Woh Apna Sa 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia Comes To Nisha’s House

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Scene 1
Jia is in car. She sees Nisha in her car. she asks her driver to follow that car. In traffic nisha goes ahead. Adi is in the same traffic.
Jia is in car. Arjun’s bike is next to her car. Arjun says she is the same girl whose purse I saved.
Samar calls Nisha. He says where are you? She says I am in a car not in a helicopter. I am on way will let you know when I reach.
Jia says there is so much traffic what should I do. A beggar comes to Nisha. She gives him money. Adi is on his bike behind. She says looks like its some rich woman. samar calls Nisha again. Adi says its the same madam from banglow. Nisha says why have you stopped the car lets go. Jia is on her way as well. Arjun sees jia in the car. He says madam.. Her car leaves.
He wrote a message on a paper

and a number he wanted to throw it in Nisha’s car but falls in Jia’s. He says what if she sees it. It had her picture behind. He goes after jia.

Adi comes in front on Jia’s car. She comes out. Adi looks at her face. Adi goes towards her car and takes the chit out. Jia says what are you doing. He says something fell in your car. Adi leaves. Driver tells Jia that the car has gone. Jia says why was I following that woman? I don’t even know her. I have meet Nisha I will be late.

Scene 2
Kaki is in her room. She tries to stitch. Chini says let me do this. Kaki says you do everything for us. Wanted to send this shirt to factory. Chini says you have to just take care of yourself and take your meds.
Kaki says you work so much. You do everything. I should help you too. Chini says no guy is coming to see me you are praising me so much. She makes her eat the food. Kaki says it is so good. Jhanvi would have been so proud of you.
Kaki says you eat too.

Jia comes to Nisha’s house. She feels like she had been there before. Jia says what is happening with me.
Jia hears kids’ voices in the house. She sees flashbacks in the house. She sees flashbacks of a wedding. Jia is worried. A guy Chiragh(goldie) comes there and says who are you what are you doing here. Jia looks at him dazed. Jia says what.. The guy laughs.
He claps. Butler brings juice. He gives jia juice. He says chill. Jia says I will come later. She leaves. Jia goes out. Jia calls Nisha. She says thank God you picked my phone. This is jia. Nisha says so many people call me. I can’t remember everyone. She says I am at your place. Nisha says I don’t have time right now. Jia says but you gave me appointment. Nisha says I am busy. Take another appointment. Jia says please I wanna go to that temple. Nisha says I constructing a resort there. Jia says what.

Precap-Arjun sings a song and recalls some falshbacks. He throws the guitar and screams Jhanvi..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Arjun??? Jia?? Jhanvi???….whatz next??

  2. The hell with this show, lame reason of Jia to come India, who the hell come to miles and miles away for a lame reason??. One thing I can say for sure that though the end of etretr wasn’t good but their rebirth track was quite interesting.

    In this whole week they just introduced character, showed accidental meetings of Kaki-Arjun, Arjia, Nisha-Arjun-Jia… but still what is the story man????

    Writers we are least interested in accidental meetings what is the main story. And, is your brain on it’s place or it slipped to keens… think about something real and interesting man.

  3. This serial is moving at breakneck speed, I think writers want to end it soon. I’m divorcing myself from the inanities of unfolding events and though there’s nothing to cheer about, it’s good that these two new avatars came here through serial destiny to scoop up the crap that was left of season one….psycho hot mouth Nisha and Samar who couldn’t find another woman to settle down with but Nisha Jindal… ????…i think it would have been best if Chinni Binni had died too, this young woman Chinni, has too much burden to bear, when her parents should have been alive to see her fall in love and settle down in life, Chinni is still here to go through much pain in seeing her parents lookalike all over again… So……Arjun and Jia, I hope they bury Nisha and Samar, fall in love with each other and at least writers should allow them a romp in the sack…better late than never ?????…in precap….how could Adi scream “Jhanvi “?…unless it’s reincarnation indeed…then Chinni has to be older than Arjun and Jia!!! ??

  4. Naz and Jayashree you missed my comment i made on the 11th October, 2017 sometimes i make late comments so you must do like i do go back and check ever so often. Naz girl dont even bother to try and work out that puzzle of who older Chinni because you will surely get a headache lol. To tell the truth, for me this serial is going no where at all cause i find it to be so stupid why kill off the good ones and reincarnate them it just does not make any sense at all; writers we got the message loud and clear you believe in the reincarnation thing ok but wake up now and smell the coffee we are in a modern world as you can see the 21st century we demand true to life happenings not what you giving us and dont think we not keeping tabs on you all that is all your serials you killing off the good ones and bringing them back either as a twin or someone else now tell me you forum friends did you notice the writers did the same thing in Zindali Mehek; my gosh Shaura claims to love mehek sooooooooo much yet he stood above the bridge and watch her drown instead of jumping in to save her now tell me is that true love if u ask me thats obsession with shauyra and now a year has passed and mehek is reincarnated married to someone else and with a five year old son come on are we dotish or what. It is time to get rid of all these nonsensical serials especially KUM KUM BHAGYA lol well that take the cake and the award for most stupid nonsensical serial. Anyway a word of advice to you writers do the right thing and you know what that is if you want your ratings to sky rocket.

  5. Writers pls make a perfect story..I only watch this serial for sudeep sahir aka adi…I thought after re-birth there would be love story for adivi,they fall in love and then they should meet nisha with the help of chinni..But the actual story is different.. Loosing my interest but for sudeep i will watch..

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