Woh Apna Sa 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bini tells Jia Arjun is dead

Woh Apna Sa 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Nisha sees something in the water. She puts hand in. It pulls her in, nisha screams. she says what is all this? Akash is doing all this. He is trying to scare me.
Nisha comes to Akash. he says what do you want? nisha says its very late you shouldn’t work. Akash says go from here. Nisha texts Akaash and Jia hugging that girl’s photos to Bini.

Bini cries seeing the pictures. Nisha hugs her and says don’t cry your mom is with you. Bini says I can’t stay in this relationship anymore.
Bini comes to akash and throws phone on him. He saays what is this? Were did you get this from? Bini says she is the girl you have affair with. Akash says she was running hug everyone campaign. Bini shoves him and says you liar. He says Bini this is all nisha’s game. She is trying to distant us. i wont leave her. Bini shoves him and says stay away from her. Because of my mom i saw your real face. Bini says our relationship is over. Akash says dont’ you trust me? She says no. He says then I wont say a word . He leaves. Bini sits down crying. Nisha hugs her. nisa says its not just Akash. Nisha was there as well. She knew about Akash’s girl friend as well.

JIa wakes up. Krishna wakes up. He gives her water and says feelin better now? How did you fall in the pool? Jia says i saw a sign in water. I saw there is a murder written in the pool. Krishan helps her with walking out.

Bini sits on table. Nisha says eat something. jia comes and says lets eat breakfast. Akash where were you? He says I was driving all night? jia says why? Did you and bini fight? Bini says can you see his pain but not my tears? Jia says why are you crying? Bini says I am nothing to you. You meet his gf and hug him. Jia says what are you saying. Akash says the girl in clinic running free hug campaign she thought she is my gf. Jia says she was runningy free hug campaign. Bini says I saw photos, texts everything. you two are lying. Jia says how do i make you believe. Swear on Arjun. Bini brings his photo with garland and says how can you swear on someone who is dead.

Precap-Bini says that calls texts that was all Krishna. Arjun died long ago.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Where is my comment???? You are hardly getting any comments here at least publish the only one that you are getting jeez.

  2. Jayashree,I don’t knw whether my comment will appear or not but Binny has turned out to be a disappointment …inspite of knowing her mother’s nasty colours very well ,she has fallen into her trap and proved to be as selfish as her dear mom..Whenever Akash wanted to tell the truth to Jia,Binny was the one who dissuaded him from doing so….why…because of concern for Jia ‘s health ( in the bargain ,Jia was made to believe that she was a mental wreck) …I wonder what happened to that concern that she didn’t even bother to reveal the truth in a soft and refined way….And what is that damned evidence that she was whimpering and complaining about….a few messages,a few photos …….Being a smart and educated girl ,doesn’t she know all these can be manipulated particularly with her mommy dear under the same roof…..Poor Jia…what a shock it must be….but the most painful thing would be the revealation that she was cheated into believe that Arjun was alive and Krishna’s part in all this infamous drama …waiting for tonight’s episode to see how Jia would react..

  3. My sentiments too but TU did not publish my first comment their loss.

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