Woh Apna Sa 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Adi recalls how Nisha made Kaka and Kaki go to police station. Adi says to Sameer that i want to divorce Nisha, Sameer says are you sure to take such big decision? Adi says i kept silent to not hurt my family but today she sent them to jail. Adi says I regret keeping quite. This is enough. She didn’t even respect their age. I won’t give her another chance. I want this woman out of our lives. I have to divorce her. Sameer says how will you tell kaki and kaku? They think she is perfect. Adi says I will handle it all. You get the papers ready.

Jhanvi comes home. Ma says tomorrow is first day of college. I am so worried. Jhanvi says everything will be fine. Sruvi has grown up. She will handle her life. We can’t stop her from living her life because of this one

problem. Ma says she took so much time to come back to normal life, after that incident. She lacks confidence still. Small things tense her. Jahnvi says don’t worry.

Scene 2
Adi wakes up next morning. He says I have to gather courage to talk about it today. Nisha goes to washroom. She comes out as soon as he leaves.
Adi comes to kaki. He says I know you are hurt. Please pardon me. I wanna say something. Kaki says I don’t wanna listen anything. Adi says please listen. Kaku at least you listen. I know so much happened in this house. some in front of you and some behind. I know you are hurt. I know you are worried about the problems between me and Nisha and that is why I have decided something. He looks at nisha. Nisha says Adi really loves you both. He is worried about this one thing. Please listen to him once. You both went to jail, adi is really upset after that. Since then he has decided he will leave this house. You are mad at him and he can’t tolerate that. He wants you to pardon him only then he can live in this house. Kids make mistakes. I know adi is old but he is your child anyway. Please forgive him. I wont’ ask for anything else ever. Kaku says see her heart. Because of you she tried to kill herself. Another woman would have hated you all her life. And look at her she is begging us to forgive you. Value her. If you give her love and respect she will make your life heaven. Because of her only I am forgiving you. I never thought I would but only because of her. Kaki says our rituals are our dignity. The man who doesn’t respect his wife loses love and respect in my heart for him. Don’t ever misbehave with her again.

Ma shows Jhanvi a sheet. She says survi again? jhanvi says don’t worry. Survi comes. Jhanvi says ma give us breakfast. I have to drop survi too. Then I will go to office. survi says I will go alone, you go yourself. Jhanvi says I think she is right. She says sruvi I am proud of you. Survi hugs Jhanvi. Ma and Jhanvi exchange worried looks. Survi gets the auto. Jhanvi says call me when you reach college.

Adi comes to room. He recalls what nisha said. He sees his conscience. It says your kaka kaki think she is the best daughter in law. But same nisha is moving towards them like a bulldozer. Your life is ruined. Tell them truth. Tell them you are not an ideal couple. There would be two ambulances here. One of them could have a heart attack.
Adi says I have to tell them. No one can stop me now. He takes out his diary. He writes something.

Survi comes to college. Someone is following her. She gives the auto fare. Someone taps her back. She looks back in shock.
Adi comes to kaki’s room with the letter. He says where should I place it. He places it on side table. He comes out of room. nisha says why are you walking in your house like thieves? He says I have work. She says talk to me. He says we have nothing to talk about. Adi leaves.
Nisha says what was adi doing in kaku’s room in his absence. She comes in.

Jhanvi says why has survi not called me yet. SHe comes to adi’s room. He is behind the door. It hits him. Jhanvi says does your head hurt? He says now it will. She says take meds. Adi says the day you learn to speak in two words my headache would go. Lets starts the work now. Nisha starts working He says start the presentation and stop looking in your phone. SHe says your company is unqiue. So should be its logo. I have a plan for your room as well. Adi is worried. Nisha picks his family photo. SHe says your cabin dry. He says I don’t want home like coziness. Office should look like office. His phone rings. Its kaku. He says yes I am coming. He leaves. Jhanvi says why is he so restless. Anyway why is survi not calling. Adi comes to Kaku’s room.
He says i know I have really hurt you. Because of me you are seeing all this today. Forgive me if you can. Kaku says that day in police station your kaki ma fell ill. A girl came there and gave her meds. I want to know who she was and want to thank her personally. He sure I will inquire about her. Kaku’s phone rings. Its Neha. He asks how is kaki? BP is not any better? What did doctor say? She shouldn’t stress. I will come home early.
Adi says if Kaki ma reads that letter her condition would worsen. He rushes home.

Kaki says to Nisha I forgot my spectacles in room. Can you bring it? Nisha goes to her room. Adi is coming home.
Jhanvi says mama I am going to survi’s college. Don’t worry nothing would go wrong. He collides with Jhanvi but leaves.
nisha comes to room. She sees the spectacles. The letter is underneath it. She picks it.

Precap-Jhanvi comes in front of Adi’s car. She says you are blocking the road. He says you move your scooty. Nisha says we are out of office so you are not my boss.
Adi says on call what? Jhanvi is worried too. Adi says what happened to kaki?Niahs says what you expect? Nisha says you should come fast. Doctor is here but kaki ma wants to meet you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Right at this moment, I would like to knock some sense into kaki and kaka’s head…..for elderly people with years of experience, they certainly lack common sense. It’s a known fact that in order to arrive at sensible decisions, both sides of a story must be heard. There’s three sides of a story….his story, her story and the truth! Everyone thinks the other is at fault. Listen up guys……there is a lesson to be learnt in this serial. If at any time anyone of you are in difficulty, whatever the nature or reasons, it’s ALWAYS the sensible thing to do in discussing the issue with the relevant people involved, never sweep it under the carpet hoping the problem will go away, it never does, it becomes worse not better. In case the thought didn’t cross your minds….Adi is an abused husband. Now, when it’s so imperative now to speak up and defend himself, it will seem that Adi is counteracting Nisha and his attempt to clear himself and complain about the years of Nisha ‘s hatred ,manipulations,lies and conspiracies, will fall on
    deaf ears. He’s already there in the dog house courtesy his own aunt and uncle so he’s in for a tough battle. Adivi fan club….if you read my comments and think they are too analytical, that’s the other side to me….I look for details in a story and when I see things not aligning correctly, I say it it so!! Hope you all had a lovely day….Nivu, Pretty, Twinj (Aakriti), Riya,Liza,Angel,RA, Nitee,Shanitics….hope I didn’t leave anyone out….later……….

  2. Yeah very true Naz.I donnowhy story started to get bored.. Getting no interest.,pls start adi n Jha love story …Done with Nishas plotting

    1. super i agree with you…….boring nisha and adi scence….alwys show sad scence …..but we want adi and janu love scence very interesting………

  3. Disgusting,boring nisha

    boring… nisha is boring the screen… get some jhanvi and adi scenes.. make adi and family know about jhanvi deeds… get her inside adi house

    1. i agree with you

  4. Hey naz,
    That’s absouletly true, totally agree with…u r really very gud at analysing stories…Pls get registered soon…Wanna hear more from u….

    Hey preet,naz,Riya,Nitee,Shantics(swetha),Lisa di,Priya di,sindhu,
    Sry if I missed anyone’s name.Today’s epi was ok.Kaka n kaki r so stubborn.They didn’t listen to Adi…they should have at least gave a chance to adi to clarify him n nisha each n everyday she breaks their trust…jhanvi she is superb…when will adivi’s luv story start…

    1. super i agree with you….1 doubt will janvi break realtionship with adi -nisha? then janvi ll getting married with adi’s happiness??

    2. You know what Aakku, I do have my profile on telly updates using Naz02 as my name ? but had difficulty just like Liza to get actually registered and so I just left it like that, I gave up, I tried but was unable to. Can’t understand what is the problem. I’m happy to share so much with you and the rest of our group from day one of the serial, we shared a good rapport at the time and we still do. How’s the studies coming along? Enjoy the day my friend…. Lots of love…..

  5. disappointed…nisha too much over acting….poor adi…he s always suffering&bearing,pain a lot…irrirating kaka and kaki trust so mush nisha…….why adi is alawys silent? show some against nisha…get collect proof nisha’s evil and show ur family…they ll teust adi…..boring nisha scence…..plz being more scence adi and janu scence

  6. How space is there that kaki and kaka listening only nisha’s version, certainly they have to make a meet each other like adi and nisha to discuss about the problem.i think when jhanvi entered into adi’s life then all problems will be solved, because every time adi met with jhanvi then she notices him that who is in frustration.

  7. Grrrrrrrrrr…….. Kaka and Kaki irritates me… Grrrrrrr….. So unfair they are with their own blood!!!! Also… I think Nisha overacts…….she comes across as a slimy snake and too much confident…it gets on my nerves. I’m starting to dislike the way she’s doing the mouth semantics while talking to Adi……do you guys see how Adi stares at her face especially her mouth when Nisha is talking, I think he thinking the same thing as me…… Lol….. Anyway my dear friends….. ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆ to ALL of you??????????????…..Twinj, Nitee, Nivu, Preet, Angel, Liza, Adeeba, Chithu, Riya, Diya, Preesha, Shanitics, Sindhu, RA, Priya and we’ll just about all the names that is too much to write. Love you guys…….

  8. Hi friends, please add to the discussion on the little poll page underneath this update page. It would be nice to see your point of views. I added my twopence…. Adi- Jhanvi or Adi- Nisha in the end!!!!!

  9. Yaar just improve ur update don’t confuse with names u r using nisha in the place of jhanvi it is difficult understand the update

  10. Am so sick of nisha too. Am waiting for the day truth will come out coz no matter what or how long it will always come out. I feel sorry for adi

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