, neighbors are complaining. Arjun says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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